Hopefully you guys have a nice, safe and sound weekend, so we’re two days away from eagles ravens we’re about to go ahead and take on john harbaugh lamar jackson, former mvp, our one three and one team. That’S struggling right now and now we’re having some in house fighting again, but this time it’s going a little bit deeper between our defensive coordinator and our gm. So obviously, we’re hearing uh more reports coming out about jim shorts and uh his suggestion that he wanted in some defensive players during the draft right but howard rosen, pretty much completely shut down jim shorts, ignoring the defense for the first two rounds. Getting a wide receiver in the first round, which i’m not actually that that’s, something that i don’t think anybody any of us should really dispute is getting a wide receiver in the first round was much needed. Okay, uh! I think that if we would have went a defensive player, it would have been okay, smart because you know we needed a linebacker and in particular uh kenneth murray was the guy. I guess jim shorts wanted, but we all knew that we needed a wide receiver round. One was going to be wide receiver, regardless so round. Two you could easily now make that you could easily now make that case because, obviously round two probably the most controversial draft pick, maybe outside of the jordan love. If not, this is probably the most controversial draft pick was drafting.

Jalen hurts in the second round after we just paid carson, wins all that money now and uh. Obviously, we could have easily used a linebacker in round two as well. Instead, we waited all the way to round three to pick a linebacker that we’re not even playing right now to pick a linebacker that we’re not even playing right now. So what does this tell me? What does this tell us in particular bro? This is how bad teams this is. This is you’re starting to see this, how bad teams formulate all right, we’re already one three and one we’re underperforming, we’re, stuck with some bad contracts and now you’re hearing some in house fighting between the defensive coordinator and the general manager, and i mean that’s what it Is if they’re not seeing eye to eye you’re going to call it in house fighting all right, maybe a bit dramatic! You can go ahead and say nonetheless, though, if that’s jim shorts leverage of saying the reason why we got some bad linebackers well, i wanted some linebackers and we didn’t wait till round three that’s pretty much what’s put out there, and i know a lot of people Could either put all of this on harry roseman? A lot of people cannot put all this on jim shorts, i’ve kind of already made up my mind where i’m looking at guys outside the eagles that are developing okay i’ve realized the certain players who are performing rather well under the jim shorts defense.

These already have been established players in the nfl we’ve talked about this early on this week. Remember that guys we talked about it early on this week i felt like where um nobody has developed in the gym short system for jim short system. In particular, nobody has developed didn’t, we, the ravens linebacker lj4, we’re, about to play lj4. We signed lj ford last last year, one of the top linebackers in the nfl right now and he couldn’t do nothing under jim shorts. The system you’re looking at rasul douglas and sydney jones now they’re playing like top 10 cornerbacks, but they couldn’t develop under jim short, the system, derek barnett, he’s he’s, finally, getting going he’s, finally getting going, but had to take what all the way till now in 2020, When we dropped him back in 2017 four years ago, in order for him to get going so i’m, looking at that resume of guys that we’ve drafted that can’t seem to develop under gym shorts, and i look at what howard roseman is trying to do. We’Ve made a lot of our freedom signings, you know signing the malik jackson, signing the javon hargrave signing the or trading for the darius slay shout out to will parks. We sign will parks, he’s going to be making his eagles debut this upcoming sunday uh signing the ronnie mccloud a lot of these guys that did not develop under jim short fletcher cox brandon, graham, they were already here prior to jim shorts.

So i feel, like we’ve, made plenty of moves on the defensive side, but we can’t seem to put them together a lot of players that i just name right now: they’re, really talented, they’re, really really talented a lot of these players that i just named right now. Harry roseman, i feel like howie roseman’s own issue – is being way too committed to some of these players. That’S, you know been with this team for a long time like the um, the jason peters, the vinnie curries. You know i don’t know how much more longer we’re gon na hold on to fletcher cox’s contract because he’s getting paid what about a million less than aaron donald but he’s not putting up aaron downer numbers. So how long are we gon na carry that fletcher cox contract so that i feel like that’s, how he roseman’s main problem before actually helping jim shorts uh pick some defensive talent, because we’ve given jim shorts, a lot of defensive talent? Look how many players that i just named right now look how many players that i just named right now: we’ve given jim shorts, a lot of defensive talent. So with that being said, you get a defense that might continue to underperform this. You know for the rest of the season, especially if you’re going to be going up against the lamar jacksons for going to be going up against the the uh aaron rodgers, the russell wilson’s, the the drew brees now you know, we’re gon na have a lot of Tough offenses to face for the rest of the season, the kylie murrays.

So if the defense still continues to come up short, then you’re, probably gon na, have to make that move. Jeffrey lurie, then you’re, probably gon na, have to make that move, because they’re not that unit is way too talented. That unit is way too talented to be looking like how they’d be looking like against these offenses they’ve already looked bad against the steelers and the rams. I’M, going off of what they do against actual real competition, not against dwayne haskins, not against bengals offensive line, which is proven to be the worst offensive line, perhaps ever ever and not against the 49ers backups i’m. Not going to use that as oh, hey, look, we got good defensive players, nah nah! I want to see what they would have done against the la rams against the pittsburgh steelers against the lamar jacksons, this upcoming sunday that’s. How you’re going to impress me so leave your thoughts comments down below eagles nation? What is happening now is is this it man is this: it we lose this week, we’re 141 more in house. Fighting going on this team is underperforming. You got to. Let me know. I’M out guys have a wonderful, safe friday.