If you look at the times of the tries 5 9. Sixteen twenty eight, absolutely out of the blocks like lightning uh, you’d, have to say gloucester and did they have their chances so many half chances i’m, not sure they converted any of them the proper half chances they come away from this game with um with nothing for Bristol it’s a big bonus point when away from home, so they will certainly be uh pretty pleased with that one, although i guess pat lamb will still look at some things and um, you know have some areas of concerns. Likewise, gloucester will be able to see kind of where they let themselves down, but um overall man pretty entertaining game. Second week back eight tries crazy, stuff um. Both sides, i think defensively – were pretty fired up. Early gloucester essentially won a penalty from from bristol’s first attack and then bristol did the same back to gloucester. When bro. When gloucester had the ball, they traded penalties, but it wasn’t long until um until the first try max melons got it on five minutes run runner with the try assist, because i mean there’s been a there’s, been a kick through prior to it and um yeah. This is just the hands of of the bristol guys it was just phenomenal stuff and some of the guys as a live stream of the game. People were comparing bristol to like a super rugby team, either way: it’s still a premiership team and it’s a it’s, a skills team because they needed some proper hands uh in the build up to that one um johnny made to be fair, went close after the restart.

This is what i mean by those half chances uh. He was kind of chasing down a kick through, but it was just slightly too big. The tmo checked it to see if it was going to be a 22 dropout or if it was like a scrum or whatever, but either way it wasn’t going to be a try, but he was still pretty close there’s another try on nine minutes it’s pretty this Time and it’s another try assist for semi randarandra. He put down some some proper gas for a line break. I thought he’d held onto the ball too long. I thought he should have passed earlier. I thought he’s blown it but that’s the thing about that guy. He gets the ball in a position where you think either he can’t do anything or he’s made a mistake, but no, he hasn’t made a mistake. That was my mistake for doubting him uh. He pops the ball up to purdy with a last minute offload and sure enough. He goes over for uh for the try, so things are looking pretty good for for uh bristol. At that point, then, like they keep they’re scoring more than a point. A minute harry thacker goes over this one wasn’t like out now backs with slick, hands and offloads. This was like a five meter line out. Mall drive semi round round is in there, though he’s pushing thacker over and you see him celebrate like he scored it himself uh, but yeah.

So it’s three tries it’s like 19 nil after 16, 17 minutes to bristol and it’s looking it’s looking pretty horrific for gloucester. At that point, uh, however, they did strike back through fraser balmain through a try of their own. That one was um. It was with advantage. They um they did check for like a double movement but uh. It seemed like he kind of got it down just thought. The ref was in a good position and one angle looked short. The other angle looked like he was all good, so he dropped over the line at least got gloucester on the board um. Then the man himself, he probably needed a try of his own, because he’d been setting up half the other ones round. Router gets to try the chiama tiemo checked it if he’d have double movement, but also they ruled that he hadn’t been held in a tackle and it’s another one. They looked like he’s in a position where he can’t score. It looks like he’s he’s going to be covered, but he just manages to bust the tackle and go over put the ball down um, so yeah. He was just wreaking all kinds of havoc in that first half uh, so yeah big period of pressure from bristol and and they converted it uh, they did get a try their gloucester before half time harris went over 12 trees. I think had the pass. So it was good for them to hit back pretty much straight away like two minutes after the the bristol try and right before half time, gloucester had a chance to to really kind of put themselves back in the game.

They had three opportunities from penalties to set up like a five meter line out might be one was like six meters or seven, but either way the first one. I think the line out they didn’t pass it. They think that was it like turned over at the lineup like um like bristol, won the line out the second one. They won the line out, but then their set play. The initial pass was taken by a bristol guy and then the third one i forget how they stuffed it up, but yeah they essentially messed it up three times. Maybe they should have just taken the three, but with the score line the way it was maybe they’re thinking they needed to score to get back into the game, but either way it was very much three missed opportunities for gloucester, so they go until at halftime. Gloucester have had 35 position, 37 territory, they’ve had 67 metres to bristol’s 201. uh penalties considered as pretty high 13 by bristol 9 by gloucester in their first half. So the ref was a pretty busy chap, but um yeah that had to make 84 tackles gloucester to bristol ‘. So they were definitely under the pump in that first half, not they weren’t without their own chances, like i said, but yeah bristol, just yeah. First, half out of the blocks too good second half starts gloucester do decide to take a three when they win a penalty, so it’s 26, 17 and then uh ben earl gets a try for bristol on 50 minutes after um simpson, to be fair, had given away A pretty stupid penalty like bristol had been on the attack they put uh.

I think it was vui into touch, so it would have been a gloucester line out, but then simpson comes in slightly after the play to kind of put his shoulder into someone and the ref says: it’s a penalty and it’s from that resulting play that bristol score. So again, it’s just kind of if i was a gloucester fan i’d – be pretty frustrated with that kind of stuff. So 33 points to 17. that’s, the last of the scoring for bristol so they’re not going to score for the remaining half an hour of the game. Uh gloucester go close, bristol’s defense holds a few time. Um reece samut goes close on a kick and chase is kind of another half chance uh slip around. He puts the ball out on the full, so it looks like it’s all going to go wrong, but they did get one more try uh through vani. I think it was chris harris with the with the setup play for that. One good break good support line, but that’s the kind of final scoring play so yeah gloucester man not without their chances, albeit some of them half chances and sometimes those ones just don’t go your way bristol. I think like for as good as they looked in, that first period will still be a bit disappointed. They couldn’t hold more pressure on for that that second half like they scored one try, and it was not quite a gift. They still had to do the do.

The play, but it was a silly penalty from gloucester to set it up. So man, if bristol had played at the same intensity for full 80 that could have got properly messy but either way it’s still a very good one. They’Ll, take it all the way to the bank, so yeah run run run. The first half was just next level. Second, half he didn’t really have any ball. Um final stats – and this is what i mean about both teams having things to work on run meters 313. To 262 in bristol’s favor but you’d, say gloucester had the better that second half position and territory ends up being still in bristol’s, favor 55, 45 for position, 53 47 for territory, but second half was definitely more gloucester, because the first half stats were quite dominant for Bristol um, neither side’s lineup, was fantastic 82 for gloucester 76 for bristol. Both would like to improve that uh tackling percentages both 88 pretty solid. Both teams made similar amounts of tackles, but i think for for gloucester nine knock ons to bristol’s two. That is a big area. You can see so total turnovers conceded. If you include like turnovers as well 17 by gloucester 3 by bristol horrendous in some ways, the masters of their own downfall there, but for bristol man, 21 penalties conceded in one game of rugby – is pretty pretty bloody. High gloucester were at 13, which is still not a small number, but man 21 very.

Concerning for pat lamb, so yeah both sides were stuff to work on but i’m, not complaining. It was a hell of a game. First half especially, was absolutely electric. As i said more than a point a minute at times, uh second half was kind of characterized by a bit more like defense, like nathan, hughes, with a huge tackle uh at one point. That kind of stuff was all um, all pretty pretty fun to watch and um yeah it’s, a good start to my day on a saturday morning here in new zealand uh round round, like i mentioned, had 130 run meters. Remember his team had 313 he’s got a hundred and thirty when he is on form. He is on form. Uh polidry for gloucester had 16 out of 17 tackles so uh putting in a good shift, maybe more defensively than offensively this week, but still yeah all right. Well, i’m gon na go about my day. As i said, it was a pretty good way to start the day. It is nice to be watching the premiership for a change. I probably wouldn’t normally be watching it uh, at least for the channel i’d, be catching the odd game, but it’s nice to sit down and pay some some close attention to it, because it’s been pretty fun stuff. Thus far, anyway, you guys, let me know your thoughts in the game.