I do i mean even back home with that song. Very really. I watch it, but i always like if michael’s on or nathan’s playing, i like watching nathan playing. You know he bounces with that. You know he’s like a firecracker up there, he’s always he’s, always on the go great great little player. I’Ve i’ve got a lot of respect for that lad for a dark play. You know, he’s not done a heck of a long time like most of us but he’s a he’s. Definitely one of the talents it’s going to be there for the next five ten years. There’S some the starts action. You bought on amazon’s doing all right. Another 10 plus average six six series it’s all about action, but yeah. So i mean the practice. Boards are going great, you know, but still up there tonight i still have that dead spot. I don’t know i don’t know where that comes from or why it does it. But you know i’ve done it last night and i was absolutely cheesed off myself. Really cheesed off i’m gon na say talking about last night was um. Did you go back to the room and do you have a few harsh words with yourself? I think they were doing question marks and funny signs all the way up the corridor up the stairs. Right to my left. I was absolutely loved human. You know i was. I was that far ahead of glenn, even like check like when i heard the double double for talks for the 80.

I never went for double talks. In my first start, i was aiming high to keep myself away from double 10 and i went off the boards. Unfortunately, the next two wetting, so you might thought i went double double what no. I was even for the high 20., not your second, but on reflection, should you be joint top right now could have been. You know i’ve had any like complete dogs, whatever you call it mock up of it, but yeah. I could have been battlesome it’s i’m happy to be back playing and it’s getting there each each time, it’s getting like. I say, it’s done in the world of good. Coming here for about a week and just throwing darts so i’ve been home. Looking back on the first half of the premier league restart, how did you assess your first mini session of the premier league back? I think i was just starting to get into my flow towards the end of the last before the break. I was just that same again, back then constantly playing, and it was. It was going good, then, of course, another what four five six months off back to square one. You know and uh. I think i’ve came back here at the three nights on the night, thanks to true speed in the pdc for causing me a headache. We came here for the players championships and then from there until the match play hadn’t thrown a dark.

You know – and i skipped my way to the final – absolutely dreadful in the final, but came here and it’s it’s been getting better and better each night there’s that little clinton in your eye. Like you said last night, you were cheesed off of yourself now when that happens, we all kind of know how this goes, how the story progresses from this. They used to used to get welled up in that that’s that ain’t losing again, but hey, no, that that did. I did even when i phoned the rachel back home. She never talked about darts, because you could tell i was saying i was a absolutely you know. So it was a yeah yeah. Even tommy never phoned me so that that tells you it’s. My face must have said it all nice few days off now. Do you need this little mini break just to reset yourself? Don’T actually know i’m looking forward to it, but i don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. You know i think tomorrow. Well, like we say well me and smith, is having a couple of days out fishing white he’s joining us on sunday. So i i think the hardest part i’ve got over the next two is getting michael in his bed. Do you fancy a chance of getting him out of bed before you’ve got more chance of me having ten nine daughters back to back and getting him out his bed, but nah he likes to fishing.

You know, usually, when we’re in australia now we’ve got away fishing he’s up at four o’clock he’s he’s up and ready for it. So yeah it’s a wee break. Looking at the table now two more wins. Does that secure you a place at finals night? Do you think you’re asking the wrong person know what i’m like on stats? I don’t know don’t care yeah. I think i’ll just keep going see what happens if i can make it to top four for the finals night. Then absolutely superb. After the last well, two years that i’ve had so yeah it’d be good. If you do get to finals night, you’re gon na have a little bit of bragging rights in that practice. Room because you’re the one that doesn’t practice doesn’t play in between yet still making all these finals when everyone else is, is trying to it. Doesn’T i i know it sounds big headed, but i do give up myself. You know because even the boys at workplace i’m working seven days a week and i’m loving it. You know, they’ll tell you by the time i get home. I ain’t. Looking at that word, you know it’s as simple as that. I’Ve just got a few things to sort out and if i do start getting time to myself, i might get back to practicing, but i can’t practice a month. You know i’ve got a lovely, dark room back home and you know there’s no worse than standing there on your own for a few hours.

You know i don’t know who the lads do. I think they’ll do it then, and now don’t they don’t yap. One teacher and then you’ll look at me doing that garrett pleasure as always and enjoy a few days fishing. Thank you phil.