The Queen and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle BHS special day, comes on an official anniversary in the history of the royal family. The parent married at windsor castle, where her majesty and the duke of edinburgh have been shielding since march on the 103rd anniversary of the family. Assuming the windsor name on July 17th, 1917 king george v announced the royal family would give up their German surname sexy copper each other and take on the name Windsor in honor of the Badger Castle. The family is believed to have picked the name to show their support to the British population. Atmost German attacks on London at the height of World War, the first raw expert, Nick Bolen to true royalty TV. The reason the royal family are called Windsor is because of the Windsor Castle. Back in 1917, the family were called sexy, copper Gotha, a very German name. In fact, there are family were german. George v was on the throne, his wife, Mary German Princess Mary of Teck, but the bomba came in to London in the first wormwood and bombed a school in the East End of London and killed a lot of schoolchildren and the bomber was caught and Gotha bomber. The family will call the sexy cobbler Gotha. Mr. Bullen suggested the royal family felt so shaken by the attack that they ultimately decided to adopt a more British sounding surname to show solidarity to the couple. Mr. Bullen continued, the private secretary to the king said your majesty.

You can’t have a German name anymore. When you, your name, is being used to bother people, so they had to come up with a new name. They started thinking. What that new name would be, would be polite tiger net to Middle Ages, to doll bit too bloody. Would be something brand new, but they landed on with winds of the castle, the home of the royal family, the most British thing you could think of so suddenly. There’S a brand new name for the bread rolls wizard, the pure foolish name. Mistress Beatrice was originally scheduled to marry Italian count, Eduardo m’appelle amazi on the maintain a night, but was forced to cancel the plans because of the quran virus pandemic. Only a few of the ages and arrows close friends and family would attendance at the nuptials as limitations remaining plays about the number of wedding guests around 20 attendees or believed to have been at present to watch. The couple us say I do with both Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson reported to be and present the son understands.