In this case, it is everton taking on liverpool. Well, thank you, derek. The excitement at the start of any game is almost tangible. Looking forward to this one, the crowd are up for it. Players look like they’re going to have a really good go at this game. Can’T, wait and number 21. no surprise that the focus should be on sadia mani. What kind of performance can we expect from him in this game? Lee well he’s got amazing, finishing ability and when a player’s got that it means you have to go, that extra yard. Tighter and when you do that, you leave space behind you, so it puts the defender in two minds: Applause get the proceedings underway; Applause; oh, that was a terrific stop in a one versus one situation: well, high fives all round for the goalkeeper, absolutely fantastic taking care Of business defensively here and here’s how everton line up england, international jordan pickford will be in goal lucadina plays with gibril city bay and having to take on the shot cluttered away: calvert, lewin and charles on and now dominic carvert lewin manet. Oh, a perfectly timed pass and the alarm bells are ringing a goal in the early stages, precisely what they had been planning. Well, it’s, the timing, derrick the ball through matched by the run and it’s a lovely finish, fabulous goal. Well, let’s have another view of that goal: Music. Well, the coach can feel this game. Slipping away, i’m sure might need a plan b Music, so the game has restarted.

Liverpool number 15, alex oxlade chamberlain, Applause and space on the wing for liverpool Applause angled for salah. Well, it might still work out for them no accuracy at all in terms of the shot unleashed well, it’s, the care and attention all that work to get in the position and then way way wide Applause, oh they’ve lost it and showing fine vision. Fabinho he’s got to score well. He saw the whites of the keepers eyes and the whites of his outstretched gloves. Great goalkeeping, well he’s denied a certain goal. There great reflexes from the keeper it had an invitation attached, but he couldn’t avail himself of the opportunity. Well, just look at him. He thinks he’s in just wide. Well, the manager can’t hide his disappointment and not extending the lead. There he’s still on a knife edge, oxlade chamberlain, fabinho it’s, with roberto firmino here is andre gomes on the ball. Richarlison Applause, a very high degree of difficulty for any goalkeeper, sheer quality quality of the shot and certainly quality of the save over it comes punch, happy goalkeeper, they’ve, regained possession Applause and sigurdsson winnings. Oh a fine block liverpool, throw in here here’s oxlade chamberlain by naldrum. Oh, he can’t believe the goalkeeper saved that that’s brilliant well, it has come to nothing well great, read there to intercept Applause calvary here is andre gomes and now dominic, calvert lewin, well that’s a bummer. The fans won’t soon forget, and he was in the right place to intercept Applause here is deena andre gomes Applause it’s with fabinho beautifully disguised ball Applause final dumb.

Why? Now, though, just what the liverpool fans wanted to see as they extend their lead to two goals? Well, we can take another look at this now and he’s connected so well with it generated a lot of power and the keeper just can’t react in time. Look well let’s. Take another look at that girl. Shall we Applause so toenail now goal for liverpool number five, an important interception, the referee’s Applause couldn’t, keep it Applause. Now the managers will now deliver the halftime team talks off and running in the second half liverpool, currently on top well liverpool’s, certainly enjoying the lion’s share of possession. You don’t control the ball in midfield it’s, very difficult to have enough of the ball to create chances for your strikers and really has been a dominant performance. Nice switch of play fabinho. Now it is a decent looking attack here. Can he take advantage? Well, it’s, a procession of goals and surely there’s no way they can let this slip now absolutely dominant Applause, well, sometimes being at the right place at the right time. Gets you a goal on this occasion it’s a simple goal from his point of view now, let’s go back to the goal that we’ll score Applause: Music Applause, well, there’s, nothing better! For a manager when a plan comes together, total satisfaction. Well, it has been one sided, but they deserve the plaudits for the fact that they’ve kept going and going Applause, possession changes, hands the interception there – Applause, here’s, robertson, potentially productive here for liverpool on the flank in towards salah a decisive clearance.

It was i’m not too far away just a bit too much height on it. Well, the keeper’s beaten he’s gone for a position over power it’s, a good effort, substitution time, as is here’s oxlade, chamberlain and 30 minutes left for play in this match. No problems grabbing hold of that one Applause he’s managed to get in behind and the goal gaping as him. It really is such a free scoring performance just nothing. The defenders can do about it seemingly well it’s the timing, derrick the ball through matched by the run and it’s a lovely finish, fabulous goal. Applause let’s have another view of that goal: Applause, Music, Applause, oh Applause, we’re underway again, and this game was finished as a contest. A long time ago, pitch Applause space on the flank, a real opening now and he’s made it a brace for himself. The defender is just unable to stay with him and he’s having a field day. Well, as we see from the replay, the keeper’s got no chance, it’s all about the strike all about the power he does everything right head down, Applause! Well, all the days frustrations are there for all to see. The coach needs to try and turn this around and sadly, we have to conclude that this hasn’t really been a contest, but all credit to any side committed to scoring goals like this milner by naldum by naldum, unable to keep it Applause getting forward. Oh he’s, giving the ball away unnecessarily he’s enjoying space.

The pressure was high and they could be in here, but we had a decent reading of that ball. In Applause, really a very poor ball. Will he find the net almost what you might call a jaw? Dropping save oh he’s got no right to make that save it’s, absolutely fantastic corner kick played in and nothing positive comes of it. Unfortunately, cd bay bernard with it definitely look as though they want to make the smoke count and a strong tackle now mo salah. Salah Applause and sigurdsson win it bernard with it walcott davis and he shined this on. Oh lovely weighted ball they might be in it could be up for grabs Applause, the referee, the fist of the goalkeeper tom davis Applause bernard with it. This attack looks highly promising. Lacrosse was very much on, but not the end and the referees whistle. That is the end of the story. As we run the rule over this man’s work positive after positively, well, that’s, a really really good performance from the lad and a goal to boot.