Aside i’m uh, i sit here well, chuffed um that’s, a big one. A lot was made about michael’s comments. Last night. Did they give you that extra bit of motivation you needed coming to this game tonight was uh? Someone said i’ve never heard this word uh clickbait that’s, all it was. It was just. He actually said something very nice that i was a a good player and he’d have to have his a game to beat me and uh. But you know the boring word was the word that was highlighted there. I think uh. I think i’ve got his respect. Um it’s, a big win, whether it was michael just to make it michael, is makes it super better because you know he’s. The second best blood ever pick, that’s a huge win in a way. Is it a big compliment to you because it shows that you’re very much on his radar? Maybe maybe he doesn’t, like my peers, you know i’m, not stupid. I feel like i get to the occu quickly. I feel like i get my dad so quickly, but i know then three darts and i throw it. You know a lot slower than a lot of the people and uh and – and i guess he’s not at the occu, all the time and that’s, probably his biggest problem does. This result tonight prove that you’re here to stay now in this race for top spot and michael’s got a tough job on his hands over the next few days.

Jay just give me the top four i’ll snap, your hands off if you’re gon na be fourth place. Right now, i’ll snap, your hands off, but um. You know i go to bed again top of the premier league and they’re the things that you have to celebrate. I’M. Just looking ahead to tomorrow, rob cross it’s a big game for both players at opposite ends of the table. Isn’T, it just someone’s just said i’m favorite for that match, and you know 18 months ago uh you know, would you would you believe that you know the guy was you know world champion, smashing everybody and it’s, probably just an indication how far i’ve come right now, He’S a target teammate. I wanted him to win tonight, he’s a all round, good guy and uh. Well. Rest assured i’ll be trying my hardest tomorrow. I love going on first whether it was county whether it was super league. I just love going on first and rest assured um i’d love to cement the victory tonight with a big win tomorrow, glenn thanks very much it’s on and i will play tonight. Thank you, sir glenn uh. You talked previously at the world match play about the comments made by peter wright that gave you the edge in that match. Do you think it was a similar situation tonight, honestly? No, i just think maybe skye were trying to big up this uh rivalry. You know. Look at his cv and look at my cv: there’s! No comparison, just let me enjoy the fact that i’ve been there the best play in the world tonight, uh that’s the main thing i’m, not interested in any rivalries.

You know peter wright, michael van gaal and gerwin price they’re, the kind of rivalry just you know. I know i can play the best and be the best and tonight i’m just going to go to bed knowing that i’m top of the premier league that’s that’s, a nice feeling. We have to touch on the one. Six seven showed a lot of emotion after that. How good that did that feel it felt marvellous, um i’ve had some big finishes in my life and you know to do that against michael. I felt good on the stage again i felt great last night. I felt good tonight. You know my party behind me. I wanted me to practice more but um. I know what i’m doing backstage and i know you’ve got to peek at a certain moment and i need them to trust me in what i do and my preparation twice now i’ve got up there and i felt marvelous and uh. I i said to you a very happy man: i mean your confidence must be an all time. High now beating the world number one uh top of the premier league, it doesn’t get too much better. Does it yeah sky, high confidence, new flights working well we’re? Definitely getting to the board a little bit quicker. I don’t seem to be having that first start, which might go into trouble 20, but it’s covering the whole treble. They seem to be going in a lot straighter and you know i’ve practiced hard with them and i don’t tinkering off a lot with my darts, so i think that’s the biggest bonus right brilliant.

Thank you very much, and congratulations on your one cheers.