Lamar jackson, of course, carson, wentz, good and bad has an influence. Steven, a i’ll leave that to you, but you can replace carson wentz in the eagles offense with a lot of guys, and they do just as well, in fact, probably better nick foles. They replaced carson wentz because of injury with nick foles. Both years they did it, they got better won the super bowl and then went made the playoffs and went on a little run. Um, carson wentz is a for whatever, for whatever he can do, is more of a traditional quarterback and he’s been playing the position i can’t say like worst in the league, but it hasn’t been good. Lamar jackson is less of a traditional quarterback. Lamar jackson has gifts that have been. You know when ozzie newsom drafted him. They didn’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. They said no we’re going to build the offense around you and so every game the ravens play. Lamar jackson has an outside his play, has an outsized impact on the outcome of the game and it’s no different against the eagles. I think carson wentz is going to have a bigger impact, and the reason why i think so max is because he could potentially be so awful that he loses the game before the ravens have a chance to win the game that’s how bad he has been. When you consider um, you know the struggles that he has had, and so, as a result of that, i got ta.

Look at him. Lamar jackson is the leading rusher for the baltimore ravens. Now they got the second worst passing attack in the national football league, but the only team they’ve lost to is the kansas city chiefs, two of his last three games. He’S completed 53 percent of his passes and 51 of his passes, that’s putrid, okay, but nevertheless, still in all they’re 4 1. Why? Because they got the number one defense in the nfl they’re top six in yards allowed they’re number five against the rush. Their achilles heel to some degree, is against the pass, where they’re only average as a defensive unit, but guess what average has looked spectacular against carson wentz, thus far this season so it’s, not that lamar jackson is not great it’s, not that he doesn’t have the ability To be electrifying max or anything like that, i’m, basically piggybacking off of previous arguments that you have made over the last several weeks about how potentially awful carson wins can be. Now i believe in him and i believe, he’ll turn it around he’s, only 27. i’m not giving up on them. I like doug peterson as a coach. I think that they’ll they’ll get their act together, but because of how awful he has been in so many moments this year, that profound impact that he can have on his offense, because he’s trying to do too much, he doesn’t have the requisite weapons available to him. Got it is out, obviously, deshaun jackson might be, is out that kind of stuff and you’re trying to force the issue.

Those kind of things can spell doom for the philadelphia eagles before lamar jackson even has an opportunity to make it. I think, that’s a persuasively. I think that’s persuasively argued the only thing i’ll say about that is carson. Wentz is bad at situational football right, you’re down two scores: you’re driving, you have a chance that’s when he turns the ball over. You know late in the game. Now it’s three scores it’s a back breaker late in the game: you’re driving again you take a sack that and you lose yardage and now the game’s over he’s bad at situational football, but i wouldn’t say he’s the reason they lost last week. What i did say, if you remember, is he needs to be the reason they win when carson wentz has not played terribly he’s played okay, but not good enough to overcome other bad qualities of this team, but he’s being paid like he should be overcoming those qualities. So so do i think he’ll play well enough to be the reason they win. No, i don’t, but i do think lamar jackson will be when lamar jackson’s lost it’s. True his as brian griese pointed out his eyes have looked down when the blitz came right. He didn’t keep his eyes down the field. On the other hand, there wasn’t much to look at it’s not like there were a lot of hot routes or anything like that, like the whole team was underperforming, but more often than not lamar jackson’s.

The reason his team wins carson wentz recently at best has not been the reason they’ve lost, but he is not elevated. I think lamar jackson determines the game. Well, i think that when we look at carson wentz last week, we said that he wasn’t the reason they lost because he stepped up and put at least 29 points on the board against the pittsburgh steelers. But for the most part, this season he’s been relatively more of under being to be kind. He hasn’t been the kind of quarterback any of us expected now last year. I gave him more of a pass to you because of the plethora of injuries he had available to them. Nelson aguilar was out, sean jeffrey was out. The sean jackson was out for practically the entire season. We got all of that. You got third stringers and practice and practice squad players that he’s throwing the football to. That was not the case this year he was just bad and he was forcing the issue and so now we’re. Looking in the position where we’re looking at the philadelphia eagles and the fact is they had one win and they were in first place until dallas won. Last week, that’s how awful the nfc east is, and so, if we’re decrying the nfc east as being so god awful, and that was before that prescott went out now. You’Re starting quarterbacks, uh, andy dalton, carson, wentz, daniel jones and we don’t know what it’s going to be kyle allen or alex smith, the team with no name – maybe they just don’t, go with the quarterback.

With no name i mean there’s, a national football league team that doesn’t have a name think about that. He says decrying i’m, just crying because as bad as the nfc east is, my giants are in last place, yes in the worst division.