Gift.Princess, beatrice and eduardo had to cancel their original wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was due to have 150 guests in attendance and take place at the chapel royal at saint james’s palace in london. Instead, the royal couple opted for a more low key and intimate ceremony with just 20 guests comprised of close family members and friends, including the queen and the duke of edinburgh, buckingham palace, an official statement. The palace said the private wedding ceremony of princess beatrice and mr eduardo mapley motzi took place at 11am on friday july 17, at the royal chapel of all saints at royal lodge windsor. The small ceremony was attended by the queen, the duke of edinburgh and close family. The wedding took place in accordance with all relevant government guidelines. The couple has since been inundated with messages of congratulations and best wishes, but they also revealed their first wedding gift and it is a generous one.just hours. After their surprise, wedding was announced. The newlywed couple received a stunning present from flores martin crossley. Mr crossley has had the privilege of supplying flowers to a number of members of the royal family over the years, including the queen. The florist, based in windsor, uploaded a picture of a stunning bouquet of flowers and explained why he chose to gift the bride. With the specific arrangements he captioned, the instagram photo flowers for royal bride, princess beatrice of york. After her marriage to mr eduardo mapley motzi this morning in windsor great park, fans were delighted with the stunning purple and pink arrangement, with one asking why he had chosen the flowers, the florist said: very english garden, flowers in the princess’s favorite colors, the flowers included peonies Scabias ostoma stocks, dahlia alcamilla, phlox, ulceradimeria and stocks with eucalyptus foliage.

Other fans were left wondering if the bouquet had been part of her official wedding, crossley clarified. These were a wedding gift to the bride. After the ceremony, a friend of the couple explained their decision to hold a smaller intimate wedding, as opposed to waiting until their original plans could go ahead. They told the sun. A massive wedding was out of the question because of coronavirus. They were obviously very keen for the queen to come, so the wedding had to happen before she goes up to balmoral. So this was a great opportunity, so many guests were disappointed not to make the big day but understood the reason for it. They needed to make the wedding coveted, secure and safe for the queen. So what better way than the all saints chapel, with reception on site at the royal lodge? They are just like a normal family and had to make sacrifices like many others up and down the county.