It has now been confirmed that they’re, not just one, but there are two obsessed pages and we’re just going to be having a look at this one. Uh, you might have seen my previous video going over going over a particular page that was obsessed, but i didn’t think it would be possible that there would be multiple outlets that would be concerned with reporting our news despite being on the other side of glasgow. But there are exists so we’re gon na. Have we look at this one and have we laugh, of course, if you do enjoy the video don’t forget to like comment with your thoughts and, of course subscribe to the channel. It is absolutely free to do so, and it supports us out here a lot so let’s have a look at it now before i go on, i need to give kerrydale melt down the page on twitter a shout out for this one, because without them tweeting this. This wouldn’t have been brought to my attention anyway, so we’re at the celtic blog now um right so right as soon as you type it into google. This is what comes up right. Celtic blog, they say, one of their tabs says savco. This is even worse than the previous one, oh my god, as if it could get worse. It has so they’ve got sevco as literally uh a tablet. Look at this they’ve got a whole section dedicated to rangers news. If you can believe that, can you believe that, oh my god, so yeah listen props to them, uh for actually actually giving us a place of their channel? Oh my god, right let’s get into it now.

So this is their uh. Their main news tab right here and i’m, just gon na get straight into not gon na mess around here um i mean look on the face of it, the first ten or so. Oh, no nope, never mind let’s, not even hold it one. Two three four: five, six, seven, eight, not even ten articles in and the first one is of ibrox there as the thumbnail. The record celtic strip piece only serves to highlight their spineless, sucking up to ibrox, wow, brilliant, oh, and just before that you’ve had poor, alfredo begging his club to accept an offer. That was listen just the way. The way it is, they know everything about your club. They know that they know the ins and outs of every transfer dealing. They know what’s going on in the board. They know what happens at the training ground. Apparently, apparently, alfredo morelos has killed 10 youth players from driving this ferrari and blowing up murray park. I thought, oh my god, wait! I’M! Sorry, listen! Listen! Look at here! We go. Steph had a humiliating week which there, when yesterday doesn’t come close to it, are humiliating weak. Wait. What what happened to you last night, what happened last night? Oh my god, man! Oh, my god, once again, another one is just taking one bad result to rock sefco’s confidence: brilliant yeah yeah, oh just brilliant journalism right there uh fearing loading at the tony macaroni more like fear and loathing by the hungarians, mate jesus man.

Oh my days. Ah, here we go nothing else. Everything seems normal here, credit to them. Oh here we go chris boyd brilliant. I mean financial, fair players hit leo or gerard. Once again, alfredo i mean you could not make this up eyebrows. When will it stop? When will it start? I suppose it will never stop because there’s just that innate obsession with our club, but they can’t be having a laugh at us when their main news outlets specialize in reporting on our news. Brilliant, hey guys, i’ve picked a couple of favorite personal favorite articles right here. First of all, we’ve got sevco’s desperation to sell, reaches a new level as they try to generate interest in ryan kent um, and that is apparently written by james forrest. Now that is just sensational right. There that’s proper conspiracy theory like the fact that these uh these journalists actually spend time in their rooms, trying to think of reasons why leeds bed ken or bid for kent, and why gerard’s coming out and saying that there’s interest and can’t? Oh, they must be trying to sell. It is so embarrassing that they try to literally come up with the reasons for why things happen. It just shows that they don’t accept things for face value and just they actually have to think and go beyond into a rabbit hole in their weed room and think right right. How does this affect rangers negatively it’s, just so embarrassing? Another favorite here the media has let gerard away with a gross lie on how responsibly his club has acted.

Sorry, volleyball and goalie that’s. All i need to say about that, and you’ve got a top article once again, james forrest producing the goods here it has taken just one bad result to rock cevco’s confidence. Celtic owns this lot. Oh my god like it literally just goes from bad to worse. It’S. Oh, my god, i’m gon na get off this now man, so we are on the rangers counterpart here rangers news um, as you can see. First of all, we don’t have a tab dedicated to celtic news, so that’s already um one nil right there, but i mean yeah is that. Do you see anything celtic here that’s about martin, boyle and folk had been begging him up to join the old firm uh morelos players were linked with morelos shanklin, just oh, my god, ex republic of ireland, ash international and high profile. Celtic fans shut down razer’s question. I mean nothing to do with celtic here. Is there absolutely sweet, f, a man? Nothing here i mean i’m on the fourth page and there’s just there’s. Nothing. When will it stop? When will it stop they’re just making themselves look bad um? Oh listen! You do you do whatever you want. Listen if you’re happy, then great, but yeah we’ll focus on our business at ibrox. You know so anyways. What i just do that just is a bit of fun um. You know it is what it is. If they’re happy doing it whatever, if it floats their boat fine, but i mean, like i’ve already said, we will focus on our business at ibrox.

We don’t pay attention to outside. We focus on the internal we don’t, we don’t report on celtic or motherwell whatever the case. We focus on what we can control. That is as simple as that focus on your own house, man. You know what i mean don’t think about other folk honestly it’s stupid like this is something that you can also relate to like wider life advice in general, but i don’t know anyway that’s the way it is folks uh. Hopefully you enjoyed this one, just a bit of fun and yeah. If you enjoyed the video don’t forget to obviously like subscribe comment and all that and appreciate all the support it’s ever seen.