My name is k: adams, naper, olsen, peter schrager, kyle brandt, all here all wearing crucial catch pins. Of course, an honor and to remind and encourage everyone to get screened, also all wearing purple. Today, it is spirit day across the nfl, the nfl partnering, with glad to, of course, spread the message on nfl network, where nfl family players, fans teams, coaches alike, to support the lgbtq youth community and to put an end to bullying very excited. To do that. A very important message for the nfl nate, that’s right and we’re very excited about this show we have a big show for everybody at home, so stay tuned. We have rogers versus brady part three on sunday they’ve each got one win: who will take home the rubber match, we’ll break down the packers versus the bucks? Oh, this is going to be a good one. Can’T wait. We have a couple of monster guests this morning. He’S, a top notch, rookie linebacker out at lsu he’s, the afc defensive player of the week from the ravens one of our favorite young players in the league, patrick queen, seems like we talk about him just about every day and his divisional rival in his 10th season. Yeah he’s an og, a big dog in the business from the undefeated pittsburgh steelers. Two time all pro defensive, tackle, he’s great when he comes on always has something good to say: cam hayward will be here joining us. This is going to be a good show guys.

I hope you’re ready, awesome, hell, yeah i’m, very excited about that mega. Guess, okay, guys let’s talk about a good show and start it with some quarterbacks talking about the run game. Are you guys ready for the league block lib block? If you please good luck? Yes, two teams are fighting to get uh in first place in their division. Of course, the eagles and the ravens square off both quarterbacks, as i said, were asked about their role in the run game in their uh respective offenses. Take a listen, i mean we have guys running the ball very good for us um and we win it. So it really don’t matter. You know we’re, four, on the one so it’s a plus for us right now, but um it’s cool. I guess uh at the season going we’re gon na see you know if we need to um coach gon na judge, but right now we’re doing perfect. Fine without me, you know running so much so we’re doing good. You know really. My whole career is trying to trying to make, plays and sometimes plays, break down and that’s kind of always been a part of of my game and guys have really kind of rallied together. There’S always big plays there to to hit if you can make them down the field. Whether that’s me scrambling to throw or just scrambling to pick up a first down carson wentz welcomes out, welcomes lamar jackson and company to town, of course, you’re.

Looking at a cowboys team, without that prescott, andy dalton taking over and the eagles are they won one one win just one win this season and they are fighting to get into the driver’s seat in the nfc east without jack prescott kyle. I ask you, uh. Have you changed your mind rather you’ve been saying it all week, since this accident happened the eagles driver’s seat yeah? No, no! No! No! No! There there’s, no one’s in the driver’s seat here, the the eagles are not in the driver, they’re in the passenger seat. They’Re. Not back there in the car seat, they’re strapped to the roof, though with bungee cords like ananda in the rain and they’re still alive, and i think the dallas kaiba’s are next to him because let’s this could be historic, this division. This is not a race. This is a demolition derby, where you get a bunch of crappy cars that just smash into each other and continual die, and then one of them is remaining at the end of the thing, and that is the winner and you look for the strongest factor here. The strongest factor in the whole nfc east is the cowboys defense and how bad it is. It is 32 out of 32.. It is the worst in the whole league. That is what i think will determine. I don’t think it’s getting any better carson, wentz carson wentz. I still believe will get slightly better. It is hard for me to believe he’s going to spend another two and a half months.

Throwing this many interceptions. He can’t continue to lead. The league we’ve seen this guy for years, that’s, not him. The eagles will get their first round pick back, jalen rhaegar, i think, that’ll make a difference. I think they’ll be a little better and understand. I believe they’re gon na lose this game to the ravens this weekend. That would make them one four and one all. I need is six nine and one five out of the next 11 games. You can win them. You get a home, playoff game. Carson wentz will not be this bad and, put this to rest, as you guys talk about andy dalton, i believe in eddie, dalton andy dalton will probably be pretty good. Eddie dalton might be really good. The problem is, he needs to be bleeping unconscious. With this defense. He’S been saddled with, and i don’t think he has that in him. I think that last demolition, derby car, will have an eagle painted on the side in about two and a half months: it’s fair that’s. What happened last year right like they found a way to win it at the end yeah they were the ones standing when the cowboys weren’t but kyle. This defense, the cowboys, even has been historically bad, i’m talking, world’s worst defense type stuff and last week, we’re watching a cowboys giants, game and we’re. All talking back but like to your point, look at this defense giants. Hadn’T scored 34 points all season, they come in and score 34 points.

They scored three touchdowns all season. The giants come in and score three touchdowns and yet that’s got to be the basement. That’S got to be the basement: chidobia woozier, leighton van der shawn lee these guys are coming back. Randy gregory will eventually be back. You look at this team. You’Re you’re talking about the bear base and the cowboys even without dak and the worst defense ever are still in first place. That’S. What i see i see that this defense could not historically be any worse, and yet they wake up this thursday morning and they’re. In first place in the division, what scares me, what scares me is who’s coming and what they’ve got this weekend on monday night football kyler is going to be up against this defense and that could just be where we’re like all right. Let’S just rub up the papers and let’s blow the whole thing up, kyla’s coming. So, if the cowboys to me, if they are gon na, have a shot i’m, not so concerned about dalton to your point, don’t could win games, look he’s, not dak prescott, but he can win games. This defense has to give us something, and if all of these guys are eventually going to return, they have to be better just don’t, let kyle run all over you don’t, let kyler embarrass you and don’t. Let it happen on national tv again who’s in the driver’s seat. I would say the cowboys we’ve seen this in recent years.

You remember when the patriots had that historically bad defense. I know they have bill belichick, but they corrected it. The reason i bring that up, i do feel like the cowboys like you’re saying about carson wentz. The cowboys defense will get slightly better kyle. I truly do believe it. I know it looks bad, but they have way too much talent and way too much knowledge on the sideline when it comes to the coaching staff for them not to put it together and get it together, but who’s in the driver’s seat. I do believe it’s the dallas cowboys and in the back seat, it’s it’s, the giants in the washington football team on their tablet playing fruit, ninja and watching kid movies. I think in the front seat the front seat it’s between the cowboys and the eagles trying to figure out who’s gon na you gon na drive all right. Let me take a nap cause: i’m gon na take a nap okay, you take a nap and then i’ll take the back end of it because they’re both on this road trip trying to get to tampa and whoever is in the driver’s seat. Last that’s who’s going to win this division and i do believe it’s going to be the cowboys led by ezekiel elliott last week. What do you have? 20 touches two touchdowns, okay, that’s, the type of zeke. You need a job just over 100 yards total. We still haven’t seen that breakout game from ezekiel elliot the guy who they paid a ton of money.

The guy who said he’s in shape the guy who said he’s willing to prove that he’s, one of the best backs in the business. If you’re andy dalton as much as you can sit back and throw the ball, which we saw this past weekend, you are going to look behind you and lean on ezekiel elliott to help you guys win the games. The offense is starting to take shape. The wide receivers are making plays the fact that that prescott was putting up 500 yards per game. These defenses respect the passing game. There should be way more opportunities for ezekiel elliot moving forward and because of him because of his legs because of their ability to run the ball. I do feel like the cowboys would be in the driver’s seat and i said it before i’ll say it again: the cowboys will win the nfc east. All right, oh love! It let’s, not forget. It’S anybody’s ball game here, we’re sitting here in week six last year, the eagles were five and seven to start the season and somehow found a way in looking closer at this matchup with carson wentz going up against the baltimore ravens shreks, you outlined a ton of Ravens dbs getting sacks baltimore had seven sacks up against joe burrow. I ask you quickly tough task for the eagles and company on sunday. What do they need to do to beat the ravens? They need to stop somehow that baltimore offense, because this is not going to come down to the carson wentz in a shootout with lamar.

They need to stop someone, and i go back to last week for the eagles and chase claypool became a hall of famer in his first big game, and i watched number 47 nathan gary get put on skates time and time again. This is gary here and i i’m shot i’m spot shouting him and you say: well: that’s, not nice, that’s, not fair, a spot shot him because it shouldn’t be up to nathan. Gary you shouldn’t be asking nathan gary to be making the big defensive stops in this game. Where is this eagles defense? You got darius slay. This big uh acquisition that eagles fans are doing flips about. We got fletcher cox who’s supposed to be the best defensive tackle in all of football. In the aaron donald conversation, i can name names all i want, but it shouldn’t just be nathan gary this week, because if you listen to the local philly radio or if you go online nathan, gary number 47 is taking a beating and guess what he might deserve. It critically, but what about everybody else, jim schwartz’s defense needs to stop someone and has to start this week. Somehow they need to come up with a plan to stop lamar in the game. Yeah i’ll keep it simple. I believe that plan is controlling the edge, not allowing lamar jackson to get outside that’s what the chiefs did. They made sure that he wasn’t running all over the place, because he’s really good when he’s throwing the ball on the run and then drop guys into coverage.

Man smother those wide receivers and try to make it difficult for lamar to not only throw traditional passes, but that sidearm that he has almost perfected. As of lately jump mark andrews. This is the mars guy. When they’re cruising he’s all over andrews those rollouts, he does where he ad libs he’s. Looking for andrews, i really think lamar’s the superstar, but andrews is emerging as the pip in at least the horus grant, and guess what peter i got bad news. You know who’s going to be chasing around mark andrews, probably for most of the game stay with me, everybody nathan, gary 47.. Sorry we’ll. Take your calls right now. Wip jump mark anders i’m telling you it’s the only shot. You’Ve got Music. The offensive line i’m. Looking at them, too, they’ve struggled to protect mr carson once he’s been under constant pressure and they’re going to give it to him in waves on sunday let’s bring in mike garafolo he’s with us this morning, no thursday night master to talk about, of course, but mike. We haven’t seen cameron on the field since week. Three. Could he be back for their game against uh for the for the patriots this week? Uh? Oh uh? Oh, i don’t hear you girl blow you read lips. Is your microphone on all right, we’re gon na go to break? I got ta fix my microphone as well.