Taking on joel embiid, who wants to play a little bit of bully ball to turn his season around a little bit tobias harris off the em beats green great pirouette hunt shots in particular. Three pointers: tatum with the mid range got it so joshua forfeit against hayward al horford a year ago, was playing oh joel embiid, putting some muscle in his hustle. What an emphatic throw down by the big man brown from outside for three shake milton, has not shot the ball. Well, here in orlando it’s, a two on one, gordon hayward, missed the layup and tatum missed the layup brown there to tip it in great help. Defense gets the steal, kimball walker was load managed very particularly and intentionally, and maybe it’s just that locker room really permeates the five and mood of the team richardson inside little embiid and tobias harris who goes about six nine. Six, eight brown gon na try another three. This one falls look at the matchup at the other end for horford, though doris does it pay off potentially for the 76ers yeah? Well, so what you saw then we’ve got the clippers and the mavericks paul george kawaii leonard, going up against luca daniel titan for daniel tyson brett stevens, talking about the corporate knowledge that he has now really helping boy they’re going to need something just get out of The way harris with a little hesitation a little spin move a yo yo move and got ta celtics and sixers.

You think of russell chamberlain, bird julius irving, someone off the hands of tice right out to kemba walker. Nice look inside to hayward for an easy bucket, shot clock all the way down to five for jason richardson boy. They gave him bead the hot ball with the 9 1 he was ducking in if he takes a dribble in his direction, creates an angle for the pass it’s, easy boy, ty snaps down to three point: two, a very close family ties more on that a little Bit later, alec burks checked into the ball game: instant harris another possession for philadelphia stick with it. Now that was an excellent defensive possession. You got burned on the offensive rebound. Who is his training partner in the summertime? They both train with drew hanlon and after that fucking level of consistency i felt like we could make adjustments if it didn’t work. You felt like it wasn’t working, um, i’m, jordan, hayward good defense by horton here against hayward, got to his spot and converts. Oh, how about him on your own defensive team? Yes, i did me too don’t mess with me mark jones. I was hoping you said. Yes, robert williams, with him had about two minutes and then sat horford kicks it out, tobias harris with a nice show and go and punch it at home on the bait, contributing to the chemistry which has been elusive to this group. Jason tatum was looking for the burks got downhill and nobody home helping sixers once out of the four times they played during the regular season.

Of course, this the playoffs a different deal and tatum harris against tice. Oh nice move by tobias harris that was beautiful. The bias just a tremendous move – kemba walker elbow jump shot – is pure and here’s. Burke’S tried to hit horford. These turnovers are just brutal, it’s maddening. You see the reaction from brett brown, he’s crazed and the celtics you’re, helping the ranked fourth in defensive efficiency on the year. Pull up three by tatum got it he’s been doing started. Playing basketball at 15 was discovered by lucan baumute at a basketball camp that he was running steal. I think that was supposed to go to kemba, but he didn’t know about it. At the other end, shake milton will get credit for the layup walker great pump. Fake draws the hit and Applause one milton from the corner, knocks down the three and malik 50 plus pounds and you’re falling tatum into the paint off the curl whistle foul got it jason, tatum richardson against hayward nice left handed layup by Applause. Brown goes quickly with it cross court pass to hayward, good luck and a nice look va schedule has changed just slightly yeah. Usually these guys would be home with their families. Jalen brown, with a sweet looking handle now for philadelphia. The turnovers haven’t helped either good contest by kemba walker, but a better shot tatum with the stop dribble boy. He is on fire. Five on the clock. Launching a little bit strong harris with the rebound they’ve got some time, richardson corralled the pass completes it and one fell out to the perimeter against horford, where he’s got the advantage tatum with the floater good shake milton from the corner boy, that’s a good sound.

I was surprised he didn’t duck in immediately, but you can see the tendency to shade to where he is and that creates shots for guys like milton harris with the three short brown with a nice hit ahead to kemba walker and kemba. He did it by design, though, and he lost it. You’Re, our generous soul. Tonight, an impressive baseline drive and finish by joellen. The lead stands at seven jason tatum in his bag gets it to go off glass. Put his entire arsenal on display for us to enjoy jake milton a little three brown sets. The screen for kemba foul line jump shot is pure. I had him on my first team. All defense boy, jason tatum fears no backing down tice gordon hayward on the help and they come up with a steal. Another 76er turnover wanamaker can’t, finish whistle, foul and loose ball and thybel comes up with it, tobias harris to the bucket and one counted: a strong move off the screen: the floater good here’s, alec, burks, Music, harris with a strong rebound and stick and b calling for It a little off balance, but he ran right into a lake and maybe make him travel. But embita is so good hayward from deep got it 38 from downtown. Looking very much like the all star that came to boston in free agency from utah, wow, Music harris with a nice hesitation and a great block by daniel shake milton for three alec burks with the rebound got it and the 76ers for philadelphia.

Here’S horford kicks it back out to josh richardson, who knocks down a smooth, looking horford over williams and we are nodded except for against tatum man. Strong move by al horford and letting out a primal for the 76ers celtics have been without a basket for over four minutes: 21 seconds boy: embiid stroking it for philadelphia but great job by richardson to be on the top side of kemba, and he can do nothing. So wow jalen this little pick and pop action with embiid matisse tybalt with a nice backdoor cut and beat gets bybel is guarding tatum as kemba got into the paint, took the hit and won nine eastern six pacific on espn2, as well as the espn f, john Jalen brown forced one up and in over horford smart against embiid, and he draws the foul on embiid embiid just took his arm out and marcus smart didn’t like that. He didn’t like that at all. He felt embiid intentionally fouled him with the straight arm. Music. Hey! You know what no fans in the building it doesn’t matter, that’s intensity. Look at this. I agree. Oh see, that’s what he objected to was the sec good contest by fybel, forcing the miss kenner, keeping it alive back out to jalen brown from deep. Yes, they’ve only got 17 now for the game. Hayward turns the corner, gets downhill and makes a sweet, layup perks off the embiid screen pulls up foul and one pocket past the tice shot clock down to five for kemba walker, weaving in traffic and clutch he’s got 13.

josh richardson inside blocked by tatum jason tatum. Shaking his head saying not here, brown in transition for three Music keeping it alive battling tipped up tipped up, tice comes down with it and here’s tatum out of the pack to kimba walker on the move, got the layup and this little dribble handoff to berks got To the elbow tipped up, kept it alive, burks, with a tip in after harris kept it alive. Tatum switches on to him he’s got deep position on tice josh richardson from deep man and drills. The three i have to take you to las vegas embiid. Launching the three that’ll just about do it tayden with the board.