Sarah ferguson planned her dream wedding to eduardo ma valley, mozi in just two weeks: beatrice and property developer eduardo 37 wed on friday, after their original wedding set to take place in may was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. A friend revealed beatrice was determined to make her family smile again and her mom planned the private wedding in just two weeks as corona virus restrictions were eased. The mother and daughter pulled officially quitting where guests enjoyed a secret ceremony at all saints chapel on friday, followed by a reception in an indian style tent on the grounds of prince andrew’s royal lodge garden in windsor. In record time. Guests enjoyed clamping pods, bouncy castles and a pop up pup named after b’s father prince andrew at the loki reception andrew, did walk princess, beatrice down the aisle and hosted the reception at his windsor home, but the prince was nowhere to be seen in wedding snaps of The happy couple, a decision to release the photos without him is thought to have been taken by the family. Alongside advice from courtiers. The friend said these had an awful lot to deal with the whole business with her father and then her wedding cancelled, but she is so sweet and handled it all with remarkable good grace. She had an opportunity to lift the dark cloud over the family and give them something to smile about she’s, quite different to her sister and that she didn’t want the big showy wedding in the first place.

Bienetto are also keen to start their own family, so, in the end it all worked out perfectly andrew caught up in the jeffrey epstein sex scandal attended the wedding that was missing from the family wedding snaps, the queen and prince philip, were the only royals shown with Beaming bride, beatrice and husband, edo, just 14 friends, were invited to the reception following the intimate ceremony that was attended by less than 20 guests edoardo’s three year old son, christopher known as wolfie, was best man in page boy, the newlyweds partied into the early hours before Spending their wedding night in a glamping pot. According to reports, there was also bespoke catering cocktails in a bouncy castle. According to the daily mail, the marquee was called the duke of york and was said to have a very laid back theme with a jukebox draft beer. A dartboard and sofas, a friend of the happy couple, told the sun. I heard that everyone had a great night. It was totally relaxed. There was a bit of dancing into the early hours with the jukebox blazing away. The only wedding pictures released so far show beatrice and dedowarda leaving the church framed by pink and white flowers and posing outside with the queen and prince philip prince andrew was omitted from the official photos, meaning sarah, the groom’s parents and his son wolfie did not feature Either beatrice wore a poet, a swat half at a dress by norman hartnell on loan from the queen.

The ivory gown, trimmed with duchess satin and encrusted with glittering diamante, was remodeled and fitted by the queen’s senior dresser, angela kelly and designer stuart parvin, buckingham palace, said princess beatrice also wore in the queen, mary diamond fringe tiara, which was also borrowed from the queen, which Her majesty wore on her wedding day, the couple had planned to tie the knot in may at the chapel royal inn street james palace, but the wedding was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.