So a lot of the images are going to be by leak duck and i will be leaving a link in the description so taking a look at the tasks that you will be getting, as you can see here, take a snapshot of your buddy for 10. Incense use an instant for 200 great balls, catch 20, fire type pokemon for charizard catch 20; water tight for blastoise, catch 20 grass for venusaur and battle, two raids for gibbel and then make a new friend so delete. Somebody read them if you can’t do so or if your friends list is full or something and then you’re going to be getting a lot of xp and a lucky egg. Now, for the spawns that are going to be appearing for everybody once go, fest does start in your area. Local time you have the alolan grimer, the alolan marowak, which can be shiny, folks let’s go. Then you have chansey gertini togetic chai mecca, which is going to grant you more stardust, olamola uh, pharaoh seed and litwick, so stack those litwick, candies let’s get it folks. This is crazy stuff. So this video i’m just throwing it together just to get that information out to you guys here general spawns for gofest ticket holders, and it appears that more reports of different pokemon are pouring in.

So things might change in the future. But for now we can see these all of the kanto starters, with the hat. Of course, you can’t evolve them pikachu, jigglypuff, alolan, grimer, alolan, exeggutor, chansey, eevee, dratini and chimcha, which i still need that shiny, togetig, unknown witch folks is now available.

Shiny xangoose survipor in chimecho so get yourself ready to catch and turn on a star piece. Let’S get that dust and let’s get those shiny, so we have unknown spelling, go which will be really shiny and then rotom appearing in photo bombs. Folks, awesome so, unfortunately, there’s not gon na be any special tricks with it uh, not even really an evolution, just the regular form so simple as that just gon na photobomb and you will be able to catch this thing. It’S cp does come at a pretty high range we’ve been over the stats and the moves, but we’ll just have to get into that later on for now i’m just going to be bringing you the news, so get ready for that rod on to photo bomb and Then, for the fire habitat we have charmander with the go fest hat, which can be shiny, charizard, which they did say will be only spawning off of incense. Then you have vulpix growlithe ponyta alolan marowak, which is so cool that it can spawn on the shiny, uh, magmar flareon houndour chikorita, normal tepig, darumaka litwick and heatmore shiny release. Folks heat more shine at release go fest.

This year is not messing around. This is going to be some good stuff, so darumaka is not going to be a bad fire type. Maybe if you want to get yourself a good iv for the 10 pick for that community day, one day, nothing to be announced yet hold on to that and, of course, don’t forget to tap on those alola wax because they can be shiny and well a lot Of us still need that, i think i have mine.

Yes, i got one back, i traded it off, but now i have another one or actually, i think i gave it up for skarmy, so it looks like i’m gon na be hunting. Those as well as the hound, dooms and growlithe awesome now looking at the water habitat we have squirtle with the hat of course, give me shiny, poliwag shiny i’m, not going to name off everything: a big shitty, so tentacool uh, slowpoke magikarp, jim chow, quillfish mudkip, carvana Clan pearl oshawott, timepool and olamola, so there you have it now. We can go ahead and look over the chinese here. So we have of course chinchou which i absolutely want. As a shiny form. I mean it. Doesn’T really look too much different, but hey so chinchou is awesome, but if you’re looking at quill fish like whoa poke quill fish that’s a new shiny, yes, it is folks. Let’S go like i said: they’re, not joking around this year for go fest, which they shouldn’t be.

This is a good opportunity to have everybody have fun and enjoy it for the first time, if they’re not able to travel for the grass habitat, we have bubble, source shiny venusaur again has to be off the incense oddish execute exeggutor alolan tangela, which is a new Shiny introduced, it’s a bright green, very excited for that one as well: sun, kern, trico, c dot, cherum, sunny and cloudy snover and then leafeon, which is pretty awesome, that’s, uh, interesting there snivy fungus and pharaoh seed.

So i am so glad i just deleted a bunch of shinies and wow. It feels great i’m gon na be hunting for that tangela hardcore. We want that one guys let’s go i’m, not gon na say pretty much. Anybody with a ticket is gon na get one, but if you’re you know, have your incense going you’re gon na be able to get one in wow. Those great ball rewards for just turning on an incense let’s, get it that’s. What i’m talking about that’s a go! Fest right there now taking a look at the battle habitat very interesting. Take a look at that image there to the side of what it will look like when the event is going on uh. So we have machop grimer skarmory slack off sable eye meditate swablu xangoose surviper gibble let’s go let’s, get those chinese folks let’s get those shinies krogunk, which i’m very excited to get my shiny for that. I still haven’t have one of those uh stunfisk and durant, which durant has been released, shiny, and we are looking at another image over here on cerebe, which may contain a few extra pokemon.

I think the only one is going to be sneasel, which also can be shiny. Like i said, this is all being updated real time. So by the time you watch this, it might have a few more extra ones, but i think this is going to be probably it for now, but i’m excited for this one because of that logo.

Does that mean we’re gon na be able to do unlimited battles during that time? We’Ll have to see, but let’s see out of these ones. Here, oh, what come on gibbel. I know you guys want the kibble. I personally want the gimbal durant and the krogunk everything else i don’t i mean i would like a shiny skarmy. I have one i traded, but i would like to catch one myself. Otherwise, gibble time is kibble time all right, so moving it on to the friendship habitat. I was about to say the friendship hammer time all right, so we have pikachu chansey eevee snorlax, which has not been reported: shiny, merrell, sudowoodo, wabafette, mantine, rosalia, phibas and wubat. So out of this batch, the new shiny is going to be wubat. We will be taking a look at all those shinies at the end, as well as the collective. So you understand exactly what to expect here. So for this one um i mean woobat, i think i’m going to be going for wubat all right right. Anything else is okay. Also, jigglypuff is going to be in that shiny list as well, seven kilometer eggs.

We did make an entire video for this. In our last video, as well as deleting shiny stem, make space mostly community days, okay, we’re not trying to flex we’re just trying to let go because you don’t need to hold on to all those community day, shinies. So very nice, good luck on those shiny rails and then for the general spot for the go fest ticket holders.

We have the kanto pokemon with the hat. The starters. Of course, the pikachu, the jigglypuff alolan grimer lowland exeggutor chansey eevee giartini chinchow, and i had to go back and check. I think i was saying chimchao so togetic unknown, which can be shiny, spelt and go zangoose, survivor and chimecho folks. So there you have it. This is getting pretty exciting here now, taking a look at the shiny releases. Of course we have the kanto starters with the go fest hat signature hat there, tangela shiny green, the unknown spelt and go quill fish in that bright, pink and then tangrowth. Maintaining that green. As the tangrowth from tangela wubat is going to be pretty interesting, as you can see, it’s evolution there heatmore and durant oof that her heat, more shiny, looks fresh. I really like it. Durant is um, awesome, it’s, one of my favorite pokemon, the shiny, but nonetheless it’s still something uh so which ones do i want the most out of all these i’m gon na have to say the quillfish, the tangala heatmore and durant wubat, and then the unknowns in That order uh the kanto starters.

I don’t i honestly i’m, not a fan of the pokemon with hats. I know a lot of collectors out there like to do that. But personally for me, it’s just like space i’ll keep one of each. I guess, but nonetheless doesn’t matter let’s focus on the good stuff here, so they are going all out.

This is awesome so far like i said no reports of shiny snorlax and there may be more shinies on the way that have been reported. This video is just uh, not catching it anyways guys. This is getting pretty exciting here, make sure you have plenty of space in your inventory if it hasn’t started in your area, clean out your bag and get ready and there’s the shiny durant. There was a lot of question whether or not that was actually out or not, and i asked on twitter and i was given an answer as well as images so for sure. The habitat that i’m most excited for simple is gon na, be the battle habitat, because i want that crow gunk that gibble, as well as durant, all right and there’s.