We also have our cadillac escalade rims front and rear privacy, tints heated seats and back up camera. Now, moving on to the interior of the tahoe we’ll take a look at the door panel, which features our soft touch. Black foam clothes handle chrome door handle. You can also see our heated seat options located on the door three settings for each. Then we have our lock and unlock button, rear window lock window and mirror controls, power, mirror folded, and then our speaker in storage, just below. We also have both speaker tweeters and the a pillars side of the seat. We have our power adjustable seats and manual recline and then off to the left of the steering wheel. We have our daytime running light switch interior, dimmer switch and four wheel drive system gauge cluster with hybrid badging. Instead of the steering wheel, we have our chevrolet bow tie and off to the left. We have our radio controls with volume tucked behind cruise control off to the left. The steering wheel and the wheel itself is wrapped in black leather gear selection stock with manual shift option and our odometer controls are located off to the right infotainment screen with our cd player volume, control, knob and secant select, as well as an auxiliary input. We have our navigation, you can see our source and we also have our integrated backup camera with adaptive guidelines below we have our dual zone, climate controls, and then we also have our two 12 volt charging ports, as well as pedal adjustment park, assist and traction control Center area we have two cup holders and storage padded leather center console lid, with phone holder.

Inside of that, we have plenty of storage, room full felt lined again. The front seats are heated and featured in black patent leather on the rear view mirror we have our onstar controls above that are three garage door: openers dome lights, as well as our sunroof and moon roof controls for our sunroof and moon roof overhead. Now, moving back onto the exterior of the tahoe, we can take a closer look at our alloy rims, which are off the cadillac escalade featured with our cadillac badging in the middle and our chrome pieces around the spokes. We also have our ss badging on the side. Paint match mirror caps and door handles. You can see a white front tint and dark rear privacy. Tint drag to the black aesthetic of the vehicle. We also have our blacked out retail lights ss and tahoe badging on the back, as well as our blacked out chevrolet emblem Music, open up the liftgate and we’ll find inside plenty of storage room. I folded down a rear, 50 50 split. Then we have cup holders off either side and a 12 volt charging port. Now, moving on to the rear interior of the tahoe we’ll take a look at the rear door panel, which also features our chrome door, handle window switch, close handle wooden, trim, speaker and storage back of the front seats. We have our leather magazine holders and back of the center console area, we have the rear climate controls.

We also have our um auxiliary inputs and av inputs, as well as a 12 volt charging port and then our fold out to cupholders overhead. We have our dvd player for the rear panasonic, and then we have our rear 60 40 featured in black patent leather rolled out center seat featuring two cup holders and in the far back currently folded down right now is our 50 50 split bench.