First, questions coming from taylor rooks at bluetooth report: hey dave! So how much? If any, is your finger affecting your blood? Obviously it’s, you know i dislocated it so it’s gon na have some effect on like ball handling, i think um. Tonight, the biggest thing i felt was just you know, going going up the shoot when i was gathering the ball uh. You know it was just uncomfortable. Sometimes i would subconsciously try to like ease up on it, so i would lose the ball a little bit when i’m making moves. I would just in the middle of my dribble. Sometimes i would ease up on it because i could feel the pain and i would lose the ball a little bit and you know kind of stop me in my trucks but um. You know i did as much treatment as i could and um. You know. I tried to try to just ignore it, but you know once you decide to step out there, you know it is what it is. You just got ta you got ta, go out there and do what you got. Ta do um, you know and that’s what i tried to do next next question is coming from jason, with the athletic you being so close to nerve i’m curious what’s, your kind of reading off of him through this series and what you’re seeing from him and what You guys can do to get him going um i mean we asking a lot of them.

You know they got a lot going on on the perimeter. Um, you know, he’s active, you know they crash the grab. The glass really hard um, so he he’s got his work cut out on the glass we asking him to set screens and dive. We ask him to make plays in the middle um. You know he’s, switching, sometimes and guarding smaller guys. I mean we we’re asking him to do a lot. You know for somebody who hasn’t played in over a year to come back and be playing as often as we play. You know, i’m sure it takes a toll on them physically and mentally um. You know, but i think uh one thing we could do is you know, try to exploit some more of those matchups. You know when we get switches and he’s going down to the block, just to give him a chance to go down there and play against a smaller matchup. You know that way. He maybe he’s feeling a little bit better about himself. Next question is coming from dwight james, with nbc sports northwest. Damn you guys had trouble making shots in the fourth quarter. Do you have any idea? Why um i mean i don’t know i think uh we just missed um. You know i rose up and took shots that i always take and they didn’t go in. You know maybe just wasn’t our night to make those shots. You know i thought we, the effort was there, the aggressiveness was there.

We just didn’t make the shots that we needed to make is the factor i mean, possibly i wouldn’t say it’s, like the ultimate like the biggest factor. I wouldn’t say it was the only reason for it. You know, i think they they play good defense. You got to give them some credit um, you know. Maybe we were a little bit tired. You know whatever we just didn’t make shots. I think that’s what it comes down to sometimes you’re tired and you still make shots. Sometimes you don’t uh tonight we just didn’t make shows next question is coming from casey old, amy in general. What would you say? The difference was for you guys in the second half, and how do you think you guys did dealing with uh with the officiating, particularly the discrepancy in the number of free throws? I mean you know we. The discrepancy in free throws is something that’s out of our control. You know we just we want to last game, we came out, they played a really physical game, they played a really aggressive game and that led to a blowout victory for them, and tonight we came in saying we wasn’t going to get bullied and you know let Them out physical and all the aggressive us and um you know, maybe sometimes we did foul, but you know they’re a physical team as well. So you know when the team is living at the free throw line like they did tonight as a team it’s going to be hard to to win a game against a team that’s as good as they are next question is coming from jason james.

How would you describe where you are at emotionally i’m? Fine, i mean two to one series. You got ta win the game. I mean i’ve, been in worse situations in the series, so um two to one going into game. Four. We just got ta. We got ta get the next game. You know we get the next one and it’s a tie series and you know that’s that’s perfectly fine with me, but emotionally i’m fine. I would have loved to have the game tonight um, but we didn’t get it. So we got ta, we got ta go into the next one. You know maybe try to make a few adjustments coming here with that the same confidence that we had tonight, the same mentality we had tonight and try to get another win, and once we do that, you know, i think they feel a little bit more pressure.