They both should be ready for the game after um leon. Balogan is back uh trained fully yesterday, and it will train again fully this morning. So we’ll assess his situation before we make a decision in terms of the squad. Anyone else. Oh alan mcgregor has had no reaction and has trained fully all week and so took it’s a bit positive news, but unfortunately joe and jermaine want me. The weekend morning, stephen um, can you just give us an update on the situation alfredo? Is he back involved and how have you you found his approach this week after what you said last weekend, i’ll make that decision uh later in the day. We’Ve still got a session this morning, so we’ll analyze and assess where our throttles are. What i will say is we’ve definitely seen um a difference in his application um. He has refocused himself into training well and working hard this week, but it’s a decision, i’ll i’ll, wait till the end of play today before i decide whether he’s included on it robert fearney go ahead. Um you mentioned there that you know it’s a late decision to decide whether you know alfred was going to be involved. The performances of kamar roof and cedric last week make that even tougher. You know given that there’s, that added competition and you can switch the system up as well. Yeah, i mean not just in that position, i think yeah as a manager, you, you analyze the players on a daily basis, and you pick the players that you think are capable of going to get the right results.

You don’t pick on name or reputation. You pick on the players that are training hard that are focused that are listening, um that are taking messages on board that are going to give you the better chance for your team to get the right results. Um. Last week we made a decision for the benefit of the team and the squad and in terms of cedric and kamar, i thought their application was really good. I was really happy with the performance considering it was the first start um. I think there was real positive signs come on getting off the mark, yeah cedric’s work right, so there’s a lot of positives in terms of them too, as a partnership, but also individually as well. So what i will say is we’re in much better shape from an attacking point of view in terms of options to use we’re not heavily reliant on one person and i’m hoping so after you remain before ready after the break as well. So i welcome the tough decisions in that area of the pitch allison conroy go ahead, stephen. When you look at your start to this season. How much stronger do you think your team is than you were last season, given the start, you’ve had the clean sheets in the all round. Performances i’m certainly very happy with the start we’ve made um. I think, obviously just the one blip at livingston, if you like, not being able to find the breakthrough.

That’S, probably one in negative, if you like, but we’ve, had a very strong pre season and we took our form into the domestic competition. So it’s been a solid start, a strong start, but i think it’s very early days in terms of comparing us to where we are from previous seasons. I think for us, it’s just to remain focused and take each challenge as it comes and you normally. We look at the table, after maybe eight to ten games, to get a real good uh gauge on where you’re at and um. I think after four games or five games. Sorry it’s still early days to make that depiction. David tanner go ahead. Stephen there’s a test event for supporters at the rugby tonight. Would you like to see some fans in for the next home game after the the winter break after the international break? I think i’ve said it before david. I welcome it as soon as possible. I think everyone appreciates and respects the situation um, but i think it’s certainly a positive that the rugby are getting to test the event. And hopefully everything goes well, and that gives the people that make the decisions more confidence to introduce it into football. But the sooner the better and we we’ve managed the situation in terms of not having no supporters there, but we have missed them and we welcome them back as soon as possible. Luke shanley stephen. Do you feel when you look at this season? The mentality of your team is better and stronger this year.

Is that something that you guys are learning and developing all the time? Given some of the challenges i’ve been throwing at yeah off the field, do you feel now you’re in a better place? I think for sure, if we’re going to have a successful season, we have to stay mentally strong and we have to stay focused. We can’t afford to lose our focus or go into any games and think we’re better than what we are um. But you know what i do see as players are tuned in players have come back hungry and they’ve started. The season really well it’s a solid start but, as i said earlier, it’s still very early days to predict where we are and to get too carried away. In terms of saying that, oh all of a sudden we’re with a perfect team, everything’s rosy that’s, not the case, we need to keep improving. We need to keep working hard on the training pitch and keep trying to fine tune ourselves, because we still feel as areas to develop and get better craig vickers hi steven um. A lot has been made about the obviously five clean sheets in a row record. Um, does this obviously give you a dilemma into regards? Will be your number one going forward in the goalkeeping situation? Yeah, not really um, not really listen. We welcome clean sheets we’re, very proud of the players, efforts and the performances so far um, but i think it’s important to focus on winning football matches, that’s the most important thing if we manage to keep clean sheets – and that goes on – and on and brilliant, but For me, the priority is to win the game in terms of the goalkeeping situation.

John’S coming um and he’s done extremely well. He’S been thoughtless if you like so um in terms of my decision to pick a number one at the moment um. It is a welcome headache if you like, um well. I know i’m very well i’ve been around for two years and then he’s being superb for me, and i know and he’ll want to do everything he can to win that back, and i i welcome that. Competition david, please morning, stephen um, just looking at the the four guys who played uh up front last week or in the attacking positions last week uh. You can then add to that. Hopefully, over the next few weeks, haji maria los ribo defoe, which is uh a quite exciting lineup for those players, is it a case of you’ve got the shot so it’s up to you to keep it or is you as a manager, someone who thinks more about Rotation and maybe changing depending on who we’re coming up against. Well, i think more often than not. You know you don’t like to change a winning team, if you like, and you do set the players that challenge and that responsibility of putting in performances to keep their. If they’re selected, but i think if you look at us, it’s going to be impossible to pick the same players for every game because hopefully we’re going to go on and have another approximate 60 game season. And so at the right time.

I do have to offload and take people out and give them a rest and freshen them up, and you know: hajji is fit. Uh he’s had a bit of a nigga he’s been managing but he’ll be available for tomorrow. Uh alfredo’s back in terms of being with the group to train, and so we’ve already got some good options and i’ve already got some selection dynamics, the dilemmas to pick from in the next 24 hours and then hopefully come down the united after the break. I have even more headaches and that’s the position i want to be in that’s the reason why we’ve purchased these players and asked them to come and represent the club, because we believe, as a group and a unit there’s enough in there to help us be successful. Thank you, sheila mclaren. Even we heard earlier this week that fifa had relaxed the rules about clubs, releasing players for international duty. If they’re worried about quarantine restrictions. Is that something the club has looked at as a concern going forward for you it’s not a concern, but it is something that we have looked into. I think the medical and our doctor, dr mark wallace, took a lead on that in terms of the communication with with countries and um it borders and stuff for decisions. I think we’ve got to trust our players that they’ll go and get to and from as safely as possible and continue to follow the rules um.

But we want our players to represent the countries, we’re proud to release them, and we hope people represent the club in in the right way and we don’t expect any complications when they return, because we expect them to be tested whilst they’re away at the right times And, as i say, follow the rules, so they can come and be seen safely and get back into our bubble.