Again i didn’t get to see the game last week i did see the result. It seemed to be a pretty comfortable one. Uh 30 points to 15 with edinburgh getting the job done over glasgow and um yeah, it seems like edinburgh are having a pretty bloody good season. Man 11 wins three losses. First in the conference, i believe that when last week secured them a home, semi, so everything’s kind of sitting, pretty uh glasgow to be fair here in new zealand with the dave rennie connection are probably maybe the more well known team. I don’t know at least in recent times, but uh not going so swimmingly with seven wins, uh, seven losses. I am in the glasgow gear because that’s the stuff that i’ve got but before i uh get started just with the lineup, so we’ll quickly open up this thing, which craig sent through it’s been sitting on the ground. Uh taunting me for quite some time, but i figured i would save until i was ready to watch this game to open this thing up. You can probably guess what it is based on the game that i’ve waited to open it um with well. It is they’re very well packaged edinburgh, rugby kits goodness me. There we go. Thank you very much craig. I might find i might find reason to wear this. Um it’ll be tomorrow my time, uh, it’s gon na be a man that is nice, just feel that um yeah it’ll be my time.

Um it’s a saturday morning, game hold on a second i’d better, get that i must have been dave rennie. Calling to tell me. I got the wrong jersey um one of these days. I remember to unplug the damn landline but yeah very, very nice jersey, and i might just find reason to wear that tomorrow if it goes according to plan for um for edinburgh man. Thank you so much for that craig it’s been a bit of a um, conspicuous one in its absence uh in recent times, but uh yeah. I really do appreciate that. So thank you very much, sir uh. Moving on to the game where these two teams are playing. As i mentioned, rivals uh, it looks like there’s, been a fair few changes um for for glasgow, um a slightly more stable lineup. I guess for um. No sorry more changes for edinburgh slightly more stable lineup for for for glasgow compared to what we saw last week. Like i mentioned, i didn’t see the game, but i did see the result: uh glasgow’s lineup is kevin brown and ferguson. I think it’s brown’s hundredth game. They said with uh richie, grant scott cummings in the second row: ryan wilson, tom, gordon and matt faggos. In other back row, horn and hastings, nine and ten um hastings has kind of been a guy that i always wanted to see him play more and more and more and then uh in the six nations.

I mean he’s good, but i still kind of miss um. I miss finn russell. What can i say, i know he’s playing in france, but you know what i mean: uh mcdowell and greg are the midfield tag every who i hadn’t actually heard that much of i think this will be the first time i get to see him play on the Wing hugh jones i’m, pretty sure this is going to be the first game. I’Ve seen him play fullback and tommy seymour on the other wing. It looks like there’s a couple of debutants on the bench: no nakarawa, no sam johnson. They are unavailable for this one. So that’s uh always a bit gutting when you can’t see nakarawa, because he is pretty much a highlight level machine guy on his own, but man there’s, certainly some exciting players for that one. As i mentioned uh the edinburgh lineup seems to be well well changed up. I think it was ten changes. They said from the team that ran out last week, pierre schulman, one of my favorite props in the world. I mean i’ve loved them. Since he was at the bulls he was an entertaining guy back then he seems to have not changed much hell of a scrummager uh, quite a character, so i’m, looking forward to seeing him uh williamson bergen, uh, two and three handing – and i think it’s hodgson, four And five, my handwriting is pretty terrible uh i can’t see grant gilchrist in the lineup, so he must be one of the changes magnus bradbury’s at six i’m, more used to seeing him at eight, but you, edinburgh fans, like i mentioned, i don’t, watch anywhere near enough Pro 14 to to comment too much on the lineups, but you in regards i’d like to tell me, if he’s, a regular, six or more, if he’s, playing eight, because i mean i guess, philly mata is playing eight, so just make way for the man, um mata And um and nakarawa are two of just the best players around in terms of just getting crazy passes away.

So, even though nakarawa’s not playing uh it’s good to see mata playing for edinburgh anyway, uh hamish watson, a player, i rate really highly when i picked him in a mock lions team and people. Didn’T appreciate that i couldn’t understand it but i’m very glad to see him get a run. Um chamberlain is the fly half and i got ta admit i don’t. I don’t know the name and i don’t think he’s a regular, because when i watch the little intro video of the players, you know where they kind of walk up to the camera and they look up. And then it goes on to the next guy. He didn’t even have one of those posed shots that was just like a shot of him playing rugby, so i don’t think he can be a regular it’s nathan, chamberlain, uh shields at nine. I thought it would have been nick groom, but there you go. Um changes. Galore christine and james johnston are the midfield. Duhan vandam mover, i think, is everybody’s favorite scottish south african winger. At the moment he is a big big boy and he’s. Pretty quick, uh darcy graham, is not quite the same, build but uh. I do quite like the big guy little guy thing, like the all blacks used to deal with julian savior and nihiliscata it’s, just a thing. It seems to work really well and uh. Blair kinghorn is at full back so, like i mentioned there’s a bunch of changes.

Mechanized on the bench for this one, southern on the bench nells on the bench so yeah ringing, the changes, uh it’ll, be a fascinating game for me. Just because, as i said, i don’t watch enough pro 14 and to see the two scottish sides go up against that will um will be good actually during the um, the lockdown, at least in europe, in terms of rugby, when the the rugby wasn’t on a few Weeks ago i watched a um 2019 2020 match between these two sides and it wasn’t, like it. Wasn’T tries galore, but it was brutal. You know what i mean so that’s. I guess to be expected when these two sides play each other, so yeah i’m, hoping for a cracking game in terms of the predictions. Interestingly, the bookies over here in new zealand they’ve got this one’s evens, maybe that’s a few punters who are familiar with glasgow based on the day of rainy days, chucking a few bob on that one. But rugby forecast, algorithm uh, has got edinburgh pretty comfortably by seven. So yeah we’ll see how it goes. As i mentioned. Uh edinburgh, at least this season – are the scottish team to beat and they’re doing pretty well. I’M gon na have to go. Try this edinburgh zion thanks again craig. It is it’s very nice and uh much appreciated. I’Ll just have to get myself uh, even perhaps to go with it, but there you go uh cheers guys do.

Let me know any insights. You guys have got on these teams. As i said, i don’t watch them anywhere near enough, as i should so other players. I should be looking out for other than kind of the scottish internationals and a few of the south african guys that i’m kind of familiar with a couple of fijian guys i’m familiar with as well, but um yeah comments.