Now, through october 19th, we’ve got a promo code upset. If you want to save 15 off anything on, the ravens are favoring this one minus seven and a half. The total is 47 and a half the ravens enter four and one on the year three one and one against the spread. The eagles won three and one straight up, and one and four against the number we’ve got scott rickenbach joining us to doc. This one god what’s the first thing that jumps out of you when you see these two teams meeting up that it really sets up to be a mismatch uh with how how strong the ravens are again this season. Their offensive line has a bunch of injuries overall, their offense has a bunch of injuries, but i want to talk about the defense for a moment, because philly did allow 38 points to the steelers last week, but that’s that’s quite deceiving because they only gave up 367 Yards that does not equate to 38 points by any stretch of the imagination. So i feel we’ve got a little value looking at the total here, because the ravens yeah they put up 27 points last week, but only on 332 yards of offense and they held the bengals to three points and that’s uh. Not a huge surprise, because this ravens defense is tough, they’ve allowed 17 points or less in uh three of their four games. So far on on the season and now they’re taking on an eagles team that, like i said, has injuries on offense struggled to move the ball and the ravens.

The strength of their offense is the run game, but the eagles, where they do where they have been solid historically in recent seasons, is with their run, defense, and i know their numbers aren’t the greatest this year, but they can focus on stopping the run believe it Or not, the ravens rank near the bottom of the nfl for passing uh this early this season. So again, i know it’s early in this in the year, but still these stats are starting to come together now, as we enter week, six of the season and with the ravens, the ravens defense, definitely strong, so uh and the key here to this matchup i like To look at situational things, and with this one, the ravens have a buy on deck, they’re off of a big divisional win and i think they’ve got another divisional game on deck after the buy. But regardless, when teams are heading into the buy, they tend to coast into the buy, especially when you’ve got a good team taking on a team that’s struggling. So i think the ravens are just going to try to kind of win and get this one over with and they’re going to look to grind out clock and let their defense win this game same time. The eagles have a very winnable game even by their standards. On deck and it’s, a divisional game and it’s coming up on thursday night, they face the giants, do the eagles? Are they going to roll out any new tricks on offense here to try and spring an upset win? I don’t think they’re going to be in position to do that.

Are they going to risk more guys getting hurt? I don’t think that’s going to be the case either if they’re down 10 10 15 points or 10 or 14 points late. Are you going to see wence diving for a first down in a game that they’re likely not going to win and risking injury? I mean, i think, a little bit of that stuff is in the back of your mind when you’re in a situation like this. So again, from a situational standpoint, i could see this game also playing out with a pretty slow pace and just ravens grinding out a win. You know eagles will try to hang around in this game, but if it’s getting away late, like i said, they’re not going to push it and i like the under. As a result, we got a total of 47 and a half on this one. I think it’s going to struggle to get there with the current situation with the eagles offense, but the fact that i do respect their defense and especially at home again don’t, let the big number they allow to the steelers, completely fool you about their defense right and The same you could say about the steelers, because one of those uh touchdowns, i think, was miles. Uh sanders ran for 74 yards. I remember looking that up so yeah that score was a little bit deceiving. It looked like both offenses were having a heyday, but they have some big plays sprinkled in there.

That made it look a little worse than it was, but for me in this one i’m taking the ravens, because the ravens are always good when they’re playing bad teams. It always looks like they’re world beaters when they’re playing these terrible teams. I should have known that when they played the bengals, but i thought backdoor borough was going to cover, but i like the ravens here at minus seven and a half, because we talk about bad matchups. The eagles have the most turnovers in the nfl with 11. On the season, and then the ravens have generated a turnover in 18 straight games, what a stat for this ravens defense that’s via oddsshark. So i like the ravens to continue being world beaters against bad teams here and i’m. Taking the ravens yeah and i can’t see the eagles offense doing much against that raven’s d, so hard to argue with uh, with your assessment on the side there and, like i said i’m looking just to kind of grind out a winner with the under. Hopefully, in this one as the ravens defense will come up, big i’m sure, yeah and then one final little tidbit, the eagles haven’t been a home underdog of more than seven points since 2006, which is crazy. But this eagles team is slightly different than the past teams.