. I call and elton calls we all got pretty reasonable hands and the flop comes ace, eight seven. So we all flop something jason, kuhn, really flops something because he has a straight flush, draw and elton checks: jason, coon checks, now kun’s check’s a little funny i’m guessing he thinks paul either paul or i or both bet a little too often and that’s. Probably why he’s checking – and i guess he got me this time – because it looks like i’m betting – it that’s not going to work out well, so i make a pretty small bet. Just over a third of the pot. Elton has a pear and a back door. Flush draw so him hanging on here or doing something seems reasonable. Just calls all right now in jason, kuhn’s spot Music feels like a pretty straightforward, raise it almost every time and he does that pretty small radius, but he doesn’t. Now, if he had made a bit bigger raise, i think i probably would have considered folding with elton behind me, but then again, elton’s not going to have me, beat all that often and just be calling the 24k. So i don’t remember what i did here. I think i remember a call but i’m, not sure and uh it’s, only 76, more there’s 212 in the pot, so it’s easy for, like elton, have a gut, shot and coon to have you know a fluster or something and if that’s the case, even though i’m Gon na get pushed off my hand a lot of times when it’s best i’m still happy to call at the price i’d be getting in position but yeah.

I guess this time i don’t do that and i fold and i know elton calls because i remember this hand gets crazy on the turn. Oh, i didn’t remember that part. I guess it gets crazy on the flop and real crazy on the turn. So elton’s three bet here on the flop is ambitious on a whole bunch of levels he’s, you know trying to represent like a set or the nut flush drawer or something like that, and he could have it. He does play tricky a bit. Yeah it’s, just very ambitious and now in coon spot. I think i’ve a lot of times. We believe elton had it. Sometimes i might go for it and shove. He does have like a very good stack to shove, but i would basically think elton had it a lot of the time now, on the turn, this hand’s, pretty straightforward and elton should just win the hand he turned to flush draw. He should shove his 930k. He got one of the best turns in the deck for him other than a king or a seven, and even a king or seven you know coon could have two pairs set. So the queen of diamonds is a pretty amazing turn. You should just shove 930k. In the hands over instead, he does something really goofy. I think he bets about 400 or 500.. I really can’t really put him on a hand. It just seems like we called a bet, got checked raised by pre flop, razor and then re raised to 300 thousand.

So he’s gon na bit, he’s gon na bet a lot he’s just gon na shove him all in okay, shoved in ‘0, 000. he’s got 540 000 behind a half hot bet. Jason coons got so many outs, but he’s only got 30 now, and that gives jason cooney price to call and then the river. I think it was a four it’s, a four or nine. You know the river is something that hits jason coon straight that’s all right. Whatever i finished a hand saw so he checks, he gives up jason kuhn’s gon na shove very few hands. He actually beats here. I guess ten, nine of hearts and king ten of hearts jack, ten hearts if that’s assuming they played the hand this way as well. He really wants to make a hero called pair of sevens, but it won’t, be it won’t, be good Music, because if jason coon had a hand like king queen of hearts, he’d probably just check it back because usually he’s up against two hearts himself.