Nelson sean caterie on the draw sit back and enjoy game number. Three he’ll drop it in again for lot news peppered by leo komarov he’ll, protect the puck; well, take it to the slot hitlick with a shot he scores. Tyler pittlick breaks the ice with 5 42 left in period. One yeah really good traffic here by james van riemsdyk, also provrov, may provided some of the screen as well and pitlit just get it get it to the net. Josh bailey awaiting hammered by pollock tipped on hart said no rebound chance. He got the paddle down, along with his blocker, now josh bailey to the slot to the outside a shot taken high by brock nelson, and it goes out of play little bump by barzell mayfield. At the point held in by devontaves little tip right on hart got that one off the stick of anders lee scott mayfield. At the point shot padded down the rebound, barzel wrap chance right through the blue and out excellent chance for matt barzell nate thompson stolen by everly across it goes shot wide barzell with another golden opportunity by scott lawton defended beautifully by devon taves and back out. Bovillier has bailey in front there. He is what a play by prover off coming all the way. Back since the pit lick goal, the islanders are out: shooting the flyers 11, 1 and now a steal devontades with bovillier it’s, a two on oh there’s, beauvillier. What a save by heart, as he cuts across bovillier out of the corner, drops it off for jordan, everly it’s pawed down by sanheim and forged in by everly out of the corner, barzel out in front hart can’t get to that one! Matt martin gets the goal.

He came up with the save and then it was poked home and the islanders have tied it. Get the puck in the hands, get it deep, get on it and win battles, barzell first to the puck and then a quick play to matt martin as the isla. The flyer defense not able to recognize that martin’s all alone in front and this one squeaks through the arm of carter hart and no surprise that it’s matt barzell boucher gets that puck down low. Two flyers go to him. That leaves matt martin wide open in front of the net sanheim can’t get back in time now, pellick through center pounded a bit sanheim stretches it out. Poor checks in his shot, fought off again by parliament, carried in on side it’s brassard his shot shoulder down by hart nine seconds left in the period of steal, brassard out in front of chance, and it scores great forechecking by the islanders leo komarov on the doorstep. Roussard did all the work 5.1 seconds left in the second 2 1 islanders. Now, turning with it, ryan pollock moved across for everly he’ll dust it off his shot lee in front. They score anders lee where he makes his living right out in front it’s a power play goal and a two goal lead for the islanders and it’s like another greasy goal for the islanders just doing an excellent job of moving the puck around and providing traffic in Front of carter hart watch lee grabs that puck doesn’t deflect.

It stops. It moves it to the backhand and slides it underneath the stick there of heart off the post and over the line. The second consecutive islanders goal that barely makes it into the net voracek moves. It back sanheim a spinner off his own man for a check out in front parked wide by giroud. Now letty to the outside, the flyers bench is up in arms. Here, come the islanders barzel over the line, cuts he’s defended by myers. He swings it back out to the neutral zone hunted down by theraby all the way back around again for travis connectny he’ll. Take it in on letty now haze in front what a save by barlamov as he robs joel faraby wow. What a pass! What a save giroux guarded by mayfield it goes off him. Giroud gets it back, prover off geru, they play catch, claw, giroux, stopped covered, still fought for, and the islanders get it out. The flyers get after it it’s centered all the way back up top it’s prover off his shot. Deflects wide off connect knee five seconds left loose along the boards for a check with nobody home in front, and that is all the new york islanders.