I saw this pop up on my feed from disney plus updates, which is not an official official disney plus site uh. They just kind of follow stuff and you know, throw out rumors uh, says it’s being reported that darth maul will appear in multiple live action. Star wars, projects on disney plus, including his own show, which will apparently feature kira played once again by emilia clarke, and i thought hmm that’s, interesting news that might be worth checking out. So imagine my excitement. When later today, i saw ray park, trending number one on twitter scroll on over click, that box take a look, and what do we find? Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, we find a little bit of this apparently ray park posted a video to his instagram uh. That was not quite star: wars related um, but there there’s some things going on with this and uh let’s talk about them so yeah. Naturally, some folks are confused and disgusted and uh disappointed um. They don’t know. You know like this person’s saying there’s the minors that follow that account um. You know people are saying you don’t know. If it’s him, you don’t know if he was hacked uh, you don’t know if it was revenge um, but um yeah there’s. Some people who claim to have spoke to rey’s, wife and they’re, saying that she’s confirmed that that is indeed him, that he’s uh.

You know he did it and um doesn’t really specify why but yeah she’s just asking that they report it try to have it taken down, etc.

Um i don’t know if it’s her in the video um we don’t even know if it’s rey in the video uh everything’s very much up in the air right now. Some are saying it was posted as revenge that that’s her and someone else. Some are speculating. It’S rey in someone else, it’s being tossed around that either of them may be cheaters. We just don’t have all the facts just yet, but another disturbing aspect to this. This post went up as well uh. This is claiming to be one of his children. Uh talking about him being sick and abusive, and i really you know, there’s no evidence that this is actually his uh, his child, at least none that i’ve seen um. I really hope none of that is true for sure, but there’s a lot of a lot of crap coming out. Really quick. So keep your eye out if you’re interested in this yeah, i don’t know i don’t, know what’s going to be going on with disney at this point, but um yeah. Hopefully this all gets sorted out and uh that we can all get back to life as normal. Loving ray park as we did – and i really you know, i really hope none of this is true, i hope um, you know. Maybe it was a a lapse in judgment.

In his part, i got angry or i i really hope it was just a hack to be honest, but um not looking like that’s the case it’s.

Looking like this is a a personal matter, that’s bled into social media and those things are always disappointing to see um but yeah. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Let me know if you heard anything besides what was stated here. You know it’s twitter, so there’s not a lot, not a lot of credibility. I would say thus far this will follow. This see what’s happening, uh rey is still on for for star wars and uh.