Now any rushing fluids. Are you woozy? Oh? How many stripes do I have so? The stripe. Question 3. No see something’s wrong with you. I have one. Oh you’re, okay, how’s, the look lucky let’s see now you sure you want to go to school this year, cuz there’s, no problem! If you don’t, you can wait five or six years dad forgot to brush. Do you want this anemone to sting you alright, we’re excited. First day of school here we go we’re ready to learn to get some knowledge now what’s. The one thing we have to remember about the it’s, not sink that’s, my boy. So first we check to see that the coast is clear. We go out and, and then one more time out and back in and sometimes if you want to do it four times, alright come on boy finally, doctor, if you don’t measure no and I don’t plan to have to be a hundred years old. Well, you know what if I ever meet after I’m done talking, you’re, not gon na freak out, like you did with the petting zoo. Are you hey that snail was about to charge Music Applause? Music, look who’s out of the anemone? Yes shocking! I know Marty right, Marlin, Bob dead, yeah, hey, you’re, you’re. Funny right, hey tell us a joke, that’s, a common misconception, mister no funnier than any other. I know one joke um there’s a mollusk see and he walks up to a seat.

Well, he doesn’t walk up. He swims up well, actually the mollusk isn’t moving he’s in one place and then the sea cucumber. Well, they I mixed up. There was a mollusk and a sea cucumber. I would feel better if you go play over on the sponge beds. Music be nice. His first time in school he was born with it kids. We call it as lucky it’s actually shorter than a man, but you can’t really tell especially when I talk like this I’m h2o intolerant, let’s name, the zones, the zones, the zones of the open sea. I wonder where my class has gone explorers. Oh well, Nemo all new explorers must answer a science question. Okay, you live in what kind of home Music welcome aboard explorers. No he’s got a little. I find if he’s having trouble swimming. Let him take a break 1015. Don’T worry we’re gon na stay together as a group, okay, class optical orbits up front and remember we key super senglin to ourselves. That means you Jimmy, be safe, hey you’re, doing pretty well for a first timer. Well, you can’t hold on to him forever. Kent yeah! I had a tough time with my oldest went out of the trap up ahead of ourselves: the drop off they’re going to the drop off. What did you, what do, what he was saying – I’m gon na just fry them up now and serve him with chip? Hey Marty, calm down, don’t tell me to be calm.