So today, listen when i make a video i usually like to make a big package video. I don’t like to be just sitting in one place, talking the entire time and then throw it up on the channel, but i got ta do that today because there’s an announcement that’s going live right now. This is the announcement there’s announcement going going live today regarding pokemon, go fest that i need to cover because it’s so important, so big has so much new stuff in it, and a lot of things to be excited about not only for pokemon go fest, but for The weeks following pokemon go fest not only for those attending pokemon go fest, but for also the people who did not get a pass for pokemon go fest. The events following pokemon go, fest will be for everyone and they have so much fun stuff in them. So let’s talk about it: okay, so starting off with uh, basically pokemon go kind of like shared a little bit about uh. What here pokemon go fest 2020 know before you go right, just things to kind of be aware of before heading into pokemon go fest uh. We talked a little bit about this in my video yesterday a lot about this in my video yesterday, but i think there’s new stuff, new information in here so i’ll share i’ll share like the general and more newer information.

Apparently, when you buy the pass, i think either today thursday or tomorrow friday, you can potentially uh get your medal.

Uh commemorate commemorating the event that will be in tomorrow’s episode me getting my medal, it should be, and it says when you open the app during day. One right you’ll receive access to the uh. Oh we already know this. You got ta log in day, one to get the day. One quest, but you don’t have to finish it day. One and you got ta log in day two to get the day two quest, but you don’t got ta finish a day. Two. We now know what’s going on with the incense here’s what’s up incense activated during the event will last for one hour and will be better at attracting featured pokemon. So what this means is that incense will last an hour and incense spawns will happen once every 30 seconds, instead of once every minute it’s just like it did uh in my safari zone, videos for the remote safari zone, the incense works really nicely, but yes, incense Only lasts one hour now what myself and the stream did is. We went back and watched some of my older pokemon go fest videos to see how long incense has have lasted traditionally at the pokemon go fests in the past, and that has been 30 minutes. So the incense time has not been extended ever for any pokemon go fest and technically right now, having one hour, incense is two times what incense normally do or the two times the the amount of time that incense normally lasts.

So, although we’re not getting a three hour, incense like we get on community day, technically we’re still getting a two times normal, effective incense and both with spawn effectiveness and with time so one hour, long incense, with a spawn every 30 seconds. Trust me. I too would also rather have three hour long incense, but it is what it is. Remember that there’s gon na be five rotating habitats, grass, fire water, friendship and battle. They rotate every single hour that happens specifically on your incense pokemon. Go states that, if you are currently below level 10, be sure to get to level 10 prior to the event. In order to maximize your experience, it takes 15 minutes to get the level 10.. You can do it right if you’re below level 10 grind it out. You got this there’s, also the print at home kit. Basically, pokemon go um there’s things that you could print at home to like make like gifs and like kind of stuff to like, like festive festive decorative items. Also, remember that there’s, the virtual team lounge uh, that announcement went live. I don’t know if we talked about that on the channel, so the virtual team lounge is an online space. That’Ll feature a ton of exclusive pokemon, go fest content and more similar to a team. Lounge at traditional pokemon go fest events. This space will provide trainers worldwide, a place to chill uh when they’re, taking a break from playing so what’s in the team, lounge enjoy exclusive pokemon, go fest, video content and, more rest, your catching arm and watch some videos, together with your fellow trainers, also stay in The loop of what the latest event happenings with the latest event happenings so essentially, i i think i think what it is i’ve been using this example clash.

Royale has this thing called clash: royale tv inside the app of clash, royale clash. Royale is a popular mobile game, so, while you’re playing in the mobile game of clash royale, you can it’s about battling right, you can stop doing battles and then you can go to clash. Royale tv, which is just another part of the application where you can watch youtube videos and live streams and events and check social media posts, basically just showing everything and anything about clash, royale uh clash, royale, esports and, and you know, youtubers get like featured in that Space like that’s, what clash royale tv is i’m gon na assume that that’s, what the team lounge is it’s a place inside of the game of pokemon go while you’re inside the app where you can go uh to be able to watch and see content real relating To and regarding pokemon go, which, i think is super sick, so that’s, what that is, i don’t think i talked about that on the channel. Yet also there will be uh there’s gon na be pokemon, go fest, avatar items in the shop starting uh today at two o’clock p.m. Now let’s talk about the big thing. The ultra unlock remember every year for pokemon, go fest there’s, always an ultra unlock, which it unlocks a bunch of awesome, new fun exclusive things for everyone in the world, not just people who went to pokemon go fest. So what will the ultra unlock be for? Pokemon? Go fest 2020, oh it’s, gon na be awesome so essentially throughout day one of pokemon go fest.

Trainers will have to complete 32 global challenges in the global challenge arena. Every eight challenges that are collectively completed will unlock one additional ultra unlock event week, which can amount to up to a total of three weeks worth of events. So now, if you’re going to pokemon, go fest grind out the global challenge. Research, please, we got you’ll see in a second. We got ta unlock this stuff, it’s big, all right so week, one dragon week week, two enigma week week, three unova week, yeah i’m excited all right. Let’S talk about week, one dragon week, yo this this. This is like bruh if we only complete eight out of the 32 and only unlock week, one i’ll be pissed, but i won’t be that pissed here’s. Why so from friday? This is assuming that we complete the quests and we unlock dragon week friday july 31st. At 1, o’clock p.m until friday august 7th at 1 o’clock p.m. This is a full week in the wild. You can expect to see more alolan executor, horsey, dratini, trappish, swablu and bagon, and if you’re lucky, you could maybe find more gibble spawns in the wild. All of those pokemon can be shiny. I don’t have shiny alolan executor. I need that and i don’t have shiny gibbel. So if i don’t get that at gofest for some reason i got ta get it then also out of the seven kilometer eggs you can expect. Horsey dratini, trappish, swablu and bagon also gibble and dino, will be hatching from 7km eggs, but only if you’re lucky, which kind of sucks, because that’s going to be, though that’s to be hard to find, and it sucks even more but it’s even better.

Give me a second and coming back to five star raids. Is the one the only the amazing the black shiny, rayquaza? Yes, rayquaza is finally coming back to raids, oh my god. Finally, coming back to raids in pokemon go during this entire week and we’ve got remote raiding happening, pokemon go so you know i’m about to do like a five billion raids. I had to make up that number that word to categorize the amount of raids, i’m gon na actually raid. None of that sentence made sense and that’s pure excitement. Ladies and gentlemen, also complete the time to research this week. There will be time to research during the week uh for a chance to encounter not one but two dino. The time to research will be available from friday july 31st, at 1 pm to friday august 7th at 1 pm, which means you don’t have to well it’s time to research. So you got to like complete it within that week. Um and you can get an encounter with two dino now. Why is that cool? Well, dino, obviously, is super rare. I don’t have my hydrogon like that’s, a very rare pokemon, it’s, really really rare candy, but even better. If you’re lucky, you might get shiny dino. Yes, shiny dino week, one is coming out during the dragon event. So not only do we have super duper, rare dragon type pokemon spawning in the wild, including dibble, all of which could be shiny.

Not only do we have rakwaza the most sought after shiny legendary in pokemon, go i’d say that mewtwo uh raquaza coming back to raids, but we also have one of the rarest pokemon in pokemon go dino. The shiny variant is coming out so week. One is gon na be freaking insane, so that is ultra unlock week. One dragon week, let’s talk about ultra unlock week, two the enigma week now in order to unlock the enigma week, challenge or uh event. We need to complete 16 global challenges out of 32. from friday august, 7th at 1 pm until friday august 14th at 1 pm here’s what’s going down this. This is also massive in the wild. You can expect to find more staryu, jigglypuff clefairy, lunatone soul, rock baltoy bronzor and lgm lgm lgm i’m, saying lgm and seven kilometer eggs. You can expect cleffa iglebuff, lunatone soul, rock and alligame don’t have shiny soul rock me i’m, assuming this isn’t. They didn’t specify that this was region specific um, so i i think anywhere in the world that you are, you can get both lunatone and soul rock from the ace, but that might change but that’s my understanding so far in raids. This is huge it’s. The first time ever and people who do not have unknown you’re going to love this in raids, you will be able to find bronzong clay, doll, uh bronzong. They said it twice: elgin and unknown t r, a yes unknown.

U l, t r a are coming to raids in pokemon, go for everyone, so if you’ve never found an unknown ever in your pokemon go history, which is almost everyone unless you spoof, unless you use radars or unless you go to events there’s, they just don’t spawn. They do spawn but they’re so rare yeah. I have played for all four years: i’ve never stopped playing and i’ve never once seen an unknown spawn outside of an event. They are super rare. I know jt gilly found one earlier into the game and that video is incredible, so he he got one legit, which is like wild um but yeah, so ultra unknowns, ultra in raids and the five star rain will be deoxys. And yes, if you’re lucky, you might encounter shiny deoxys, shiny deoxys, coming to pokemon, go for the first time ever in the game’s history, so that’s massive, they don’t, specify which form deoxys is coming out um and it might just be all of them just just kind Of popping around raids and all of them can be shiny, i’m, not really sure, but shiny deoxys come to pokemon go assuming that we unlocked this week. So this is a big one, so that’s, sick and speaking of new shinies coming out during this update event, a brand new shiny, shiny, staryu, coming out here in pokemon, go for the first time ever shiny star. You is a gorgeous shiny. In my opinion, it’s uh one of the most sought after and hunted shinies in pokemon, sword and shield isle of armor.

I hunted it and i got it in 67 – encounters because i’m, a freaking boss when it comes to hunting shinies. So that was a great moment in the live streams but that’s coming out as well. So massive massive massive ultra unlock we two week, two enigma week, what’s poppin in the final of the ultra unlocks ultra unlock week 3 unova week. In order to unlock this, we trainers of go. Fest must complete 24 challenges from friday august 14th at 1, o’clock p.m, till friday, august 21st at 1, o’clock p.m, here’s what’s, going down in the wild and hatching from seven kilometer eggs. You can expect sea wattle, cottony and other pokemon originally discovered in the unova region and if you’re lucky, you might find an imolga. Yes, so sea wattle against seawater, cottony and a molga coming to pokemon go for the first time ever. We’Ve got brand new unova pokemon. Here finally, we’ve got a batch of new pokemon it’s kind of been a minute, so that’s super awesome and that’s, not it buffalons will be appearing in the wild and hatching from seven kilometer eggs in new york, city, usa and surrounding areas buffalont is is now now. Listen, i don’t know if buffalon is going to be a region it’s if it’s coming out as a new regional pokemon or for whatever reason, people in new york city just get buffalont first. But what i’m going to assume is that buffalont is a new york city and surrounding areas specific regional pokemon.

This is kind of one of the. This is one of the first ever regionals that we’ve seen uh only given or only available to catch in a certain city right, usually the regionals are kind of like regionally across different countries or across different borders. Um, you know or different hemispheres right. Never has it been just one specific city, so it looks like if this is the case. This is the first ever city, specific regional, pokemon pokemon go unless there’s another one. That i’m not aware of. Let me know in the comments if there is, but to my understanding this is like first ever city specific, also rogen, rolla and other pokemon, originally discovered in the unova region will be available in raids. So, yes, rock and roll is coming out, eh. Also, the five star, legendary raid boss will be jennifer and if you’re lucky, you might find shiny, genesect yeah, i got ta, let oh my gosh. Actually, i actually didn’t know that until reading that right now, i guess i didn’t read this this thoroughly enough shiny genesect is coming to pokemon go week. Three. This is what week one shining rayquaza comes back week: two first ever shiny deoxys week, three first ever shiny genocide, that’s massive, also speaking of news shinies in pokemon go week three, if you’re lucky, you might find shiny, rogan rolla, yes, shiny, rock and roller coming to Pokemon go for the first time ever that is happening and that’s massive funny enough.

Actually, uh, shiny rock and roll was one of the first ever shinies that i got in pokemon sword and shield. As i was doing my pseudo wudo hunt, i accidentally encountered a random grass spawn and it turned out to be a near full odds, shiny rock and rolla. So i have a funny memory with with that one but that’s coming out shiny rock and rollers, so so that’s what’s happening during the week one week two and week. Three and again, let me just reiterate the bigger things week: one a bunch of shiny potential dragon spawns will be happening in the wild and in seven kilometer eggs, including gibbel, and including dino, which is making a shiny debut for the first time ever coming out of Seven kilometer eggs, it’s kind of like ryolu, so it’s gon na be kind of a pain to get the shiny. But if you grind, you maybe will get it. Also. Requasi is coming back to five star raids that week, so shiny rayquaza is available again and it’s. Good to note that with dyno, if you complete the entire research that happens during that week, you get two encounters with dino it’s that’s, two chances to get shiny dino without having to hatch eggs week two enigma week, you’ll get pokemon in eggs and in the wild. Like star you jiggly puff clefairy lunatone soul, rock baltoy, bronzor, uh, klepha, iggly buff, those guys seems like sorok and lunatone will be coming out of seven kilometer eggs, regardless of where you are in the world.

Lgm is coming to pokemon, go for the first time ever raids will include ultra unknown for the first time ever, deoxys will be coming back to raids and it will be shiny and staryu is coming out shiny. During this event, as well and then week, three unova week, brand new pokemon, like sea, water, cottony and others coming in seven kilometer, eggs and in the wild also amolga, is coming out in pokemon. Go for the first time ever. Buffalont is releasing in pokemon, go specifically in the new york and surrounding areas. Region, rock and rolla, and other pokemon from unova will be available in raids. Genesect is coming out shiny in five star raids and shiny rock and roller is coming out uh. With the release of roman roger rolla, so that that all is going down, that’s what’s happening, assuming that we trainers us noble, glorious trainers at pokemon go fest are able to complete this research to unlock week. One week, two and week three week week, three i’m freaking excited. This is massive news. If you’re excited in the comments, what are you most looking forward to when it comes to week? One week two and week three rewards. Let me know if you’re hanging out for pokemon go fest and tonight actually on twitch i’m doing a live stream with it’s myself it’s reversal, holly zoe, nick uh trainer tips we’re all sitting down and at like a round table video conference call talking about how we’re Preparing for pokemon go fest and uh talking we’re over all of the most recent news.

So if you want to come, hang out and watch that happen, link for my twitch channel live we’ll link for the twitch. In the description we should be live around 4 pm.