What are you expecting? It was a little bit another trip into the unknown a little bit isn’t it because um we’re in that first mid week round, which in itself is interesting, uh, so the first, the first short turnaround from uh from a game, probably the first time when you would Expect both teams to genuinely make a number of changes um because obviously we’re into the second game of this three game – block um, going from the sale weekend to this midweek games next week. These are the three game blocks, so we have to have that element of no player starting all three and a certain amount of limited minutes. Um, which makes things interesting, but also exciting. You know going to bristol at any time should be an exciting thing for us. It’S a premiership game of rugby and i think that’s. The first thing i said to the lads yesterday’s just remember: this is um. This is a premiership game. This isn’t this isn’t, like uh, moving into a midweek game. It’S, a you know, an a league game or a or a premiership cup game. This is the genuine premiership game. Yes, it’s been played at a different time. We’Ve got to approach it in exactly that manner and approach it to prepare just as well as we would for any weekend fixture um and be prepared to commit just as much time and energy and emotion into the game. As you would any other weekend.

As you say, it’s a premiership game it’s, a local derby, there’s first and second at the moment, there’s lots on it isn’t there. Oh definitely i mean it’s a little bit like anything isn’t. It it’s, not the game, that’s going to define anybody’s season, but yet there’s a there’s, an opportunity there for points, and the points are what everybody’s. Just looking at the moment, if you’re in and around the four four places six places, however, you want to look at it and whatever your aims and goals are, every point is precious for us. Having ten points so far is fantastic. It kind of keeps us on a keeps us on a trajectory that we want to be on, especially with things like european quarter final coming very quickly. I mean it’s funny isn’t after after sunday, when we play worcester we’ll have already played. You know four, four, five. Four premiership games: you know it’s it’s, amazing isn’t. It we’ve seen like a couple weeks in and you’re gon na, be halfway through the rounds and i think that’s that’s what’s happening now that things are coming thick and fast, but things are getting exciting and it’s already getting to that stage where you just can’t start To see the end season, because only it’s, only seven or eight weeks away, it’s incredible, really and you would have reflected no doubt on sale and what a performance that was particularly second half where the side really came through yeah.

I think the most pleasing thing was it was just that way. We grew as a team um. I think what it what it really highlights. What it really shows is that you’ve got ta, you’ve, got ta fight and work and fight and work as hard as you can for as long as you can, and ultimately, the rewards will come and sometimes they’ll come later in the game. I mean to think you know. Obviously we scored try very quickly uh things, looking very rosy, but then, after the next 10 15 minutes it wasn’t a game where you’re sitting there planning on getting a bonus. Point win, you know, but those scores came. They came because the players kept working hard and they overcome overcame the issues that they were having in the game and they learnt from them moved on and developed and and just got better and better, and i think that’s a it’s. An important thing for us to remember as a team, but the work you do early on will count at some stage. It may not may not feel like it’s counting right there and then, but it is and uh that’s what we’re getting very good. Are we getting very good understanding that what we do in the first five 10 15 20 minutes, often we’ve reached a small road in the second half we talked about it a minute ago, but winning has allowed you to sort of plot. Your your course over these next few games as well, isn’t it it does a bit.

I mean. Obviously you know, the collection of points is what eases pressure, but we’ve also got to be careful that we’re challenging ourselves all the time and what will be good against bristol is that there will be some new players involved. Um and they’ve got to go out there and they’ve got to up our standards, not let them slip and it’s the guys who we can watch in that challenge and watch them up in the stands will be the guys who’ll be ultimately moving us forward. Moving us forward week by week, as we pick different teams as we move through um the weeks down the line and bristol what are you expecting from they’ve got the likes of rad rada and sinclair come in since lockdown. Obviously, they’ve got a very talented squad. They themselves have played some really good rugby they’ve collected the wins they want um. I mean it’s going to be interesting. Tomorrow night i mean the weather forecast looks pretty horrific at the moment. Doesn’T it like 40 mile, an hour winds and rain and um so that’ll make it that make it interesting in itself, that’s why all we can really prepare for is we can’t really prepare for the team that bristol are going to pick because we don’t know like They don’t know with us, um and so really what it’s about is focusing on yourself and what you want to take to the game.