Queen Elizabeth had quite a busy royal Friday. It was revealed this morning that the Queen’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice of York married her fiance eduardo m’appelle amazi. In a secret and small scale ceremony in windsor today, only close family of beatrice and mozzie were invited to the intimate nuptials and, of course, the Queen and Prince Phillip, were there bizzare dot com understands, however, that much of the timing of today’s secret ceremony was due To the Queen, having a previously scheduled obligation for the knighthood of captain Tom Moore, according to the Telegraph more aged 100, was being honored for his heroic fundraising efforts that encouraged members of the public to donate millions of dollars to NHS charities amid the corona virus pandemic. In the United Kingdom, the veteran was joined by his daughter son in law, grandson and granddaughter for the ceremony that took place at the quadrangle at Windsor Castle. The veteran received his honor outside of the usual time period for knighthood, since the global health crisis has led to the postponing of upcoming ceremonies the Queen wore a mint hue jacket and matching dress or skirt with a flower adorned hat for the special occasion. The monarch was also photographed wearing the ensemble on her way with Philip to Beatrice’s wedding Bazaar, dot com understands that the couple were keen on their event, not overshadowing the captain’s investiture. Hence why photos of the newly married couple are not expected to be released until tomorrow.