Before we begin, do you have anything special going on at or at the moment? Well, yeah i’ve, already loaded a five percent play uh up for the weekend. Uh you can get that right now at either way to talk or Obviously, the full card uh won’t be available until later in the week uh. But i want to start this and i want your opinion on this prez. How good are the ravens, because, if i’m laying seven and a half on the road in the nfl, i want an elite team and the more i watch baltimore and again last week they took care of business against cincinnati the week before they took care of business Against washington, but the more i watch this team, the less excited i am about baltimore, truly being an elite contender. Last year, lamar jackson 6.9 yards per carry 71 rushing first downs this year, he’s missing practice. He’S got a bad need. Only has ten rushing first downs. He hasn’t quite been as exposed. He had that one 50 yard touchdown run, which was the biggest of his career but he’s, not as it just doesn’t, seem as dynamic defensively hey last week. They dominated the pass rush. Was there but we’ve seen carson wentz get the ball out quicker? The last couple of weeks and i’m, not convinced baltimore, is a type of team, the type of elite team that you really want to be laying this price with on the highway.

What do you think perez you know teddy? I agree 100 and it’s also how bad are philadelphia, but in regards to uh baltimore i’m with you, i i think their defense is really really good, but i think their offense is completely overrated and it’s. Also very one. Dimensional, you know i look at this game and i think to myself man this this. This is a veteran philadelphia team, fletcher cox led defense, carson, weinsled, offense, uh, solid coach, not far removed from the super bowl and i’m getting seven and a half points at home. Now they’ve found a receiver in full him uh. You know i got i’m looking at the points teddy, but i will tell you this flat out i’m staying far away from this game. I mean honestly just picture kathy bates chasing me down the street for some nookie that’s. How fast i am running from this football game. I i can’t come up with a thing man. I don’t want to picture that. Why don’t you make a more modern pop culture. Reference, okay, uh, heezy or schmeezy or galizi one of these new people on twitter teddy. I think the play has to be philadelphia. I i lean on the under there’s no way this is making my card, though look i’m with you on the eagles conceptually and i’m. Not willing to lay this price with the ravens, i do have my concerns about that philadelphia. Defense. Obviously, now darius slayed concussion protocol i’m concerned about the lane johnson injury again uh hurt last week and it’s been an eagle’s office of line, has had a very hard time.

Uh against quality pass rushes so far this season, even with those questions i’m with you lawrence philadelphia or pass for this better yeah, 100 and by the way uh minty. I also have a five percent play in nfl up uh for this weekend. Um – and i am on a ten and three five percent run in nfl yeah – i wish i had more for you. I will on the other games but uh. This is just to stay away, philly, philly or leave. So i have to say, as you’re trying to recon take control of the video. What just happened. There happens every day on wager talk today, where president i talk before the show, we decide how we’re gon na do it and then, as soon as we go live he does exactly the opposite of what we just talked about. So if you want to watch it every day check out present, i wager talk today. 9 a.m. Pacific noon, eastern we’re, breaking down the games back to canada. I get blamed for everything. No, i can’t do everything. Thank you. Thank you guys. All right now, we’re running out of time, take 25 off any teddy covers and pres package three days or longer using code tp25 when checking out that’s p as in teddy p as impress25 when checking out.