Ultra fred van vliet had a game high 30 versus the nets, including this pretty step back three scotty does van fleet have a little underrated snatch back game. I think he’s very underrated. You know last year this kid did a breakout party in the nba finals and i thought we all realized that he’s a dangerous shooter from behind the arc, but yesterday he had another breakout party and was well needed for the toronto raptor. Well, right now we call him fred van bleet after this offseason we’re gon na call him rich he’s gon na be a free agent. People are gon na, give him a lot of money. All right, miss professional basketball just before halftime of the jazz nuggets broadcast mark jones referred to this sequence, as quote la fitness at three o’clock richard. That was the line of the day, but does it actually look like an la fitness at three o’clock, because you’ve you’ve been there that statement ever said by a play by play individual shout out to mark jones with the amazing call. But yes, everyone in america knew exactly what he was talking about and if you were just kind of glossing over the game, you were like whoa. These guys are messing up, but then mark just he just tied it perfectly with the bow fast break basketball, but not pretty. Miss coverage. Kyle lowry, hitting pascal siacombe with this touchdown pass into double coverage. Nikolay yokitch had a similar pass to jeremy grant as well.

So nothing new from jokic richard, but who would you trust more as a quarterback kyle lowry that’s like trying to figure out if it’s, russell, wilson or ben roethlisberger, but i’m gon na go with kyle lowry he’s, just a little tough bulldog he’s from philly like that? That’S, just that that’s i got ta go. I got ta go with the tough guy. I got. Ta go with the toughness richard kyle lowry is a canny make desperation, joelle embiid and jordan clarkson, both bailed out their offense with step back threes as the shot clock expired so scotty. When you looked at these two clips, which one was more impressive to you, i got to go with him embiid. You know his look real nice for a big guy. You don’t get a chance to see that too much so i’m gon na give him beat. He had a he had a little style like jordan. Oh now, that’s some high praise. I like that i’m with you. I know that he’s supposed to shoot threes, that’s part of his game but i’m still going with the four big guy it’s, still impressive, i’m, giving it to him all right. Richard uh after the game, joellen b led his team with 26 points, but he was very tough on himself. Take a listen to what he said. I got ta do more. I got ta, you know. I got one job to do uh just to carry us, so you know i’m gon na need my teammates to help me, but i got i got ta do more.

I got ta take more shots. I got ta be more aggressive defensively. I got ta help. My teammates, we all got ta play hard, take care of the ball and do our job and follow the game plan. All right. So sixers are now down 1 0 to the celtics. You heard embiid richard say that he wants to do more to carry his team. Is it possible for him at his position to do more to carry philly over boston in this series yeah they need him to. I look you one advantage and you can make an argument that the boston celtics have the second best player in the series. The third best, the fourth best and the fifth best prior to the gordon hayward injury right so tobias harris is going to give you. You know good numbers, but the only dominant figure that they have. That can dominate a game in a series of joel embiid. So he has to put up 40.. He has to put up 38s and 15s in three or four blocks if they want to have a chance in this series, i think you’re exactly right richard i i think he has to be more of a force. I think he has to realize that he is the most dominant player in these playoffs and and he have to get the basketball in the position where he is playing dominant basketball. I feel like yesterday, he sort of fell into the flow of what the celtics were.

Trying to do basically pushing him out on the perimeter, making him be more of a perimeter pass. If he’s going to be a dominant player, he has to do it inside the paint. Well, i know that when chuck barkley and shaq got on tv and tojol, he had to be more aggressive. He listened he had a great week of play after that. So i guess joelle listen to scottie pippen. He is the og he’s got six rings. Scotty says: go out and get it a little bit more we’ll see if he follows through with that.