So that is what we’re going to do: we’re going to give it back to you, because she’s a loyal, because you subscribe and we’re on the road to 7.5 000 subscribers. So if you’re new to the channel, then welcome, all you need to do is subscribe and come and join the rest of the bears that are currently enjoying the content that we have already click the bell make sure it’s on so you don’t miss any all. The latest content that drops, as i said, from our fans channel when we release our content. So what you’re waiting for let’s catch up here and let’s discuss what we’re here to talk about who starts on saturday against hamilton, a keys so let’s kick into the video. Then let’s discuss who starts on saturday. We’Ve got hamilton a keys it’s going to be a tough test on a plastic pitch. I mean our last test on a plastic pitch was livingston and we know exactly what happened there. They played a 6 3 1 with every man behind the ball and obviously they were in the way that we played that game. We were passing the ball. We were moving it, but we just couldn’t find the net and hopefully we can go to hamilton and get all three points on a quest for title number. 55, but we’ll be back in the next 48 hours. Dropping a team news and fan predictions video where we discuss all about hamilton and we break them down and we look at head to head against them in previous games.

And then we just look at that in depth as well and we’ll. Give it a wee update on the team news, but this is our starting eleven predictions and we want to know who do you think that gerard will give 100 trust in to deliver the three points and, as i said, we get your teams from our twitter page And if you didn’t manage to get involved in our twitter page then comment down below. Let us know what formation should we go? Should we go four? Four two: should we go four? Three three: should we go three? Five? Two: should we go whatever formation? This dvd picks, but i want to know exactly what you are all saying in regards to your formations and obviously as well: you’re starting a living down below so comment with your teams and your information down below and we’ll see exactly what these are all thinking out. There all over the world but we’ll bring this content out to you a wee bit earlier than normal. But obviously we want to bring out some content about the famous and everybody knows with a development story with alfredo marielos morelos looks as if he is going to be on his way to france. Signing for leo, i don’t know obviously the extent of how much the deal is costing, how how long he’s going to sign for, but it’s we’re only thinking inevitable here, but i think that marielos will be away for rangers within the next 24 hours that that’s.

That is obviously going to happen anyway, but, as i said, um and previous comments, and also as well on podcast about alfie alfie, looked as if he down tools way back in december 2019, looked disinterested and he’s now managing to get himself a move away as well. But yeah we released an audio podcast on our patron as well now. So if you want to take advantage and join us on our patreon, you can download, come and join our patron because we put an exclusive podcast on that as well audio, so that you can tune in on all devices all over the world as well. So come and join us there and help support the fans community. So let’s move on to our twitter page, as we always do here at drewbl’s, loyal and get your teams and see exactly what he’s saying and who is going to be the strongest 11 that we can pick to deliver. These three points on saturday. So welcome to our twitter page here that we throw up all your comments on all of our videos if we’ve got time to do it, but yeah thanks to everybody who did manage to get involved. We’Ll, throw up quite a few teams here as well tonight on this video and if your team didn’t make it then um comment down below. As i said, and then hopefully it will throw your team up on another video as well, but there was lots of entries.

So we managed to get about seven or eight teams up and then we’re going to kick it off with simply rangers 1872 that’s scott mccarthy’s page on twitter, and if you don’t do twitter, the link is in the description box below click, your link, it says,, Follow slash true, blues, loyal click that link go in register and come on board and join the rest of all the bluno’s family all over the world on our twitter as well. So scott is going to go john, obviously big john mclaughlin to um james tavernier he’s, going to go conor galton he’s going philip pollander he’s, going bona barach he’s going to go jack, haji, kamara, barker roof and kent yep interesting team yeah, and i think that after Bakker’S performance on saturday done himself no harm, and then i think that as well, we felt poland are coming back and getting more game time and hopefully that if he does show up and he does play on saturday, then the plastic pitch isn’t going to bother his Legs too much as well: very interesting team, it’s, sam, no balogan or no arribo. I believe that they will feature em on saturday after fifth, but i think that they will because they’ve obviously had abiba all the rest um over this period. We’Re gon na move on to our team number two, so we’ll get look alan. He gets involved each and every single time as well. So, thank you so you’re going four four two you’re going alan mcgregor, tav golden hollander or baligan baristas jack, arriba, kent, barker, roof and attend come on rangers, good team.

There look absolutely solid, teammate strong as well i’m going to go daz 55 as well channel legends, um, mcgregor, tav, hollander, barissich, um golden, should we say: barissic i’m, just getting a wee bit ahead of myself: uh aleibo jack arfield, kent ettin and ruff. So you’re going 4 3 3 as well. The preferred style of mr stevie gerrard and we’ve got blue as well. You’Ve gone mclaughlin, tavernier golden hollanda, barisitz jack, arriba, roof kent morelos. I think marielos will be away mate and attend so yeah, another strong team but alfie. Unfortunately, i think will not play for rangers again so yep. Well, the less said the better at the moment and justin 1862 you’re going at john mclaughlin sav golden hollander, balogan or balian, should we say bona baristas jack, hatchet, arriba, barker, riff or etten, and also kenny boy. So yeah let’s go strong team as well. There pal and let’s move on to the next one, mr loyal haji at jacob macarthur you’re going mcgregor tav golden um, philip, obviously, hollander bother barack jack kamara baka, haji ken and riff, come on the jails, so you’re going a four two three one: okay interest information. I don’t think we’ll play defensive against hamilton, but i know exactly what you’re saying there definitely and let’s move on to the last team: we’ll get kevin murphy, getting involved, you’re, saying mcgregor, tavernier, hollander, golsan, baris, it’s jack arfield, haji kent roof and ettin and you’re going A four now one there kevin absolutely.

I saw the teams and i just want to take this opportunity, thank to everybody who got involved on our statement. 11 predictions on our twitter page and, as i said, if you didn’t manage to get involved, comment down below. Let us know your teams, let us know informations and we will see exactly what is going to go down um on saturday um in regards to the team, so we’re going to move on and we’re going to take you to the through blues, loyal arena, because i Know he’s all of it, because the comments again are absolutely brilliant. So thank you to each and every single person who enjoys our content here at the true blues, loyal so welcome to the true blues royal arena. This is where we put my team up that i think will play against hamilton. Akies i’ve only managed to get it right once so far in the whole for the four games that we’ve played this season. This is game number five, so hopefully i do get it right and then it will be cemented in our history here on our through blizz, loyal channel so ever reliable. I would always go on mcgregor, but i think way: john mclaughlin’s performances. As of late. I am going to say i think john mclaughlin will play. I think james tavernier, as i said, will always start in the games as as long as he’s not injured or suspended. I think conor goldson will play as well and he will be paired by leonard balagun.

So i think balagun will come back into the team and i think obama barissicks will also play. I think ryan jack will play as well and he will be partnered beside with glenn camara. I also think that, and we will see the introduction of a joe or rebel coming back into the team and then ryan kent will take up his usual position. I think we’re going to go two up front, so i’m going to say we’re going to go. Um cedric etton and kemar roof after his goal, scoring um form against coleman as well. So i am going to go a four i’m going to go 4. 4. 2, but we know that the wingers don’t really play as wingers and then i think that same we’re going to see these two rainbow and kent coming in um and supporting the front two. So this is going to be our team from the true blues, loyal arena. So bears, as you know here at through blaze, we’re donating it to the mnd of scotland as our charity partner, and we welcomed them on board. Last year, in june 2019 currently raised over 700 pounds for these guys, so let’s keep controlling them, that the trouble is loyal, family care and that ranges family care and helping find the queue up for more neurons disease. There is a link in the description box below delete what you can, because there is a link there and if you want to come on board with us as well, then, basically all you need to do is you can purchase one of our polo shirts and two Pound of every purchase will be donated in aid through this massive massive charity of yours.

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