Rangers winger ryan kent is with luke ryan. How pleasing was that um? Another good result. Uh very pleasing performance um, another clean sheet, which is very important, i think um. You know we could have been more ruthless at times, but i think that’s just the standards that we set ourselves but yeah. I delight with the three points. Looking at your stats too, your most chances created most shots on goal. How do you assess it yourself? Uh, not good enough, because i didn’t get any numbers at the end of the day, but um yeah keep getting in dangerous positions. Um that’s my target this year to get more goal scoring opportunities more areas where i can make assists and chances for the team. What about this start to the season, then just that one draw at livingston the rest wins. How do you assess it overall going to the international break, you know scoring goals and, most importantly dominating games, so i think you know we’re happy and what about for you? Overall, we know there was interest elsewhere, but it seems to have upped your game if anything else. How do you assess your month? I’M happy with my month, three goals always looking to add more being effective in games getting on the ball as much as i can helping the team um as long as we’re winning games i’m. Happy well done today. Thank you steven, another win. How do you assess that yeah we’re happy we’re happy with the results, we’re happy with the majority of the performance.

I thought we started really well really strong managed to get ourselves in front by a couple of goals, and then i thought we become a little bit. Wasteful, i think we need to be a bit more clinical and ruthless we’ve had loads and loads of really good opportunities to go and score three and four and five. But that final pass that last little bit of moment where you need that bit of quality. Just wasn’t there um, but i can’t, complain too much it’s another clean sheet, three points and we move on yeah. Just on that another clean sheet, i think, that’s a record. The first time rangers have started the season with six clean sheets. How pleasing is that? Yeah? I’M very pleased um, please, for the players think the players deserve the praise for it. You know they’re the ones that have put the graft in and they’re the ones that are playing with a different mentality and really trying hard to keep up the goal. You see john save again there that he keeps out magnificent, so collectively, they’ve done it as a unit and they deserve a lot of credit for it. I do assess this first month, then they were happy um, probably one blip on the way against livingston, where we never had the quality in the final theory to find that breakthrough and you’ve got to give livingston a bit of credit as well. He defended well on the day, but we certainly took this position at the beginning of the season um.

I think we can still be a little bit better in the final third and go on and really punish teams more and after they was crying out for the three four or five nil it’s. Certainly not two, but we’ve got ourselves to blame for that. But you know in the main in in summary, happy um. We need to go and rest now in terms of the lads that get addressed and hopefully the international players come back and get ready for donderon yeah. I was just going to say: how do you use that international break? We give them a bit of time with the families we wish the international players well um. You know we’re, proud of them to send them away to go and play for the countries, and then you know as a manager, you sit and pray and hopefully they come back off well and ready for the next challenge. We know that jamie murphy’s left today to hibernate and then do you expect any more ins and outs before you come back to play dundee united. Yes, i do we wish jamie well, his attitude’s been fantastic, the mentality. You know he’s come back after a big injury and really pushed hard to get in the team. Unfortunately, for him, players in his position have been playing really well and in good form. I think hibs is a good move for him and we wish him well it’s. His birthday this weekend as well, which he kept quiet so happy birthday to him and he’ll, be a good player and we wish him well.

Thank you.