Here it comes stopped by heart, rebound cleaned up by prover off, but not out. It could be a long first period once again, like it was in game. One. A soft win for claude giroux wires assert through center all the way across kevin hayes with a shot. He scores off the post and in kevin hayes 157 in philadelphia off and running good job here. By connecting managing time and space through the neutral zone, giroud drives the middle acts like he’s, going to pick it up to stick parcel jordan everly in back of the goal off a defensive, stick good play by sennheim. It goes high in play, played off the boards by myers and out to neutral ice. Brian pollock broken up it’s kevin hayes, holding onto it hayes with a shot. He scores. He goes short side that’s two for 13 and kevin hayes has made it two: nothing philadelphia. He’S got the hot hand, bush yeah. He certainly does and for var lama off here, you’re you’re thinking there’s a chance that there could be a defense with ryan pollock and directly along the boards by sennheim, drawn back by proverb, a reverse for travis sanheim, wedged out by giroud here’s couturier. Moving in only right out in front here’s a chance, he scores wan na go sean couturier, more leadership from the players. They lead it. Three nothing. This breakout sanheim pass watch zuru a little tap pass, really confident play and couturier does the rest, one on one against lenny, strength, skill and finish, and the flyers are up three, nothing yeah.

This is a great move by couturier gets that puck underneath the stick of nick letty. Let him not able to take the body, then the patience by couturier to outweigh semian, varlamov and that’s difficult for a goaltender, because you’re guarding against five hole long by barzell, dancing on sean couturier he’ll. Take it in swing it back for nick letty letty holding onto it. They have ryan pollock on the near point. He has that big shot barzel out in front they score anders lee gets a beautiful pass from matt barzell and the islanders are on the scoreboard. Stick on the ice watch, the body position of lee puts his back side right in the niskanen. This is derek grant. Moving in on nick letty goes off the pad of grice, looking for the rebound that’s cleaned up and it’s sped out to center by bovillier to the outside bailey beauvillier in tight, he scores anthony beauvillier brings the islanders within one not two going one way: they can’t Cash in islanders head the other way. You can hear the guys yelling three three three. That means seventeen left will keep an eye on thomas grice in a 3 2 game led by the flyers, a turnover pasho with a shot he scores, john gabriel. The offensive end. You got to make him in the defensive end as well. Flyers turn it over cajole, pounces on it. He has to get his skate on the blue line before the puck enters the zone.

He does not have to come all the way out. I believe that was brock. Nelson. After reviewing the play has been confirmed that the play was on side. We have a good goal. Philadelphia has charged for a benchmark paladin 4.7 on the clock, casual clean win tapes, miss hit by pollock dumped out through center and game number two will go to overtime, moved in by vorcheck to the corner clan giroud back of the goal: sean couturier, he’ll wind. It off the stick of christ, it’s free couturier, and it goes high off the glass now meyers at the point. His shot scores, phil, myers from downtown and the players win in overtime, Applause and the islanders are going to have a look at it. Here’S the jam play coming up here, couturier to the net fortune with a tap at it, four checks down and out behind the net and here’s the shot from the point, and it tips off an islander forward at the top there and goes into the net here’s. The shot again by myers it’s off the stick of lee bounces down up and over the glove Applause yeah once that puck hits the stick it’s, almost an impossible.