, here’s lebron james early on when you’re up 24 8 in the first quarter um, it was an honor it’s, been an honor to just put on the laker uniform, even before the passing of the great kobe Bryant um and tonight was another one of those moments for myself for this organization, with all the players that was able to wear those uniforms that he um, that was inspired by him and his mind and his creativity um, so to go out there and um and And one day removed from his birthday um and then his his day of 8 24 to be able to have a game on this day, um the stars aligned um. I did notice the that we were up 24 to 8 because i’m always trying to figure out what’s going on throughout the course of the game. I’M, always looking if we’re up, if we’re down what’s the team fouls and all of that nature. And when i looked up there and seen 24 to 8, i was like okay. This is uh uh he’s here in the building so um. You know it was a it’s, a beautiful beautiful night for our franchise, um and it’s, something that we probably will always remember. Um, you know game four of the 2020 playoffs um in this moment: hey lebron, just thinking about today and being mom today. What does the mob mentality mean to you specifically, and how do you think part of that might have played out uh just work hard? I mean it’s, not much more, you could say everyone has their own definition about it or or their own mantra about it.

But you don’t get you don’t, you don’t see any benefits if you don’t work and uh i’ve always been like that um and to be able to continue his legacy is something that that hits home for me and it’s easy for me, because i put in the Work and uh, and if you want to see results, you got ta, you got ta, you got ta work at it and it’s not about the wins or the losses, and – and you know all of that nature is just about. A lot of people want to see results that a lot of people don’t want to put into work and uh. He wasn’t one of those guys and i’m, not one of those guys so just honored to be able to continue what was it about the offense? Not just last night, they just started to fall into place of looking around the entire team and the three point shots going down part of that. But what just is to get better every game um. You know we’re, seeing things that we can do better um. The most important thing we’ve done in this series is we’ve taken our in between games, uh film sessions, our meetings and uh we’ve applied them to that next day. You know we look at film. We watch film, we know it’s not much practice time. You really can’t really get on the floor too much because you’re playing every other day um.

So you know that that next day is kind of the recovery day and things of that nature. But our minds are sharp and our minds are are firing when we’re, when we’re in our film sessions and that’s been very that’s, been huge for our ball club. So far alan let’s see joe burton. I forget what it is, but your record in close up games is way up there does it feel good one to be back in the situation close out games, and what do you remember about what it takes to finish these off um it’s, the hardest game of A series that’s what i know: um it’s the hardest game, because you know the team that you’re playing with are desperate and they’re playing. All you know everything they don’t have. You know they’ll, give you everything that they got um because they know they can be. You know sent home um, you know, so i come in with that same mindset that same uh same desperate mindset on um. You know i feel the same way. You know we don’t win and i feel like we get sent home and that’s just been always been. My my motive, that’s always been my my um, my psyche. My mindset going into a close out game and um. I haven’t always haven’t always been you know victorious, but i have that mindset and hopefully we can do just that on wednesday, tanya again gooey Music said again um.

I don’t have any reaction to george hill’s comment. Um, everyone has their opinion, so you know and reaction to what happened. What i can say is that um Music, if you’re sitting here, telling me that there was no way to subdue that gentleman, um or or detain him or to just before the firing of guns. Then you you’re sitting here and you lying to not only me you lying to every african american, every black person in the community because we see it over and over and over. There was multiple. If you watch the video, there was multiple moments where, if they wanted to, they could have, they could have tackled them. They could have grabbed them. You know they that they could have done that and why? Why does it always have to get to a point where we see the guns firing and his family? Is there the kids? Are there it’s in it’s in broad daylight and um, and who knows i mean if that video is not being taken by that person across the street? Do we even know if we even see that video there’s like talks about that the cops didn’t even have any body cams on that’s a possibility? Um, Music it’s, just it’s just uh, quite frankly, it’s just fucked up in our community, and i said i know people get tired of hearing me say it, but we are scared. As black people in america, black men, black women, black kids, we are.

We are terrified because you don’t know you have no idea. You have no idea how that cop that day left the house, you don’t know if you walk on the good side of the bed, you don’t know. If you walk up on the wrong side of the bed, you don’t know if he had an argument at home with a significant other. You know if one of his kids said something crazy to him and he left the house steaming Music, or maybe he just left the house in that today is gon na, be the end for one of these black people that’s what it feels like that’s, what it Feels like um it just it hurts it hurts and it’s this through the grace of god that he’s still living like seven shots, close range and he’s still alive that’s through the grace of god right there, and my prayers goes out to that family in that community. But i got nothing nice to say about those cops at all at all Music um. It has so many emotions today, because you know today is for our organization is it’s a big moment for organization. You know today is kobe bryant day we’re supposed to be celebrating and rejoicing and remembering everything he’s ever done, not only on the floor, but off the floor of uplifting, uplifting, the game of basketball and at the same time i see the video today. For the first time and my emotions is all over the place and i still have a job to do because i’m here because i’m committed and when i commit to something i feel like i have to come through on it that’s just who i am.

But it does not mean that i don’t see what’s going on and i won’t say anything or continue to use my platform and continue to use my voice and continue to uplift all the other athletes that let them know that they can say and do what’s right And not fear what other people’s opinions are: um it’s, just it’s it it’s it’s, it’s, tough, it’s, it’s, tough and like we literally we want. We want change as a community. We really want change and it doesn’t not only just end in november, but it starts there. Um, it starts there and um, but we got to continue to still keep our foot on the pedal. Then, even if we get what we want, we still have to, we still need more. What are we getting because right now of what’s going on is not it’s. Just not okay and um, but i hope i can continue to uplift my community uplift communities all over america, uplift, the black community and i said that’s part of the reason why i started more than a vote to you know just to get people to understand how Important our voices are, and um luxury of you know, partnering with naacp today trying to get younger, uh kids in there to help with the with the polls and things of that nature because of covet and the older generation are at risk and it’s. Just so much that we have to do it’s not like it’s, going to happen tomorrow, but being organized and having a plan and and keeping our foots on keeping our feet on the gas pedal is um, something that we got to do.

I know i’m kind of all over the place, but my emotions is all over the place as well. This is really i, like. I can’t even enjoy a playoff win right now, which is which is which is, which is the sad part, all right, we’re just cut. Sorry, we’re, just gon na take a couple more um, kyle um, sorry, i know you’re emotional. You told us a couple weeks ago that you know you had this desire, maybe to be out there with some of the black lives matter marches and things like that. Obviously, here you have to take the behind closed doors approach to a lot of these issues. How do you kind of kind of balance? Maybe your desire to have your hands on the situation versus you know the need to kind of have that organized plan um. I don’t think i’m behind closed doors, because i can get up in right now and talk to you guys about what’s going on anything that my name is attached to is going to be. You know put out and – and we want to do things that that hits home and do things that’s cran and not something that’s, just one off um. You know so you know i’m having conversations every day. You know i got half of you know my brain. You know locked in on the playoffs and the other half locked in on how the hell i can help black people become greater in america and um.

You know that’s what it’s all about anybody. I know medina yeah lebron to follow on what you’re talking about with this whole situation and reports and voting what expectations do you have of what reforms need to be employment’s about police um? I don’t want to sit here and say that i know exactly what should be done um, but i did see one. I did see one one thing about the level of time. In the academy before you become a police officer um, i think it was like. I mean i don’t know i don’t. I don’t want to mess it up, but i know it wasn’t that long until you go into academy, you know and then becoming a police officer. Um i mean we got kids that’s going to college three to four years. You know six years, you know uh to get uh, you know their masters, you know if they or they even have to you know, go again um you know and, and they still don’t even get the opportunity at the workspace or the job that they actually want To get but we have people who are going to the academy who’s becoming police officers in a year or two or whatever you guys can look it up and then tell me so i don’t want to get it wrong, but um, and i think i think firearms Are a huge issue in america? I don’t know how you clean that up i’m, not saying saying that i got all the answers, but guns are.

They are a huge issue in america um and not just they’re not used for just hunting. You know that a lot of people do for sport. You know we right now for black people right now. We are hunting, we think it’s. You hunting us, unfortunately there’s just too many killings going on and not only from the cops, but we also have our own thing that we got to deal with that. We got to get better as well the black on black crime. We got to get better at that as well. You know, but what we continue to see from from the people that are supposed to serve and protect. You know when i, when i was in elementary and they used to come uh. You know to the elementary and they used to talk about how they, you know great, give us t shirts. You know the uh. If i was a crime dog used to come, yeah he’s come give us t shirts. It was like happy to see him. I even had a couple uh, you know cops that i you know growing up, that i was like happy to see every now and then um, but you always had like in the back of your head. You was like just got to be careful. You always got to stand your toes cause. You just don’t know you just don’t, know i’ve seen a video a few months ago. Was it a few months ago, or maybe a couple months ago, a police officer rolled past and a kid was in his in his parking lot shooting basket: shooting basketball you all seen that one yeah and when shooting the damn cop was about to ride by the Kill walked behind his dash truck and waited for the cop to go by that’s, just sad.

No kid should have to feel that threaten that he has to hide at his own house. That is sad, but i know what he’s going through, because i was one of those kids. When i lived in the projects that when i seen a cop going, we hood behind the brick wall and wait for it to roll out. And if we seen the cop lights come on, we ran even if we wasn’t, even if we didn’t, do nothing wrong, because we just was just scared.