Here we go Music. Welcome back everybody! Let me know in the comments below how excited are you for go fest? Did you buy a ticket? Congratulations to all my winners as of right. Now we have given out a total of 31 tickets through my channels. Thank you to everybody that has donated tickets as well, really appreciate all you guys for stepping up and trying to contribute to the community. I really appreciate this trainer club community we’re all about helping each other, helping other trainers and making the biggest impact. We can one more thing before we get into this video. I have another opportunity for you guys to win. Some go Fest tickets. So in the pinned comments below you guys can check out my gleam contest, so this one is going to be contributing towards something new that I have created with my friend Brad, which is going to be a podcast. So I have chances for you guys to win tickets through liking, the podcast reviewing the podcasts checking out the podcasts YouTube channel. The name of the podcast is break and build, which is taking a break from your daily life to help you build your life in a positive direction. Learning through a lot of the things that me and Brad have been through and trying to share some of my wisdom. So if you do like my positivity my posts or anything like that I’m going to be sharing a lot of deeper information in there.

So make sure to go to the pin comments below good luck, guys, your final chance to win go Fest tickets, even if you do have go fast. I would greatly appreciate if you guys checked out my new stuff. So now what we’re gon na do is get into everything we need to know about. Go fests, so it’s going to go this weekend right. So we have to be prepared as much as possible. We have it on the 25th, which is Saturday and the 26, with Sunday from 1000 a.m. all the way until 800 p.m. guys that’s a total of 10 hours for two days. If we think about it, we compare it to community day with the extended time that’s. Six hours we have more than three times of community days in a matter of two days so guys this is going to be long. It’S gon na be strenuous there’s gon na be a lot of things to do and if you guys are like me, you’re a little hardcore out there. You want to maximize completely on everything that’s going on, so you don’t really want to take too much of a break which, with said, you guys definitely want to check out my Auto catchers. The Auto catchers are an amazing time to physically take a break, but not let your game take a break, so that is huge and then tomorrow, I’m gon na have a video prepping, not just in game.

So today’s video is gon na, be focused on everything in game, making sure your balls are ready and then tomorrow’s video is going to include all the physical things that you may need from my past experiences and then contributing them towards a bigger and longer event. That may be going on for you guys. So as far as the details of the event on day, one which is going to be Saturday, the 25th, we do have a combination of different themes going on throughout the day. So we have fire water, grass, battle and friendship. Each of these events is going to have a one hour increment then it’s going to go to the next, then the next to the next to the next. Until we cycle through all five and then it’s going to repeat so we’re gon na have a total of two hours of each, so you guys are gon na have to have a ton of resources to be able to handle this. Also on day number two. It says there’s gon na be a special surprise. That’S gon na come out that day. So as soon as we know what that is, I’m going to have a video, it’s, probably gon na, be on Friday night for all of you guys out there if you’re already in Australia, you guys will be providing me the information to be able to give it To everybody else so, I’m. Sorry, if I can’t, provide it for everybody that is that forward.

As far as the information goes, we’re gon na have a research quest line that we’re gon na have we have gibble and we have Snorlax, we have unknown and we have zangoose as well as Seviper that are all gon na be featured mainly as far as some Of the ones that are more rare on the front of the go fest graphic, so Snorlax should be the shiny feature. Gibble super rare does have a shiny potential there’s an unknown in there, so for anybody out there that does not have an unknown go. Fests are the best times, including safar zones, to get unknowns to stack up on as many as you can and then have those for the people and your friends that may not have them and then anything else that does come about. That is new that we make unveil coming up into the near future I’m gon na drop in the ping comments below as well so make sure to stay tuned to those ping comments. So with all that said guys, we now need to make sure that you guys are prepped and ready to go so we’re gon na start off with tip number one Music tip number one is going to include resources guys. I can’t stress this enough. I know you guys may be tired of hearing me say: resources pokeballs, ultra balls, cleaning out your bag space, but I am not joking with you guys when I’m saying this so like I said, if you have a max Pokemon bag storage of 3000, I would suggest Trying to get it down a total of 1000 if you have a smaller bag, try to clean that bag out at least 33 13 of your bag should be gone.

You have to have the ability to a collect some of these new shinies. We have pvp IVs. We don’t know exactly what the spawns are right now guys. So when we are getting ready for this day, we need to have plenty of space so that we can save up as much as possible so clean out all the things. If you guys want more help. Cleaning out your bag, you basically just need to ask yourself a couple questions. Am I going to power this up? If the answer is no probably has to go, is it going to be valuable for trade? If the answer is no, you probably has to go. Will I be saving this for a lucky? If the answer is no, it probably has to go. Is this going to have a legacy move at some point, or is this pokemons move right now going to change legacy? If you don’t have a good feeling about it? It’S super common, probably time to go so just make sure to do that as much as possible guys. I can’t stress that enough. You do not want to impede your day by consistently having to go back clean through your bag out check all the IV’s of pokemon and miss out on 5 10 minutes every hour. That can lead up a lot guys. Do not let that happen next. I am NOT gon na stretch this enough as well. We need to have ultra balls.

The reason why I’m saying ultra balls is because they catch pokemon the fastest number one number two, the stuff runs a lot less and number three. It helps us play faster. So if we can catch every pokemon with one ball, it’s much easier than throwing a red ball and then the Pokemon consistently breaks out guys do remember that Snorlax is a challenging Pokemon to catch so we’re gon na need golden raspberries. We are also going to need silver pineap berries as well, so if you’re able to get any of those – maybe you’re gon na raid this week and you’re not going to throw any of the golden raspberries at the kerbs to make sure to start stocking up going Into go fast, that would be a great thing for you to do and then finally, we want the pineap berries, because Snorlax is a rare Pokemon. Gibble is a rare, pokemon unknown. If you don’t have it, you don’t really need too much candy it’s not really super useful for anything. But if you do want to just get the candy up just to have rare Pokemon, pineap berries, 500 benchmark. If you have the ability to do so, and if some of you guys are out there and having trouble managing your inventory with all these large spaces, that I’m saying is, all you have to do is take the number that I say and divide it by 3000 And that will give you the percent.

So if I’m, talking about pineap, berries and I’m, saying that you need to have 500 out of 3000 that’s going to total about 17 of your bag. So just take your bag and times it by 17 and that’s gon na say how much of the berries you have. So how do we get all these items what’s? The best way to do so. Here’S two different options. Number one is a must open gifts on a daily basis. We are getting red balls, we’re, getting great balls, ultra balls and we’re getting pineap berries in those gifts as well, so make sure to open xxx gifts on a daily basis. If you don’t, have 30 friends check the description of my video and get on my discord, there’s, so many people in there that could get you gifts on a daily basis that are committed to getting it. It doesn’t matter where you are and then also those people can invite you to rates potentially as well. So, if you’re a rural player great way to do it, number 2 is spinning, stops so here’s. The strategy spinning stops a lot of you guys just go out there, you spin stops and then you just collect all your items to your bags full well, in this case scenario, it’s not really gon na work. So what I would suggest doing is deleting virtually all of your potions. All of your revives maybe save a couple max revives and a couple max potions, especially towards Friday and Thursday, because every time we raid, we can always get these back and if we’re playing in go fest and there’s a lot of trainers around.

How many revives do you actually need when you’re going into parties of 20 with kiram, not too many, so you go through the town, you spin all the stops and then you start deleting all the items. So if you’re trying to stack up on ultra balls and great balls, my strategy would be delete all my evolution items that I do not need. I’M gon na start deleting some of my sin, o stone so I’m, probably gon na save minut. You know sones cuz, they’re a little bit rarer and then I’m gon na go through and I’m gon na delete all my purple, my gold, my pink and everything, but like ten of the max potions, all those are gone then, as I’m, going through typically you’re gon Na see more pokeballs stock up in your bag for the red ones compared to the blue and the yellow, ultra and great balls. So what that means is you have to start deleting on the red balls? I know it sounds crazy because the Gotcha uses those, but if you’re going to be a hand catch like if Gibble’s are in the wild. How many times and often are you guys gon na, be out there and being like hey, I think, I’m, just gon na. Let my gotcha run and catch all these Gibble’s and potentially have them run away I’m. Not doing that, I don’t know about you guys I’m trying to get as many gibble as much kibble candy and as many shiny Gibble’s as possible so I’m hand catching all those as much as possible.

And then, during the day when you are playing and you’re using all of your ultra and great balls, if you guys have used my Auto catcher tips, you guys do have an Auto catcher. Those things are going to be spinning. Pokey stops and you’re gon na start building up on the red balls so that at some point you can turn your gotcha on when you go and take a lunch break and it can start depleting on those red balls and then the ultra and the gray balls Can start stocking up a little bit and that as far as berries go, just have your Pokemon in two gyms, with six people in each gym or just find a team gym and just go in and dump all your berries into those Pokemon. Because you can dump a hundred berries into a gym every thirty minutes, but you can only do ten per Pokemon so that’s. Why I’m saying to have it in two gyms with six players in each of the gyms so that you guys could go ahead? Dump those berries and not just delete them, I mean you could delete them if you’re trying to save maximal amount of time, but every berry contributes to 20 Stardust. So if you’re doing that over a day of grinding stops, you’re gon na have some star dust built up and then, as far as eggs go I mean. I definitely suggest that you guys try to get 10 kilomettre eggs, but there doesn’t look to be any type of Stardust boost going on.

So, as far as this goes, the one thing that I’m gon na recommend for you guys is that you’re going to want to clear out your eggs on go fest day, one because during go fest, you do get go fest eggs, which is usually two kilometre eggs. That has a very rare Pokemon pool, so you can get Chinese gibble will probably be in there. Snorlax will probably be in there if munchlax has a shiny, that’s released, it’s gon na be in there, so those two kilometer eggs are very, very beneficial with all that said guys, some of you guys may be like it sounds like I might have to spend some Money which is gon na lead us in to tip number two Music tip number two is going to be: do you have to spend money on go fast? So if you guys have been listening to my tips and your free to play player, you have been dropping your pokemon in gyms on a daily basis. You’Re getting 50 coins that’s amazing, for you guys. I hope you guys are stocked up and ready to go because just imagine if some rare raid bosses get released with the shiny for the first time, because it is a go fest from home, so we can have raids introduced into the go fest. Unlike having events in person, when there’s way too many people on cell phones in a small area that it’s gon na overload the servers and it’s gon na crash similar to what happened in go fest number one.

So rage could be a part of it. Like. I said guys you’re gon na have to clear out all of your eggs because you want to have those go fest eggs you’re also going to want to have potentially star pieces, probably in census I’m, hoping that the in census are going to go the entire time. But let’s say they don’t. That means you’re gon na have to have ten in census, so you’re gon na have to have a little bit more than that. As far as coins go for the in census, you’re gon na want to have the in census and then anything else. Super incubators, regular incubators, guys there’s a pretty good package in deep shop right now, I’m, not gon na, say, buy this right now because I don’t know for sure there could be a more specific go fest box coming in the near future, but as far as the Coins go in my opinion. I would suggest that you guys probably allocate if at all possible forty dollars to this go fest. The reason why I say that is, I want you guys to have the best experience possible. I don’t want you guys to lack out on anything if you’re a free to play player completely disregard this. You don’t have to take this advice, but if you’ve been considering spending money on pokemon gold or you do spend money on Pokemon go, I would say that you’re probably gon na want to spend at least forty dollars, because you want to max out on all your Incubators you want to have infinite amount of raid passes.

You want to be this I’m, not saying that you have to go and spend 40 right now, but what I am saying is have your account set up to be ready to spend 40. If something crazy happens with that said I’m, not trying to encourage you guys to spend money, but if you do spend money, I’m gon na say make sure to be ready to spend money, because I don’t want you guys to ever regret not getting some type of Pokemon having not as good of an experience because, honestly when you do spend money in this game, it gets you a lot more things, including more incubators. More raid passes more items more premium things you’re going to have lower modules as well, which we will check out later in this week to make sure you guys know what are going to be the premier lore module to play with during the go fest as well As during anything else, that’s going on, which is then gon na lead us in to tip number three tip number three is getting you. Where do you play for your go fest so guys if you have access through anywhere close to a downtown area, maybe like a downtown Chicago, downtown New York, depending on what city you’re in and what is able to be happening? You want to be in a more densely spawn area. I say this very often, but this is going to be even more relevant here, because it’s gon na have crazy, spawns everything’s gon na be like calm day.

If you guys have checked out any of my videos, if you haven’t, you want to check them out up here, because when I do gastly calm day I’m downtown Naperville, that spawns density is way crazier than if I’m, in the south end of Naperville or on the North end of Naperville, also, it has much more pokey stops. There are a lot more players, a lot more people contributing to the lures so guys if you are a downtown Chicago during this event or if you’ve been to go Fest before you’re in downtown Chicago. The lore modules are crazy during that time. The other thing that I have suggested in the past, if you have rare Pokemon and you have a friend that is playing 100 kilometers away from you, I may suggest that you guys save rare Pokemon such as gibble Snorlax, unknowns and things like that to trade over A hundred kilometers in order for you guys to get three candies per trade. The other thing that I’m gon na recommend, if you guys have been saving up any type of XP bonus, make sure to just go for your friendship bonuses, which is gon na, be great. Ultra and best friends just go ahead and hit those guys. So with all that said, you guys have the mapping of what’s going on. You have the people that you are communicating with that are further away that you can trade for distance. You can get potentially lucky dibbles, wherever they’re playing, especially if you’re gon na meet up, even if it’s like a week away or whatever that is, and you can also correlate with people to do lucky traits as well.

The other thing guys, if you’re, not in my discord, get my discord. Friends with people have some people that can remote raid you from overseas, because at 10 p.m. it’s just a little bit sooner. The raids are gon na stop, but other people on the other side of the world are gon na be starting to play, so they can start remote raid, inviting you if you want to be that hardcore, which is possible with all that said, guys we’re now going To go into tip number four Music tip number four is going to be right in the area that you’re gon na play it right beforehand and at the start of the event, do not catch any Pokemon that are going to be in that area. They’Re going to switch over to go fest spawns number two: do not complete any stops or research in the area, because it could potentially switch over to go fest research, guys those research tasks usually give you berries. They give you ultra balls. They potentially may even give us Pokemon, we don’t know exactly what’s entailed for go fest this time, so just do not complete it, because once you’re complete research when the event starts, it’s not gon na recycle you’ve already checked that box off. For the day, you don’t want to do that and right when the event starts. Whatever you guys plan to do, whether it’s going to be in census in masses or whether it’s going to be anything else, make sure to put your in census on and stack them for the entire day, meaning you just go in your bag.

You click a couple in a row and then it’s gon na start stacking the time up, so you do not have to come back and check it out. Ten hours is going to be the total time that we are playing. You want to make sure that you’re, Auto catcher is charged it up and then you’re also going to want to make sure that you have your portable battery pack charged up as well. We will go over all that in tomorrow’s video and then guys one more thing. What lower modules do you use during each of the times if you’re going to go ahead and use lower modules, so the Massey law is going to be tied to the grass pokemon? The magnetic lor, I would say, is going to be tied a little bit more towards the fire pokmon and the Glacial, or is going to be tied to the water type Pokemon. So during those time frames make sure to use the corresponding lore modules to be able to use them for an hour that’s going to boost response and the premium lore modules spawn Pokemon a whole lot faster than regular lore modules. I know they’re a little bit more expensive, but they’re definitely going to be worth your time and then also guys if you have not become proficient in the skip animation, quick catch trick. You guys need to do so check the video up here practice the entire week. Getting ready for it because it’s going to literally change your gameplay, if you haven’t, already mastered it, which is then gon na lead us into tip number five Music tip number five is going to be post go fest, so it officially has hit 800 p.

m. you. Guys are done, you’re spent you’re exhausted, but do not stop there guys. You want to go through your bag. I’M gon na give you the resources that I do use. You’Re gon na want to check Peavy poke to be able to see if any other Pokemon that are going on that are gon na be relevant to PvP that you may use for meta attackers as far as Raiders go and then also you’re gon na want to Use ghost Stadium that club or pokey Jeannie go Stadium, club is going to be you typing it in manually and pokey Jeannie is going to be screenshotting it or using an overlay for the Android make sure to have those apps ready to go because then you’re gon Na have to start cleaning your bag out on Saturday night to be able to go for Sunday, so you’re gon na want to see how many Pokemon you caught during that day, did you start and make a benchmark? Did you make sure you sit right down? Okay, so I have caught 50000 Pokemon on day number one I’ve caught in a thousand Pokemon because I’m now at 51000, that means you guys have had a ton of success. You’Ve got a lot of Stardust you’re gon na want to start going through all those Pokemon and deleting Pokemon that are not relevant. Anything that you didn’t, get that shiny anything that’s, not relevant for PvP and anything that’s not relevant for a meta attacker.

I will have the video coming out – probably Friday night, so make sure to stay tuned for that, besides, that guys make sure to rest, make sure to be hydrated, make sure to be in a downtown area, make sure to stay safe, make sure to be in accordance With any of the laws that are going in your area, I appreciate you guys. Thank you for tuning. In all. My life is Commons. With subscribers patreon members, everybody takes your support, subscription and participation to the next up. I’M gon na see you guys out on that. Next, video couse – I just want to take a moment and sincerely thank all of my patreon members, everybody that has taken their subscription to the next level and chosen to support me on this platform. I greatly appreciate you guys as a growing channel and really trying to grow and improve as much as I possibly can. I really appreciate the extra support you guys mean the absolute world to me.