Hopefully you bring some drunken dude let’s, stop something good here, gary scary, i don’t think we need to be too scared of diablo. King is gui gon na seep. It yeah, oh fuck. Oh, this is good. He could have eight, maybe but okay, but i could both bit of it. I don’t think i’m gon na bet. Imagine he raises forward. Nobody that’s, like somebody is lying nein, no yeah, assumi chop. Imagine his quads! Oh my god! Oh my god. No way way what a bluff asus – oh, my god, uh okay, okay, i’m gon na race. I guess thank you for the ready to adjust this. Oh, my god, that’s crazy, like lemon how bad it is. Uh we’re just going to bed again, but even in days of diamonds, it’s. So disgusting, if you made, i guess, he’s thinking about calling. I know i showed that, oh, my god are. We like cheap, leading, almost we’re, pretty much cheap, leading, i guess i’m gon na base. Get it in again from wind on a7 is not the best time, but should be good here. Come on gold, Music, big spot on eft for the bus out as well. For the bus out as well, okay, okay, no queen nice – is no good game. Right, wait! A good game! There is no good luck, there’s! No good luck! Emote! Yes, okay! Let’S find another bust out, michael schwarz, with the call with laptop i’m just betting, though it’s, actually a pretty decent board right, pretty wet he’s going to get it in how the fuck does.

If king could have clubs bolts. Oh, my god hold how the fuck did you think that of clubs we fucked up said hold no queen come on don’t. Do it no eight? No! No, then, is it a ten it’s, a ten? Yes, i thought it was a queen or an eight first let’s. Go i mean he is open, super wide right. I guess we flat, or do we just re race and get him out. I mean i guess i got ta run this right now. Music. Do you mean that this is probably gon na be dead money? Quite often thanks, if oh, my god, he calls yeah. This is not great yeah. I see it’s, not very good, it’s, still just probably not going to get too many faults, though oh then oh man, imagine imagine i guess i’m checking never get pulled. Maybe, and now i actually survive – probably probably oh wait a minute – oh my god! Oh my god! What i should have left. I guess! Oh, my god, what what even overcalls then i guess he like has to what the fuck! Good luck! Good! Luck! Good! Luck! Good! Luck, look 94 against a3 we’re almost slipping. Can we do it? Can we do it stay alive? I was gon na, say 10, but it’s, not good. Nine or four we’re live we’re live for life. We’Re live for life for life. Good luck with the ace deuce! Here somebody gon na get it in against us.

Oh, are they gon na work together? Uh? I guess i might still bet, though Music. I guess we get it dinner because, like the night of queensland, Music doesn’t have to be very often all right, mainly gon na have a jackpot. Okay, if he ever has that and Music. I guess he goes. Doesn’T really hope he has queen 10 or 10 nine. He has queen 10 kills. That would be so sick don’t be so sick. Oh, i thought it was a hold bruno bolton just busting everybody. Let me quickly take a Music screenshot of that and a picture for the update, damn damn damn that would have been sick. They wouldn’t stick. I don’t know i’m happy without playing it. I still hate. Let me hold him.