One of the absolute best scorers in this league, youngest celtic, ever to put together that kind of performance. This is tobias harris sized up by smart stan it’ll, be interesting to see just how many different players smart defends here comes out, flicks it up and in and he’s hitching, and once he gets it in there there’s. No one on this celtics roster, who has a chance to play him some kind of start philly was hoping for from that beat here comes walker around his screen perfect. These sixers are doing when the celtics play through daniel tice up top. They drop in beat into the lane Music, as we see indeed going again strong to the hoop they drop immediately. If i had a vote, which i don’t, and rightly so, but if i had one i would have voted for ben simmons as the defensive player of the year another second personal a moment ago. He stays in the floor for the moment. He’Ll fire from three here on the rebound pulled by embiid. I like what feigl did there, instead of just dying on the pick he came and even contested from behind? Just let tatum feel you a little bit richardson with the shoot embiid from deep, so brad stevens. Trusting tatum here playing with two personals tatum, feels out the defense. How much he did might philly lead here with just over seven to play in the opening quarter. Shake milton extra ball handling responsibilities in the absence of simmons richardson, trying to find some daylight inside it’s harford so feeds off to a great start.

They want to keep him in the game. It’S interesting to see the different head. Coaches stand, how they handle the challenges. A lot of them like to keep it late, no matter kind of what the circumstances are early, just in case here’s embiid on the box. Good start for him. If you’ve just joined us out of the double down to richardson, finds some daylight shoots. A three and sticks – it smart, ran a master class on how to do that, just kind of bothering the postman embiid in the opener of the series milton. This is a long three and that’s good. How about this guy? Just really good luck for you guys on the celtics team, certainly with the arrival of kemba walker last year, as the outlook has changed for the better harris double teamed outside as pork monsters checked into the game, harrison stepping middle and showing his soft touch came down And dug on the post meadow moved over. He pulled over to the ball side, not only an easier pass back out for harris, but a better angle to re post the ball. He gets it back to harris and harris scores in the post uh. He was almost strictly a left handed driver three or four years ago. Now he can take it either way off the trip. Shemiojoli and grant williams have come into the game for the celtics. This is williams on the three and he rattles it down.

13, stand from the field off to a rough start, but philly’s defense has been part of it very, very good, early and now we’re, going to post harris again against marcus smart, not an easy thing to do. This is milton shot clock down to three has to take a tough turnaround fade and he puts it down. He’S been playing so much better here in the bubble he said part of it is his confidence. He says the thing he likes the best about his athleticism is that he does not blink when he has an open three point shot and we’ve seen that already today, yeah he’s been a key piece. Definitely great stuff. He’S jaylen brown, simeone ozil immediately came off the floor and ennis cantor comes into the game in the game and that is embiid left open. Not a good idea for the celtics defense and embiid is off and running four for six he’s got 11. Applause. A beautiful backdoor cut by brown can be up on top because when the center has the ball there’s no rules on embiid, he can be back in the lane and take that pass away. But that pass came from tatum embiid had to be up above the free, throw line guarding cantor and that opened up the back door. Probing the defense gets it to embiid and actually a good idea, and this offensive onslaught by the sixers continues their 13 of 18. From the field see where embiid’s playing now with cantor with the ball Music, another three and he snaps it’s the 22nd.

All time postseason meeting between these two story franchises incredible. Well, two teams have met more. That is tatum decisive. You know he went quick um. I thought to people. Of course, no ben simmons for philly went down with that knee injury early this month. That shot is good and a chance at three for cantor expense. Keep an eye on that here. As the second quarter continues, williams gets it back from tatum. Changed his mind, wan na make her attacks pretty finished by wada maker. Well, boston now is getting help in the post. They got horford off the lane and because philly just throws it in and stands there then they’re forcing him into a lot of middle first time. Since the opening seconds of the game and he’s feeling it it’s tapped up and in by cancer, giving him some good one side of the floor to the other and then going inside now, they’re trying to just go directly to embiid and the difference is the celtic Defense just loads up on him, as we see there very tough to stop, but what a great move shooting on the floor with shake milton because they don’t have to match up with tatum philadelphia if you’ve just joined us had a 14 point lead before boston turned The tables on him, one maker, sticks at three. Well, you know what happened in his game by talking about not helping off of him, and so he said, look van gundy watch what i can do that’s.

Why they’re staying home he’s a 36 3 point? Shooter, you saw the three point shooting for them in the quarter and that is richardson with the answer. Indeed, joel embiid ducked in hard with the ball up top jaylen brown tried to get down in the paint to give some support that opened up richardson from the three when joellen beat and they don’t do it all the time, but burks pulled all the way over And made the pass back out easier, good offense! You just got to make the shot that’s silky smooth for game four. We will be bringing you that game standing on here, as this series continues to progress. Shake milton, puts it on the deck off. To the left hand, they’ll count the basket and a chance at three for milton and now early in the game. They were moving the ball a little bit and it was getting into embiid on the second option. You know where the defense wasn’t as locked in the second quarter, even late in the first quarter. They just started going directly to the post, as we see here with harris and that boston defense is just loaded up on Applause. So eight points now for walker. Harris stops with a dime and hits he’s so skilled offensively with rebound Applause, sixers down nine richardson, trying to find some space and what a half he’s put together for the sixers philadelphia offense much better Applause. Ten points for richardson he’s, four of eight in 16 minutes walker’s.

I know those are mid range, kimball walker, with your big all the way back below the dotted circle and letting kimball walker come off and walk into those jump shots. So the damage that walker has done so far here in the quarter, embiid seven to shoot, richardson thought about it in the corner and smart on his shoulder tip, toes the baseline, turns and shoots and buries it making it sometimes in the flow of the game when You’Ve got that kind of a stroke. You just wander out and maybe a little bit too much of that from mb well it’s easier to get the ball number one, and i think embiid really wants the ball. You know, as he should pulling into their set and be calling for aaron pass from richardson well in philly the number eight defensively and the best at limiting three pointers holding their opponents. You need to adjust even when things are going well, because you know how the other team wants to attack – and you know, philly wanted to go inside. Boston throws a couple of possessions, Music, trying to limit interior catches and make philly play around the perimeter yeah. The adjustments just don’t stop from stevens as he’s mixed up a little bit of zone here. Another thing you see: brad stevens signaling with the double fist. This is all to try to limit him beat having the ball inside. If you move the ball, you should still be able to get it to him as they do there.

A little turnaround thing of beauty buying point hole here, as we come up on the final six of the quarter: 18 for jaden brown, 20 for tatum and 15. For walker make it 17. it’s only his third time in the playoffs in his nine nba seasons, first time since 2016, with charlotte acquired last july of that signing trade, can he put this team on his back in the third quarter compared to what it was in? The first quarter of this game, where it was easy for philadelphia to move the ball and pretty easy for them to throw the ball inside three pointer from harris won’t go brown out kicks out to williams on a three get him and everything podcasts walking around it’s. Just kind of it’s like a twilight zone here, Applause richardson into the paint finds his spy elevates and hits let’s get more from stephanie to several head coaches here in orlando, and they all share that sentiment. In fact, they joke about how players are upset when they give them days off that never ever happens outside of the bubble, but the players look so forward to getting in between those lines. If they get a day off, they wonder what are we doing here? That’S? What we want to do now stan that’s, really the twilight zone when players are complaining for a day off pops back and hits it tatum makes a nice pass, burks just couldn’t squeeze it and walker comes away.

Applause sets the table for tatum again and jason. Tatum pressure mark is smart left, open, let’s rip from three offensive rebound cancer, boston of the uh, gordon injury, at least for a couple of days, but uh, of course, that is going to still loom large for this boston team. Hayward such a huge piece for them. As embiid now, with 30s 12 to nothing now for boston and fast break points, 15, 1 for boston, milton on a corner, three that’s good, that’ll cut it to the shooting is just a bonus. They want marcus, smart’s intensity, his toughness, the disposition he brings to the game out because he’s such a good scorer but jason tatum has become a very good nba defender. He and jaylen brown, two guys averaging over 22 young guys and they can both they’ll defend a coach salivate, all the different things that they can do and it’s scary. To think that this young man is only 22 years of age. He hits again. His island is scary, yeah, again that’s great defense and he’s done that a couple of times tonight where it’s been very good defense and he makes it inadequate quiet night for horford, which is field goal. Four points in 23 minutes tonight. Tatum left open splits is a big problem for them, but let’s not be surprised. Why, with what boston has done in these two games, this team, along with the clippers, the only uh, but this guy’s an outstanding player and we’re, seeing in this series right now? How much the philadelphia 76ers miss ben simmons is playing in this era of basketball, with three pointer proliferation, the proliferation of that shot and just the open court, but just so much incredible basketball that that young man has in him what a loss he’s been for philly.

As tatum continues, his point fourth quarter on a night that has belonged to the boston, celtics and alec burks, who was so good for philly the other night with 18 points in 28 minutes has just not given them anything tonight, hasn’t been able to get it going. I don’t know what Applause Applause finish: scott, a guy who’s hit some big three pointers for this team in the postseason. Certainly last year, Applause has not heard his name called until late in this fourth quarter. That is oj appearance, we’ll see how this one goes. Final. Three and change as big taco gets his legs warmed up. Taco expense, tacos spent a lot of time here in central florida played some high school basketball over at mount. Dora went to ucf a very popular guy, and the game has changed in the nba and what people want out of their centers is different, but there’s still a role for a guy like taco fall if he can continue to develop just a testament to a lot Of great players in this league, i don’t know if there’s anybody more fun to watch right now than luka doncic Applause talk about dynamic, offensive ability. I don’t think stan. Anyone knows quite what his ceiling is yet that’s, the scary part when you watch doncic, there’s neto, still doesn’t shoot the ball real. Well, i mean you know: he’s a low 30s, three point shooter, even though he’s got great range, he’s, not a great free, throw shooter but he’s a guy in the paint all the time he’s going to get to the line i mean if he becomes a high 30S three point shooter, and we will be watching that game coming up.

Brian anderson, chris webber will have the call with the mavericks and the clippers on tap catch up with him earlier tonight and understand you’ve been there before. You know you put so much time into these postseason series and that said, look you sit. You rack your brain with your staff. You try to come up with the answers and then you get into these games and the scripts has just kind of flipped on you. You have to make your adjustments on the fly. Certainly the injury to simmons luke’s without simmons counting these two games now in the playoffs philadelphia is eight and ten most teams in the league. This has become very much. A perimeter league and philadelphia has put all their guard, but he’s, you know, he’s power forward build and they were going to move in there. Tobias harris al horford, their big offseason acquisition, and so where they need to show up is in their backcourt promising performance tonight. By josh richardson, but this team still needs help on the perimeter if they want to get to where they want to go. Taco will get his name on the final score sheet. That was a pretty good looking baby hook shot, and if this was in boston and and not here in front of virtual fans, the arena would have been all on their feet. What an atmosphere would have been going back and forth between these two cities, but tonight it was all celtics and all of boston has to be feeling good about where this team sits.

They’Ll take a commanding two games to none lead in the series they get 33 from the superstar jason tatum 22 from kemba walker, 20..