Here we go Music. Welcome back everybody! Let me know in the comments below. Did you finally get a go? Fest tickets, because now is the time to start prepping. We are ready to go completely on everything that is going to have to deal with go fest right now. So what we’re going to cover is the shiny leaks. We are going to cover all these spawns the spawns during the different hours and also anything relevant to the meta raid attackers, as well as pvp pokemon, so guys, oh man, it is going to be absolutely insane out there tomorrow. I hope you guys are ready and prepped to go, because we have some awesome news. We actually have confirmed shiny unknown that is going to be out in the wild, so let’s just start with all the shinies right now, all right guys starting off here. We are just going to congratulate the winners of the go fest 2020 third contest that we have had. I really appreciate all the ability to help everybody we possibly can so. Theo austin and aj have won, go fest tickets. Everybody in this has been contacted. So if you do see your name in here, please check your email in the spam folder as well.

It seems like some of the emails have been going to spam as far as the merchandise we have eva tenia and john. As far as the beanie, we have thiago bikram and isaiah and then, as far as the sock bundle, we do have jari and mohit.

So congratulations guys really appreciate everyone that checked out the podcast and has participated in some of my events. This far we’re definitely gon na have more giveaways coming soon. They are super fun for me and for tomorrow, just letting you guys know from the meetup we are going to be meeting up at disney springs for anybody in the orlando area. We are going to be taking pictures from 9 30 to 10 a.m, which is going to be by the tents by the marvel store, which is close to the house of blues it’s, a little secluded area, so it’s not too trafficked. So guys. Please come out if you’re close and definitely respect all the guidelines. I’M excited to see you guys there and then the bonuses are going to include incenses are only going to last for one hour, so we will not have extended incenses beyond the play from home. Going on right now and then also guys, we can open, send and obtain 200 gifts on day one of go fest, so that is extremely extremely exciting. And then i did get news from recap: who’s, in my discord from australia. That is going to be a benefit to us.

I think, during the friendship time or also during regular time, we are able to open these gifts, and when opening these gifts, we are able to get our buddies excited a lot faster. So for anybody trying to rank up buddies, this is going to be a great time for you to get your buddy excited by opening gifts.

So if you stay up to date, every 30 minutes you go in and you play with your buddy, you give it a treat and then you also take a snapshot and you keep opening gifts. This is going to be an amazing time for us to rank up our buddies unknown being the most desirable shiny right now. As of right now, i hate to break the news to you. I do not see anybody reporting, shiny snorlax. I sure hope that that does change and at some point in this video i can edit it in and tell you guys. Shiny snorlax is a part of go fest, but as of right now it is not so the shiny unknown. We have all the original kanto starters with the pikachu visors that are going to have shiny potentials. We also have tangela that is released for a shiny potential as well as quill fish, and then also we do have shiny heat more as well as shiny durant and then also here. I did want to point out. There have been some shinies added in since i did make this video still no snorlax, hopefully maybe day two.

I really would be surprised, i’m going to be shocked. If we don’t see the snorlax, we do have the jigglypuff that is now going to be shiny in the wild and then also we have one more. We have the woo bat which goes into the swoo bat so guys there are a ton of shinies out there.

We have jiggly puff, which is new tangle, which is new unknown, which is new. We have quill fish, that is new. We have wubbat, which is new heat, more that’s new and durant that’s new. That is going to be seven new, shiny pokemon. I cannot wait to see what day two entails if it’s gon na include any type of shiny pokemon. That is awesome, so those are all the reported shinies as of right now, and with that said, i do have some good news for all of you trainers out there that are not participating in go fest. We do have some spawns that have gone global. The global spawns are going to include some of the unlocks that are going to be alolan grimer. We have alolan marowak, we have chansey, we have chimecho, we have dratini shiny potentials in most of those except the chimecho togatic, which is not gon na be shiny. However, togekiss is very good, which we will check out in the pvp section. We have alomo mola. We also have litwick as well as feral seeds, so guys get your pineapple berries, ready and make sure to pine up any of those rare pokemon that are going to be global.

Those are also going to be included in the pokemon. Go fest spawns as well, so guys now what we’re getting into the top tips to make sure you guys are ready to maximize out on go fest, because we have all the new news right now and everything that we do have starting off with tip number one.

Music tip number one is going to include all these spawns that are at go fest, which are going to be general spawns. These mean that during the entire time, these are going to be spawning even with the habitat switch ups, so the habitat switch ups. Each do have their own set of spawns, which we will check out in a second, so the general spawns are going to be all the kanto starters bulbasaur charmander squirtle, with the pikachu visor in shiny potentials. We do have pikachu, we do have jigglypuff and then alolan grimer with a shiny potential. We have alolan executor that does have a shiny, we have chansey, that does have a shiny and we have eevee, which also does have a shiny, and then we have dratini with the shiny chinchu with the shiny, and then we have toga tick, which is an amazing Pokemon that you guys are going to want to pineapple, we have unknown. That now has the shiny. We have some viper and zangoose that does have a shiny, and then we also have chimecho, which does not have a shiny. So those are going to be the general spawns that are happening at go fast, so now let’s check out each of the habitats and how their spawns are going to correlate all right.

Just before we jump into this, we do have rotom that’s going to be appearing in photo bomb, so we do have another pokemon that has been released.

This is fantastic, make sure to take your photos to get photobombed by rotom, alright. So now, starting in with the different habitats, we now have the fire habitat. So this is going to be a bunch of pokemon, guys, charmander don’t believe it’s going to be able to evolve with the hat, but it does have a shiny potential. We have charizard in the wild guys if you do need charmander, candy, pineappling, charizard it’s, going to be a hard pokemon to catch, is fantastic because it’s going to give you 20 charmander candy. We have vulpix growlithe with the shiny ponyta, which somebody asked about. If it’s going to be in there with the shiny, we have a lowland marowak that does have a shiny. We have magmar shiny. Yes, i can’t wait for that. Magmar we have flareon houndor with shiny. We have torchic numel tepig, make sure to pine up your tepids and save onto those, because we do have that calm day coming up in the future. We have darumaka in the fire form, which is fantastic, definitely make sure to pineapple that guy as much as possible. He is not a wild spawn so far, then we have litwick amazing, definitely a really powerful pokemon in the chandelier, and then we have heatmore, which does have a shiny.

And next we have the water habitat which is going to have the squirtle with the pikachu hat. With the shiny we have poliwag with the shiny, tentacle, shiny, slowpoke nun.

We then have the magikarp with the shiny man. This event is going to be so insane guys. I cannot wait. I wouldn’t be surprised if people will break a hundred shinies. In a day, then we have chinchu shiny, quill fish, shiny mudkip, shiny carvanha, shiny clam pearl shiny oshawa, once again stack that pokemon up for the future com days. We have temple and then alomo mola and then, as far as the grass habitat we have bulbasaur with the shiny venusaur guys is out there so make sure to get your venusaurus and in the water. It didn’t say that there was a blastoise, but there should be a blastoise spawning in the wild. Those are great for pine napping to get 20 of these starter candies. We have oddish shiny, execute shiny, alolan executor, shiny can’t, wait to get that one i’ve only traded for it. The new tangela, which is the shiny. We have sunkern shiny, trico, shiny c dot, shiny cherum. We have the other cherum that’s going to be in the sun form we have snover, which is a shiny. We actually have leafeon spawning in the wild snivy, make sure to stock up for future calm day. We have fungus and pharaoh seed and then, as far as the battle habitat, i am loving this one.

We have machop with the shiny alolan grimer, with the shiny skarmy, with the shiny slack off with the shiny sable eye, with the shiny meta tight with the shiny swab blue, with the shiny zangus and the viper both have shinies.

We have gibbel, oh man, i can’t wait for this with a shiny, crow, gunk shiny need it. Stun fisk and durant that does have a shiny as well wow what a go battle league derived area and then finally, we have the friendship, habitat, pikachu, shiny clefairy, shiny jiggly puff now has a shiny, chancy, shiny, eevee, shiny snorlax, unfortunately no shiny. As of yet like. I said hopefully day two then we have toga tick, no shiny, definitely pineapp that one that is a rare, pokemon gon na be great to be able to get it below level 20 for anybody out there that’s trying to use it in the great league. We do have the merrell shiny, the sudowoodo, shiny, wubba, fett, shiny mantine, and we have rosalia shiny, phoebus, shiny, chime, echo no shiny, but that one should be giving you extra stardust and we do have the woobot shiny as well guys anything you do need in any Of these habitats make sure to pine up everything you possibly can so wow guys make sure to get out there and play as much as possible make sure to use your pineapples for any of those pokemon that you do not have too much candy of which is Then gon na lead us into tip number two Music tip number two is gon na have to deal with all the eggs that are gon na be relevant to this event, so guys in seven kilometer eggs, we are going to get a good pool of galarian pokemon Baby pokemon that are going to be super awesome, so for all you guys out there that are ready for seven kilometer eggs.

We’Re gon na check out all these seven kilometer egg hatches, including the 100 ivs starting right now, man guys there is a lot of information out there. So if anything gets overwhelming, it is okay, just make sure to remember the things that are most important for you. We do have glarion meowth, 100 iv egg level 591.. We then have evie 100 iv 612.. We then have pichu 100 iv, 270 klepha, 100 iv 383. We have igglybuff 100 iv, 306 togepi, 100 iv 375.. We have glarion zigzagoon 290 azurill 208. We have badou 489. We have buniri 719, we have ching ling, it’s going to be 574. We have shiny potential for the happening, which is going to be 212.. Munchlax was going to be 1081 riolu shiny in there, 567. wubat is going to be a shiny as well 580. We have glorion darumaca, which is gon na, be 823 and gallerian stun fisk 1235. So guys in this, it is great time to make sure to get seven kilometer eggs. They they’re going to be 3.5 kilometers on a regular incubator and even lower on a super incubator. So guys highly suggest you clear out all of your eggs and make sure to get these seven kilometer eggs to try to get some of these amazing pokemon so guys make sure to stay. After all, those which is gon na lead us into tip number three tip number three is going to include the research.

We do have a welcome research that is going to be pretty cool for pokemon. Go so let’s check out the welcome research right now and what it’s going to get you and research is going to be the welcome research here. It looks like they’re saving victini for day two, which totally makes sense as the grand finale, but the welcome research is going to include. Take a snapshot of your bunny for 10. Incenses guys. Amazing use an incense for 200. Great balls. Congratulations! Everybody seriously! Then we have catch 25 type. Pokemon for a charizard, 100 iv is going to be 12 38. Then we do have catch 20. Water type pokemon for a blastoise 100 iv is going to be 1057.. Then we have catch 20 grass type pokemon for a venus or encounter 1166, make sure to pine up any of these starters. If you do need more candy, then we have battle in two rays for a gibble encounter. Gimbal 100 ib is gon na be 477. That one does have a shiny. Hopefully you guys do get that and then make a new friend for a snorlax encounter 100 iv level. 15. 1382. – all right guys. So that is super important to make sure to take a full advantage of that it’s, not too hard it’s going to be definitely easy for you guys to obtain it’s going to be great, which is then going to listen to tip number four Music tip number four.

Is going to include all of the pokemon that are going to be relevant to the go battle? Leagues, what is going to be their primary league that you’re going to focus on and then what the 100 ivs and close to them are going to be now i’m. Just going to say this, there are pokemon in here that are relevant to more than the league that we’re going to highlight, but there are so many pokemon to cover. I am just going to give you the highlighted best league for each of these pokemon let’s check that out right now. I hope you guys are sitting down because we’re now going into the go battle league, so we start off with the alolan muk rank 10 in the ultra league 100 iv, fifteen fifteen, then we’re going to go into alolan. Marowak is gon na, be 100 percent iv. Zero fourteen fourteen in the great league, then we’re, going into dragonite best it’s gon na be master league hundred percent ivs all maxed out, then we have togekiss is going to be in the ultra league because we already know what the master league is it’s all maxed Out it’s going to be a 0 15 15 at level 28.. Then, if we do have to kiss in the master, like i said, all maxed out next we’re gon na have the lantern in the great league ranked 7200 ib is going to be 0 13. 14. Then we have charizard in the ultra league is going to be the best placing rank 46 at 0, 13, 15 and guys, if you do want to pause here and check out any of the moves.

Please do there’s a lot of information to cover so we’re not going to go over everything. We need there’s pause buttons here to make sure you get the right move set down or you can use polywrath ultra league 98 rank 8 15. 15.. Then we have swampert in the great league rank four zero 14 14 at level 19.. Then swamper in the ultra league is gon na, be ranked eight at a zero 14 13 at 33 and a half level. Then we have sceptile best it’s going to be in the ultra league: zero 15 13 level. 38. Then we have. The shift tree in the great league. 100 iv is going to be a 0 14 11 at rank 51. Then we have skarmory great league 26 rank 0 15 14 for rank 1.. Then we do have vigoroth in the great league is going to be ranked. 19 100 iv is going to be 115 15. sable eye in the great league it’s going to be ranked 53 regular at 100 iv 14.76. You can buddy boost that one to level 41. Then we have meta. Cham great league rank 32 100 ib is gon na, be maxed out and buddy boosted as well. Then we have great league altaria rank five dragon breath sky attack. Dragon pulse 100 iv is going to be level 29 0. 14. 15.. Then we do have the master league guard. Chomp is going to be the best at rank 18 100 percent iv all 15s toxic croaks in rank the best in great league, ranked 95, 115 15 at level 22 and a half.

Then, in the great league we have glarion stun fisk rank. Three 100 percent iv is going to be zero 12 15. For this one then we have per circuit 100 iv is going to be all 15s in the ultra league. It’S going to be ranked the best at rank 30.. Then we have obstagoon. Best is going to be ultra league, ranked 49 100 ivy is going to be 4 14 15.. Then we have the azumarill rank 2 in the great league. 100 iv is going to be 8 15 15 or you can definitely buddy boost a different one as well, but we’ll keep it surface level for right now and then in the ultra league. We have lucario 115 15 for the 100 iv. So good luck guys make sure to take down the ones that you do want so that’s gon na. Do it guys make sure to stay after all, those pokemon for anybody out there that’s looking to upgrade their go battle league pokemon, their ivs, as well as anything else as far as the stats go for your pokemon or even if you don’t have one, but if It is a starter like i did mention make sure to save that for com day, unless you feel like using some type of elite charge tm, which is then gon na lead us into tip number five Music tip number five is going to include all of the Raid pokemon that are going to be out there guys there’s, going to be raids spawning so make sure you have your friends list, make sure to be in my discord, make sure to have everybody ready to go because there are going to be raid pokemon out there.

So let’s check out all the 100 ivs for the pokemon that are in legendary raids and other impactful rates, starting right now and then. Finally, we do have the raid pokemon guys there’s, going to be raids, going on make sure to invite friends if you need it or there’s going to be tons of people going on in the tier 1 raids. We do have the shiny timber out there. We do have clink shiny as well. If you want 100 ivs make sure to pause here. Timber is going to be 751 and tier 2. We have gibbel, 635 is going to be 100 ivy or if it’s, sunny or windy weather it’s going to be 794, and we also have a lowland executor in there. Tier three is going to be skarmory. We have chansey as well as the aerodactyl. All of them do have shinies, then in tier four we have the venusaur, the charizard and the blastoise we’re already seeing so many of these, i don’t really recommend doing these raids, but if you guys do want to you, can they’re not going to have shinies and Then finally, in the tier 5 we’re going to have kyogre and groudon coming back 2351 for the 100 iv regular and then boosted both of them have the same 29′ that are going to be weather boosted, so guys there’s going to be tons of trainers out there. Good luck getting all these raid pokemon do pineapple the ones you do need and i would definitely say, stay away from the tier 3 and 4.

If you don’t have to do it. Tier 1 and 2. Look pretty lucrative and then tier 5 also looks lucrative as well wow guys this event is going to be absolutely insane. I hope you guys are ready. If anything changes. I will try to pin it in the comments below i’m going to be very busy over the next couple of days, trying to fill you guys in on all of the topics that are going on and vlogging and playing for myself. So it’s going to be a busy couple of days, so if something slips through the crack, i do apologize. Let’S make sure this event is the best possible and for all those players that are not able to make it. I congratulate you guys, because now you have some go fest spawns for the entire weekend as well, so make sure to maximize completely on that. So, thank you guys for tuning in all my likers comments or subscribers patreon members, everybody who takes your support, subscription and participation to the next level. I’M gon na see you guys out on the next video. I peace want to take a moment and sincerely thank all of my patreon members, everybody that has taken their subscription to the next level and chosen to support me on this platform. I greatly appreciate you guys as a growing channel and really trying to grow and improve as much as i possibly can. I really appreciate the extra support you guys mean the absolute world to me.