They’Ve got three points coming if they want them to try and convert it for rather more it’s. The second penalty, so not rolling this time, planning to roll away from the tackle area. That was the scott tom dodd, going forward. Here’S simpson pass out wide and coming off. The wing is nick david and it’s worcester who get the opening. Try he’s had quite a decent uh sequence of scores when he gets a chance to perform, as nick david tries against bath and bristol in the premiership. Already this season, he can now add wasps, look at the encouragement there. That van fellas is giving david’s in that drive, as is uh francois fenter it’s, edging towards the try line here. Cam wars do anything about it, they’ve got it down and they’ve got the try. What an opening quarter this is from worcester. Look, how many players are involved there center david clock’s wrong on the screen? Yes, and it was one big arm wrestle water break yeah, quite a few powerful biceps in there. I think worcester may well have come off side here, but within a few inches of the line there is the penalty advantage, the allo getting over it just trying to get himself clear, Music, Music. I think this might well be one for keith lewis. Just check with nothing’s happened that will prevent us giving the on field try yeah sure we’ll roll that one again we are under advantage as well: okay standby, so the balance of the doubt is going to go in favor here at the tech, the attacking side, craig Maxwell keys thinks that willis has got it down and it’s over it.

Isn’T it tom willis has got the first lost truck yeah craig. You may want to try russell won the last two fixtures here at the ricoh, but they haven’t won three straight since april 2018. So more than two years ago, the last time they won three on the bounce here in coventry, Music, he’s doing the steering at the back ball tucked under his arm Applause, edging their way towards the try line closer and closer and there he is, and he gets The try one hour on the clock and at long last wasps have their noses in front timeout Applause, they’ve done so well, but can they hold wasps out any longer wriggling away? There was west there’s the ball again for bella cot, the lining up outside garbetti, showing power on his feet and he’s got there. That could well prove to be the winning try. They defended so well over the course of 73 minutes of worcester, but eventually the overwhelming power did finally tell Applause Music. He wants to get something out tonight very competitive, to wear that to jersey for wasps these days, tommy taylor, not in the 23 this evening, ogre who’s getting better with every match, but i think it’s cruz, who gets the last laugh. So in the end they won. This going away of wasps, but my word: they have had to dig very deep indeed and rob miller, put the finishing touches to it.