So this is coming from ichibaka and this is disney’s star wars is dumb, he’s already got an article on it, so i will link this check out. Ichibaka hail the chewbacca. This is uh he’s already chronicled the whole thing ray park gets horny on instagram. I don’t know what to say: information is still coming in on this, so the story’s still developing. All of this should be considered rumor at this point and take it with a grain of salt. So we don’t know exactly you know, what’s going on here, although we’re starting to get an idea that it might be true um, but take it. You know, take it with a grain of salt, so uh, i guess you could say ray park, got horny. So apparently, ray park who plays darth maul is trending on twitter right now, because he’s being accused of posting revenge porn on his instagram account in retaliation against his wife, who allegedly is cheating on him. Some are claiming that rey’s account has been hacked, others say it. Hasn’T been some say, the footage is of rey getting uh himself getting pleasured. Others say the footage is of someone else other than rey, but information is flying around like crazy right now, and this story will likely change over the next week or so. Okay, so here are some relevant tweets, bro ray park’s official instagram, it’s official instagram posted a dude getting a blow job and the comments are limited.

Can someone explain so ray park? Aka darth maul posted a video on instagram of him. Getting dot say goodbye to that mall series. Apparently, he came out and said: disney plus was was in the process of working on a darth maul series uh, but uh. You know that might be well, it might not happen, might not be happening anymore. Okay, here’s. The picture, of course, someone cleverly added a lightsaber there um, but this was the picture that was that that he posted and i follow ray park too. I did not see this, however, but you know, i guess it’s there or it was there. It got taken down. Um, but this was it so you can’t really see you know if that’s his his wife or not it’s hard to tell what’s going well. You know what’s going on there, but it’s hard to tell other than that who is involved in what’s going on there. I guess i should say so: uh yeah you can read that one um i don’t think he was hacked his previous now deleted post was of his wife’s phone number said to call her for a good bj and said she was on e and quote good mom Huh or something if he has been hacked, i feel really bad. If this is revenge porn, then nope, please do not circulate the actual video. Well, no, this is uh. This is all that i’ve seen, although i’m sure it’s, probably out there.

I edited to not dox his wife, but this is uh now the deleted post. If this is a hack, then whoever did this needs help yeah. If this is a hack, this is um. I, who knows i don’t know why you’d go to this extreme, but uh people are crazy, but it seems like it might not be. Someone did try to contact okay, so here’s daniel logan, who played boba fett in uh attack of the clones apparently is implicated implicated. In this whole thing he might be the other if this is to be believed. If that’s supposed to be his wife, this lightsaber might belong to boba fett boba fett uh, so i don’t know that’s what that’s again. This is all rumor all speculation. We don’t know right now he commented he commented on david, daniel logan’s post. I guess ray wife’s. Rey’S wife cheated on him with that dude and uh, so this is um. I believe this is his wife, yeah okay. So this is the post. He apparently put out there i’m ray park for a blow of a good time. She was. She was really on e at that time: good mom, so that’s, the one that they’re referencing up here um this was the post yeah, so so here’s someone that this. So this is yeah. So this is his wife lisa park. So apparently, someone had contacted her directly dm’d her on twitter and told her about this, and this is her response.

Uh. It says my friend stormtrooper senate dmd, ray park’s wife about that recent video he posted and damn ray lost. All my respect. Hi did your husband post the recent video or is he hacked no, not hacked it’s him he’s nasty just do what you can to get it taken down. I appreciate it. It was just taken down, so this is her. Her account that’s responding in a dm saying. He wasn’t hacked it was him he’s nasty um, so you know it does seem like this might be confirmation that he is actually involved in this, and it is actually him uh. Apparently now he also someone else. Posted ray park went off on his wife. A few weeks ago on his ig, he deleted it and pretended nothing happened. He needs help and this is um. I guess the tweet that was taken down from a few weeks ago. It says you know hey if you ever wondered what, if you ever want a fake ass relationship here it is. I have wasted too many years not trying to be successful, because i didn’t want to fake. Well, you can read it i’m, not going to read the whole thing, but you know he pretty much goes off his wife and people are like hey. I think, you’re a hacked man. You know you can never be this negative and he’s like you know what blocked i’m bored get a life prick so he’s responding very you know, f off prick to people who are like hey man.

Are you okay? You should be doing this? Are you hacked he’s? Apparently you know this is his. It looks like his blue checkmark account again it’s all speculative. Could this be? You know um. I don’t know when this was when this was posted. So could this all be photoshopped recently i mean i have to be really recent, but i guess anything is possible at this point because we just don’t know but yeah here’s. You know i don’t know it seems very interesting. It gets worse that person that ray park’s wife may have cheated on him with might be daniel logan, who played young, boba, fett and uh. I guess he. He there was a comment that uh daniel logan head let’s see. Does it say here yeah here’s daniel, so this is daniel. Logan’S official account guys here’s your chance to work out with my big sister love fitness underscore forever that’s ray park’s wife lisa park dm her for more info. She has a class tomorrow, so he’s promoting her class and then he ray park responds here. Watch this snake move being my best mate quote: unquote doesn’t answer and wants my wife hashtag karma. So you know and again someone said i think you got hacked man. Are you hacked you’re, saying some crazy stuff? I don’t know, and then this apparently comes out. This is allegedly uh ray park’s child posting on social media, but we again don’t know exactly if it is or not there’s, no confirmation.

This is his child, but it could be and he’s saying you know my dad’s sick. If you guys support him, he’s threatened the family. He had to call the cops three times um, you know, he’s he’s told his family, he’s gon na kill him and if he calls if they call the cops, he’s pulled knives up all this crazy stuff, which i hope none of this is true, but you know It’S i don’t know this is a developing story: uh apparently it’s. Okay, so i don’t know this it’s crazy, what’s developing here. If this is true or not but uh, i will leave that for you to decide and i guess wait for more evidence to come in. But since this is trending right now and breaking, i just couldn’t believe it that that ray park is, you know possibly involved in this, but it seems he might be. So let me know your thoughts below again. You can check out the article it’s on disney star wars, dumb