I don’t normally wear this one, this one’s uh. Yes, yes, yes, that’s, a tavares! You know. The funny thing is that, for islander fans i was like i can’t, wear tavares jerseys. It was like that for a long time. I think during the playoffs i can probably get away with it, because, in the absence of tavares, look what’s going on and uh i i do think this jersey looks better with the numbers on it not much this. This is when people ask me: what’s, like the lowest rated jersey in your collection, it’s, the new york mets jersey. Now there was a game in this you’ll notice. I’Ve got new magnets now to denote periods of the game because sure these are from the 1970s from tops and other people might like put them in a hard sleeve and put my others or something for me. I know they’re never going to be worth more than they are right now, so i might as well just use them um. So for the flyers, this game started out. Well enough early chances for the haze line. Hayes looked good again. I thought hayes had a good game. Broussard was in for the islanders, i think he’d missed two games. This was his first game back a strong push for the flyers at four minutes and the shots were five to one in their favor ten minutes into the game. So the flyers playing very very well, and i thought they were playing the islanders game.

I thought this looks like the islanders and the flyers before the game agreed to just switch jerseys. Okay, uh quiet game through 12 minutes; a lot of shoot ins, a lot of dump ins, a lot of back and forth, and back and forth until pitlike scores from lawton and niskanen at 14, 18, but that’s where the game turns that’s, where the game turns uh. The islanders pushed late but hart was holding. I thought, carter hart had a good first period and the shots were in favor of the islanders after being out shot five to one through the first half of the period, so the islanders definitely turned the momentum. We go to the second period and the islanders were more determined than ever to get on the board big push by them. Mayfield’S denied heart minus the stick on that play, but he comes out of it. Okay, so much better period for the islanders. The shots were five, nothing in their favor at five minutes and 30 seconds, which means, after the halfway mark of the period they had outshot the flyers 14 to 4. I believe, if i’m doing my math correctly here, 14 to 4, so the islanders were in complete control, heart denied bovillier on a voracek turnover, but eventually one of these are gon na go in and who scores it. Matt martin, one of those fourth line grit, guys that i’ve been talking about, puts up a goal from barzell and eberly at 7 minutes and 12 seconds.

No one contested, martin matt, martin off the bench just come straight in at the net. Nobody even looked at him and that’s one of those mistakes. That’S gon na come back to haunt the flyers um, so the flyers would press back at nine minutes, but the shots were eight to two in favor of the islanders. At that stage, the islanders were in complete control of this game. The flyers would get some some good pushes into the islander zone, not getting enough shots through a lot of shot blocking going on for the islanders. At that stage. Uh and i thought the islanders at this point now playing their style and the next goal, i believe, was likely going to be the winner, because we weren’t seeing a lot of scoring chances. So while we were seeing shots here and there not seeing a lot of scoring chances uh, i thought it was interesting too. Now, apparently it was a referee that yelled can opener, but it was either the referee. It was a player, yellow can opener, no normally. The reason i say this is because can opener is a play that normally ends up resulting in a penalty. So if the referee held it, why didn’t he call a penalty and either way? I thought it was funny because i thought: okay, either somebody’s, hungry or it’s a penalty, because you could clearly hear it on the television can opener and – and you know, with all the garbled words – maybe it’s time – that hockey players make up swear words so that they Can get them through the the garbled word sensor that they’ve got there uh no penalty so i’m guessing that he was hungry because again, a can opener that’s, where you get the stick between the players legs and you bring them down and normally that’s a penalty.

So all right, uh anyways, the flyers. I thought at this point were fortunate. The game was tied, taves had a shot that was stopped by hart. Hague was without a stick at that point, but 5.1 seconds left 5.1 komarov gets a goal from bersard in 1954. and komarov again, one of those grit guys so here’s, two guys where former maple leafs have talked about that grit. You need in the playoffs, and here they are both of them getting goals. They do not score regularly. This is an oddity that they would both score in the same game, but i was looking at this and i thought you know with six seconds left well. 5.1. That’S just that’s a killer. That is, that is something that’s, so deflating for a team uh to to almost survive this. This period tied when they’re out shot so badly, and then they allow a goal with less than six seconds left. So we go to the third period. Early flyers are taking shots from bad angles because they need something to go in. They need they need a bounce they’re, not getting them. They’Re, not getting bodies to the front of the net they’re, not getting those deflections. So they’re. Just taking shots that either miss wildly at that stage or they’re taking shots that are easily saved by var lama, uh delayed penalty, the islanders almost got an own goal and they almost did it twice. So, if that, if that had happened, you know it’s one of those things where you pull the goalie because it’s a delayed penalty and then you throw it back to the point and the guy at the point doesn’t get it you’re like.

Oh, oh, no, no, no! Don’T don’t go in the net don’t do that and they almost did it twice uh, but they get the power play. Uh hague took that penalty. Uh power play lee scores from eberly and pollock on that power play and it went in off heart hart misplayed it. He was playing for a pass and instead he deflects it into his own net. Leo will take that, and that makes it three to one and i i thought the right team was up by two goals. At that stage. Flyers really needed to answer. Voracek got a pass over to giroux, which was broken up and then giroud wanted a penalty on that plane. He played angry the rest of that shift. I was pretty sure. Claudia was going to take a penalty there. Claude giroux, i i love the guy this playoffs. He has had a lot of challenges and so coming out of this. If the islanders end up winning this series, there may be some questions asked about claude giroux and and a long term, future in philly and and how there might need to be a change and again, this is how quickly things can change. We are going into the pause. The flyers were, the hottest team in the league and drew was a big part of that, and now here we are it’s august. We didn’t expect to play hockey, but we are and uh giroud is kind of standing out for the wrong reasons and uh voracek’s been good but uh again, giroud’s just not clicking and he’s a player that should be scoring more than he is, and he knows that This is part of why he’s getting frustrated uh hague goes back to the box.

The islanders get their second power play, pulik just missed a shot wide uh the flyers were pressing the penalty or the power play while they were on the penalty kill. So this was a we can’t afford to allow another goal and we need to try to maybe get a br get force them into a turnover, and maybe we get a break short handed um two minutes off the clock, but the islanders power play that second, one Was not great, but power plays not really a huge part of this game because there weren’t that many and yet that goal by the islanders, that’s that’s, the one that kind of sort of ices it. The shots were five to three for the flyers 11 minutes into the period, and this is where the flyers start putting up shots where they need them. They start putting up shots. The islanders were bending, not breaking. The flyers were also missing shots, so while they were getting some on the net, there were some really prime opportunities that were just missing wide, just missing high being blocked. This was a really it wasn’t. Really a white knuckle ride if you’re an islanders fan because we’re up by two but it’s, not exactly a comfortable two goal lead because the flyers are controlling the the play and where the puck is lee played minus a helmet, and that is penalty. You can’t do that so anders lee. I believe he was warned as well by the official on that and and he kept so yeah he had to go to the box.

The flyers get their only power play in the game. They pull the goalie for a six on four. The problem is it’s. The flyers power play which came into today at a 9.5 percent rate. Again, flyer fans everywhere likely booing this power play even though they’re at home they’re, not in the arena but i’m going to go ahead and speculate. Flyers fans are not happy with this power play right now, because the flyers themselves aren’t happy with this power play right now. Um the flyers were buzzing around couldn’t buy one far llama having a great game, the flyers getting frustrated – and you know this. This has been a frustrating series for the flyers. The islanders come out of this with a two to one series, lead it’s, defense, defense, defense and the islanders are better on the defensive side. So as entertaining as game two was this one felt more like game, one and no surprise the islanders end up coming out with the win. Shots were in favor of the islanders overall, ten to nine in the first 15 to six in the second and then in the third. They sat back, they allowed 12 by the flyers and they got four final shots: 29 27 in favor of the islanders. They also out hit the flyers to 36 32 power, plays the flyers, oh for one, the islanders won for two and that power play goal in the third ice. Is it but five on five? We still see it was two to one in favor of the islanders.

So they won five on five and on the special teams. Heart 26 saves on 29 shots. Varalamov makes 26 saves on 27 shots and he recovers from a game where he saved 7 out of 10. The game before this was uh. This was quite the game and uh we’ll see whether or not the islanders can get that three to one series lead, because if they do you it’s lights out, the flyers absolutely have to win the next game. They’Re not gon na win three in a row against the the islanders. The islanders are playing. The best hockey i’ve seen an islanders team play in the playoffs. Since the mid 80s i’m i’m going to go ahead and say, i think they’re playing better overall than the 93 islanders, who of course went on a bit of a run there as well i’ll, go ahead and say this is the best i’ve seen them play since They were in the stanley cup finals in 1984, but let me know your thoughts in the comment section below no cheating, if you’re not old enough to remember 1984. You can’t vote on that. But if you are, let me know in the comment section below and hey it’s nice to see people who are my age on the internet, so welcome uh. Thank you guys. So much for all your support don’t forget to hit like and subscribe if you’re browsing away. 3 just happened upon this video and hey.