This is uri for guerrilla poker in this video i’m going to show you guys all sorts of crazy bluffs i’ve made over the past year or so and break down. My thought process hope you guys enjoy it and take something away from it and let’s get into the hints. So uh this first hand is a bit silly i’m in race, and i get an ace ace kingboard and one of the things about short stacked play is that when i race very often if the other player has any ace he’s going to shove, pre flop uh, Just for fall equity, so when it comes ace king, this is my board literally. I can push the other guy around and he probably has to fold an insane amount of the time so i’m going to bet everything in my range and no need to bet big, because if i have an ace or a king he’s, basically drawing almost dead with Everything so i bet i got a call, turns the king and donk that half pot – and here this is a point where i was pausing to think and i’m. Like you know, things in poker have to make sense, and very often when something doesn’t make sense for value that’s, because it’s a bluff, the king pairs, the board, but the board is completely static and it doesn’t really change relative hand. Strengths. If i had an ace – and he had a king he’s still losing if he had a king – and i didn’t have an ace he’s still winning other than that, if he has an ace or a king, surely he doesn’t need any form of protection, so it it Feels really weird for this donk bet to actually be an acer king or some players do play like that, but uh, but for more experienced guys there is no thought process that leads to you, donk betting, holding an ace acer king, which leaves me thinking this.

Guy probably has some sort of bluff, so if he has a bluff, i have a three of hearts. What should i do? What’S the maxi v play. Imagine that we see the other guy’s cards and he has a bluff, but we don’t know. Maybe he has 9 3. So what i decided to do is call, but this is what i like to call an aggressive call, because i’m, calling with the intention of raising him later on the idea is because i think he’s, bluffing and he’s unlikely to go all in on the river. I get to pick up this extra river bet. 30 can go, buy myself, a nice lunch or dinner somewhere. So i get eight seven of diamonds. On the button very nice hand, uh cut off raises to 25 dollars. I decide to three bet. This is a hand that i will sometimes three bet and sometimes call, and there are a lot of factors that go into it, but but generally both are fine. I get called and board comes ace, five deuce two tone and villain checks, because the board has an ace and two low cards and i three bet i’m going to have a region of like kings, queens, jacks, tens, nines type of hands they’re like strong. In terms of their overall equity, but they have very poor, playability they’re kind of sandwiched in the middle, like they can’t, really get value, they’re bad as bluff catchers. So a lot of playing this board is making sure that your over pairs are not completely isolated.

All by themselves, in a range so a beginning player, might check back kings through nines and bet a bunch of other stuff, and if you do that, and anyone realizes that’s what you’re doing you leave yourself very, very vulnerable. What i want to do is be more tricky, with my ranges: i’m always going to put kind of tricky hands in tricky situations, and because this is a board where i have all those over pairs. I’M, not going to want to necessarily just bet everything, because those hands don’t benefit very much from betting. So here i decide to check back my flash draw and when you see the flash draw, imagine that this is checking back with some aces some over pairs. Various types of hands it turns the seven of hearts villain bets and i’m gon na call river six of clubs. He backs again and i decide to go all in now. There are a few ideas behind this play. I i will say that whenever you make these kind of crazy, looking bluff, races, it’s nice to have a hand that has something to do with the situation. The really nice thing about having eight seven of diamonds specifically, is that any strategy he chooses i’m removing pocket sevens from his range and i’m removing one combo of eight nine suited from his range so i’m removing four of the hands in his range. That would always call this shove and four combos is a lot in this situation.

When you think about how many hands this villain have, it will always call this i’m, even removing a7 suited, like one combo of a7 suited so five combos. So the fact that i remove five combos that are always calling the shove is gon na make this probably a very, very profitable. All in and the question is, you know, maybe you’re better off just calling i don’t know, but this hand has really nice properties for shoving. I think once you look into a call, the properties are not as sexy, so i hope to shop and get the fault as far as wall type of hands. I could have her value, certainly something like sevens pocket aces. Eight nine suited of my own, maybe a6 suited or a7 suited, okay, so last hand. This gets raised from the cutoff. I decide to make uh what i consider a very loose three bet. I don’t remember what prompted me to three bet this hand, but but usually i’m i’m calling or falling with fives get called board is three for a two tone on this board. Both players have a lot of hands with a ton of equity and fives is in an awkward spot, no matter what you do if multiple bets go in things are gon na look ugly for you, so there are various ways to play this hand. I think batting is fine and checking is fine as long as you come to terms with the fact that if the other guy puts money in it’s going to get ugly and you’re, probably gon na have to fold in these situations, i often choose to go with A more aggressive option.

The idea with this bet is i’m, probably gon na bet once and try to show the hand down but, like i said, if the other guy puts a lot of money in uh fives is, is going far away. So i bet face a min, raise kind of a funny sizing choice because it’s very very difficult to me to find any hands that are folding to the min race it’s a bit of an action freezer for some people, where, if i have something like king queen Or ace queen or ace king or pocket sevens i’m, just gon na call and turn and check the turn, and maybe he gets to show down a bit cheap, so it’s important to play back against this with various draws and over pairs. But i think fives will just call turns the nine of diamonds uh. It goes check check. Obviously, i’m gon na check fold fives. I think fives at this point, in the hand, is basically a pair of napkins it’s gon na be very hard to win so river. Six of diamonds – and here like i said because fives feels very, very weak um. I was trying to think if this is a spot where i should bluff with pocket fives. If i had a flush draw, i would probably have shoved the flop or three bet the flop quite often versus a min race. But i could still have some ace king ace, queen king, queen ace jack with one diamond the issue for me here, and this is what i was thinking during the hand is that i also have all those combos with no diamonds and because he min raised.

I can’t i wouldn’t have folded any of those, so i actually have quite a lot of bluffing candidates here and actually so many bluffing candidates that i was a bit afraid that if i make some sort of big bet, which is what i should be making, if I have a high diamond – i just get called by a hand like uh, seven, eight of hearts or ten, nine of hearts or ten iron of clubs uh, because my range has so many. You know queen jack of spades, like so queen, jack of clubs, jack 10. All these hands that had to float the flop min raise because it was so small uh. So, for this reason i decided to check fives and hope that maybe villain has ace3 or ace four and then he bet 365, and here i started thinking what kind of high flushes is he going to have because generally, when you have a nut flush, draw type Of hand on this board, you don’t mind raise so i don’t think he had the nut flush draw on the flop or a high flush draw it’s a lot more natural to raise bigger with those hands uh. What about a one diamond hand? Well, if he min raised with a high one diamond hand – and he got the diamond turn – i think a lot of people would have just gone with a hand in between on a turn, i was pretty perplexed.

Looking at this i’m, like you know, of course everything i’m i’m saying could be wrong. Nothing here is is rocket science, but i don’t think he’s very often going to have a flush. What is he going to have uh? You know? Maybe he has some low pair. Maybe has deuces five sevens ace. Three, seven, eight uh. I could see any of those hands turning themselves into a bluff or right, like min, raise flop with pocket. Sevens turn goes check check and then you look here at the river and he’s like i’m. Never winning and just bluff, and i i was a bit afraid of calling the river, because i thought i might run into some better pair, even six, seven of hearts or something it turned into a bluff. Once in a while, while i had a really strong feeling, he’d never really have a flush, not to mention if he somehow does have a flush and it’s, not the nut flush. Maybe he follows it to the shop because really guys who bluffs like this right so go all in and get the fault good result ship the pot so hope you guys enjoyed watching the crazy bluff hands. I tried to select the more interesting hands i’ve played over the past year, or so these are all kind of unique, interesting situations. I didn’t pick the more standard bluffs. Of course, there are a million standard bluff spots, but i thought these hands were pretty cool and and pretty interesting.

If people make mistakes, you want to take advantage of them, whether you have eight three of hearts or pocket fives or whether you have the eight seven of diamond, perfect blocker hand you want to do it in all of those spots, not just wait and wait and Wait and feel handcuffed because your cards don’t suit. The situation hope you guys enjoyed the video please like and subscribe to.