They will be liking the look of this if they have control of it. Here’S ghirarde, it’s, a try, all power, all muscle, all from the pack, george out there. Second huge pressure. Goodness me, the uruguayans are in all kinds of bother. I think they’ve secured the ball remarkably, but that is a huge statement from the georgian pack again feeling the heat europe. Another scruff penalty coming george’s way open the movie already carving in sideways and battling and all sorts of trouble there penalty surely has to come here being held in the back there. It is, they are not stretching. George clancy touch falls. Thank you. Applause buckling, the penalty. Surely, coming now george clancy says no play on no celebrities. He takes it a little check for himself to chase this film up there in this, but is that the number yatches gets it? Oh and a wonderful little step Applause? Yes, Applause on at scrum time! Georgia are solid, though good godzilla holding it in the back. Looking to milk, a penalty lobster needs you can’t pick it up. Eventually, they get it back, they’re playing for a penalty and they’re going to get one georgia in possession from scrum, but they’re not getting a lot of change out of this fijian park until now that secondary surge really meaningful. Martin Music early example of the power in that georgian front row when ireland gave new zealand all sorts of problems the last time, but they’ve come off second best in the first chrome of the day and that’s the power.

I was talking about wait to see what georgia do in the front row here, it’s another show by then they’ve made it one meter and the balls come up they’re still going forward and they get the penalty again. Ireland, trying to hold tight here, they’ve been absolutely mangled that struggle that’s dangerous. That is dangerous, well that’s, much better Music, solid scrimmaging from georgia, and they will get the advantage Applause not prepared to use the space that’s down here on the right. You can see there, but now the scrum comes in again the big goal and the penalty Music to get the penalty yeah. The front draws good on here now. Arlen got a lot of change against samoa, but these georgians are a different kettle of fish and they love their scrubs. They love their scrums. Look at that power by the georgians and the crowd react to it. Puts it in the confidence is high from georgia. They gravel forward. Eventually it comes out and they’ll get the penalty Applause, one minute and 45 seconds just deliver them opposite the ball in the back.