Carmelo gave him the head fake and lebron didn’t even bite three lebron, what a start for the lakers time out portland make them think about what kind of a deficit they’re in and lebron capping off this rally with that long triple now, it’s 15 to four! But it is not a 100 lillard when he tries to gather the basketball to shoot aggressive, a.d counted long lead ahead of the pack. There is mcgee and he scores as he beats the blazers down. On the other end number one shot blocker in the league, hassan whiteside, at the other end blocked by james. He set him up perfectly for that one. He didn’t even have to run him down cross court to the wide open, kyle kuzma. You can see lebron setting him up for the yeah wide open. On the other side, sound good, here’s, lebron lebron, going down the middle, a good kick to marquee they’re, just knocking them down. Darko was sandwiched in between those two superstars lebron gary trents on him pulls up for three got him. You think he’s got it. Entry by markeith morris bounce, nearly stolen by jr, now jr does take it away. Markieff lebron here he goes one two reverse score on james running downhill, mishandled by carmelo here comes lebron, look out be in the lakers, then they’re gon na have to adjust the way they’re trapping because they’re, giving up way too many easy hoops. Lebron turns the defense wasn’t there, the lob, the finish by dwight.

Another look at lebron, changing his mind, throw it up to the three point line, just throw it there to dwight for the easy deuce. You gamble there: trent you’re gon na pay, danny green wanders into the lane, lakers, with six to shoot ac down the middle to score that’s good caruso 14, which is now down to six lebron on the right wing caruso for three yes, sir lakers lead at 73 46 favorite that they possibly are winding down caruso spots gives lebron an outlet 83 46 lebron. Looking for more winds, it all the way down at the buzzer got another one braun from downtown lakers put up 80. time now to check in with the access sportsnet studio. It is the jack in the box halftime report lebron backing up. He could fire a three for 81. Instead, he’s going to the basket all the way lebron james, the king and the lakers score 80 in the first half, when you’re nine out of ten nine out of ten in the corner corner danny green, then he goes baseline and scores and one order that i Wanted to see another look with our carl scam and you can see that gets you more in the arm. Inspired city edition uniforms, i don’t think there’s a laker fan that doesn’t love those all the way blocked by mcgee. Kcp is going to go hard to the rim and he lays it up in it, and you can tell almost the intensity level body language he’s got it from deep.

No don’t do that, lebron from there too. What a shot by lebron Music averaging about 42 minutes per game and had to play two more games: lebron got one game for rest in the blazer side, the seating game, so perhaps as mcgee throws down the dunk from lebron. Perhaps a couple of signs of fatigue – uh not just from dame but from the entire blazer’s roster, the third and then by the way they are known great glory years of phil waltman company michael thompson number one pick blocked by mcgee get that out of here. If we look at javale rejecting simons swats it out that’s, where you want to just try to touch you as a starter earlier in the playoff series, in fact all his starts this year, the follow dunk by dwight ac brings it up.