Last week we hit with miami. We won that easy hit. The like button subscribe, let’s get to the week six upsets. I will be live friday afternoon between two or three eastern time. Make sure you call in make sure you send your questions? I’Ll i’ll be here for you, so the first ups of the week i want to start with is the denver broncos at the new england. Patriots and people are going to say, loss and loss, and you need to calm down that you might be getting a rush to your head, but i think denver can do this and drew lock. Coming back should add a significant bounce, a significant amount of energy to this team, and they desperately need him back i’m. Not the biggest jerlock fan i’ve had arguments with you guys all off season about his ability. I don’t think he’s a franchise quarterback, but i think he’s better than the other options and then, when you look at denver, i one thing i’ve liked about them this year. Pretty much the only thing i’ve been impressed with is their ability to run the ball. It hasn’t been dominant by any means, but i think they can get this rock moving a little bit and i think, drew lack, helps this offense in terms of his mobility and throwing on the run and he’s got a big gun and he’s not afraid to push It down the field, denver simply needs big players, and i think this new england defense list and i know what they did against mahomes and i know you guys are going to say well.

If pam was there, they would have won hypotheticals or hypotheticals. It doesn’t really matter. I i think new england is vulnerable. I know the hoodie bill. Belichick is legit. We need to give him his praise, but i still feel like this new england team can be had and i’ll start with the offense outside of cam newton. What explosive player do they have and if you say, edelman i’m gon na strangle, you like, like let’s, be realistic there’s, just nothing on this offense and new england is running the ball a lot better this year, but i don’t think they’re a dominant run team by Any means so you look at new england and then you look at this defense and they’ve. Looked good. They’Ve played good, but is this new england defense, the top five defense? Because the way i hear you guys talking about this new england defense, you would think it was a top five defense and that they’re capable of dominating games even last year when they had more of their good players, because they’ve had a lot of players sitting out With covet, i didn’t think the new england i felt like the new england. Defense was overrated last year and i feel like it’s overrated this year. If denver can get some plays down the field, i think they can actually win this game. This will be a game going to the fourth quarter. This minus nine for demo to cover is solid.

Now let’s, remember, lock, is dealing with an injury. There is questions that lot might not play, but i i’m pretty sure a lot will suit up. He’S had plenty of time to rest but monitor that if lock plays. I i like that. I like denver to cover, and i would even throw a little bit at that money line for them to win that’s. The first upset of the week that’s the one i’m. Most confident in the next one we have the jets at miami. Miami is minus eight and a half, and no, i don’t think the jets are gon na upset miami. But some of you wanted me to talk about this game so that’s. What i’m gon na do – and we need to remember that the jets are the worst team in this league, but we’re not just only talking talent here, we’re talking, coaching we’re, talking, motivation, we’re, talking, physicality we’re, talking all those little components you need to win games, carolina Doesn’T have a lot of talent either, but they’re coming in playing with har playing hard, laying their blood on the line every week and that’s something this jets. Team can’t be accused of doing and until adam gase leaves. This jets team is going to be easy money for us to just take. You saw that last week with arizona and miami is a well coast, well, endurance team, so don’t get excited here. I think the jets are going to pull something spectacular like they did against the cowboys around this time.

Last year, it’s just not going to happen and it’s, not even about the talent it’s, not really about darnold it’s, not really about flacco. It doesn’t really matter which quarterback starts. This team is an absolute dumpster fire. This team is a hot mess and honestly it’s an embarrassment to my home state in new york. It is rather pathetic. They they are like the mats of the nfl and i’m. A mets fan, so i i can relate to that so the next game. I want you guys to target and i’m feeling pretty good about this. One cincinnati at the indianapolis colts cincinnati’s at minus eight at this point and indianapolis is another team that they’ve looked good. This year and you got ta, give them credit, especially their defensive line, but i still think there’s some frailties on this team. You still have philip rivers and if cincinnati can get serious play, some bear fronts. Put eight eight nine men in that box, you got ta force, philip rivers, to throw it mark. My words right now. If philip rivers throws his ball over 30 times, this game, cincinnati wins cincinnati walks out of there with a dub and cincinnati needs to force. A few turnovers but they’ve looked a lot better this year, and i know one of the problems you’re going to say to me is well lawson cincinnati for them to get going. They need joe mixon to get going. You’Re 100 right and i know the colts front.

Seven is difficult to run against, but joe mixon hurts you in different areas: he’s extremely good at running routes, he’s extremely good at getting to the edge. So i think joe mixon, he won’t have over like 120 yards again we’re, not going to see him go off and completely dominant, like other games this year, but we’re going to see joe mixon be used and be used effectively and then joe burrow last week. He had a down week against the ravens, but the ravens are one of the best teams in this league, something the colts aren’t, even though their fans want to anoint them to that status. And when you look at zach taylor, we are seeing improvements with him this year, i’m, not saying he’s, sean mcveigh or that he’s going to be a 10 year head coach or some sort of hall of famer. But the cincinnati team looks more solid. They look more move motivated and they look better coached this year, so i think cincinnati can give the colts a scare. I don’t think this is easy work and easy sunday for the indianapolis colts. I think this is going to be a battle and i’m looking forward to what cincinnati can do the next game i’m going to talk about. This is a request from you guys, baltimore against philly baltimore’s on the road they’re favored by seven and a half. Listen, the more i think about it. I picked philadelphia to cover this game, but the more i think about it.

I just think baltimore comes in here and just trounces them because yes, philly has a good defensive line, but what do they really have in the rest of the defense and if you’re having defensive problems, especially in the secondary? I know they added darius slay but i’ve. Never been that big, a fan of him it’s, just how can you contain baltimore, especially if lamar gets going and we saw lamar go off last week against the cincinnati bengals? I don’t think this will be an upset. I i think philadelphia will have to wait for the nfc east teams to start piling up victories, but you guys wanted me to talk about that. I don’t think there’s a possibility there i’m not going to fade baltimore. I have too much respect for baltimore and i don’t panic some of you guys over analyze, one game like ever since that that baltimore ravens game against the chiefs, you guys just completely gone off the rails, thinking it’s the end of the lamar jackson era, it’s the End of the ravens as a super ball contender. No, i i don’t think so. It will be interesting to see what patterson has planned for this baltimore defense, because this baltimore defense looked really good against burrow and company last week, um another upset! This is a little bit of a minor upset. I wanted to talk about the washington football team at the new york giants. There isn’t a lot of science here and with.

If alex smith starts, you just wonder well how much mobility will he have? I saw him play last week. He looked i, but we can’t put too much into that. I i think it comes down to which defense you think is better. I think washington’s defense is better but, like you guys tried to tell me before they can’t cover a lick, they cannot cover a lick, and i don’t know what the jack del rio is doing. I’Ll give you guys an example of film. I was watching the rams washington game last week and okay mcveigh was using play action that they had goth and rhythm kevin o’connor’s, a pretty good offensive coordinator, but why, on third down is chase young in coverage when he’s your best pass rusher? Why are you doing things like that and that’s? One reason why i’m just really really frustrated with washington right now and they can’t cover and lick. Luckily they get daniel jones this week. I think washington goes in down the road and it’s a minor upset it’s, not anything special, and so let me see if i missed any other games, we got, we got denver new england, um, arizona, dallas, really isn’t upset, because the spread’s so small, but i don’t – Want you guys to sleep on andy dalton, but one thing you should sleep on: is this dallas defense so always be wary of that, and some people are talking about cleveland, be in pittsburgh.

Don’T go there do not go there like look at this cowboys defense and look at how many points the giants put up last week. I think we need to take it in stride what the browns did against dallas. I know when they put up that 49. It was shocking, it was a statement, win people were saying, the browns are back, but let’s be calm about it. Another upset i want you guys to watch is houston at tennessee, and originally i had tennessee to beat the bills. I changed my mind as the week went on. Whatever i felt like tennessee would have problems with coving, but this is where i think kovit plays a little bit of a role, so he is so tennessee’s playing last night and then sunday houston’s coming to town, and this is a different, houston team. This is a houston team with more energy, more gusto uh, a rate of bill o’brien, and i think deshawn watson makes some good plays. The key to this game for houston is their front seven against henry. They have to make tannehill throw the ball, and if it comes down to tannehill versus deshaun watson, i’m, going to sean watson 9 out of 10 times, make sure you hit that like button, make sure you subscribe make sure you leave a comment down below let’s.