Sorry i’m! Talking quietly! If you can’t hear me, but all the rest of family’s in bed um so i’m really excited to get that thing on the track today, whether it’s going to be good, i’m i’m, not sure kevin parks ideal tried to give your uh a bag like guys. First, shake shakedown, but let’s see what happens Music Music morning we’re here again at cardwell, absolutely gon na be a belting day today, it’s not too hot, yet either um i’ve just got here i’m gon na work with the mts suspension guy today to help me get A base set up for my bike needs all the sag setting and everything in the electronic o wings. It’S got three manual modes, which i feel like could be a better idea for the track. Um so yeah i’m just gon na go and get set up and get a piss and get signed in and i’m, hopefully i’m gon na be on. I would know he’s testing some guys just said that my exhaust sounds ridiculously loud, so i pulled into the paddock. We shall see Music, it doesn’t really get much better than this. Does it nice sunny day, not a cloud in the sky it’s just i don’t know, i find it very relaxing being a bike. Paddock like this, so just the noise testing i’m actually pleasantly surprised. Just blown 101 without the so it’s just a straight acropolis, ray slip on um, so to be fair, snatching will be fine, silver’s going to be fine, put all baffling, i’ll, probably get away with a 98 decibel day at donington, which i very rarely would think about.

Going to anyway, so limit here is 105, so happy with that, so i’m spending a bit of time with matt from mts suspension setup this morning. Obviously this bike’s brand new, so i need to get it. They set up ready for me uh same that i did with his lx6r video i’m, again same as zxxrv i’m, not going to film exactly what matt’s doing and all the settings and everything else because, as matt quite rightly says this, how he sets his bike up Is specifically for me for my weight, how i ride there’s too many moving parts and variables for you to be able to just look at it copy it. Stick it in your bike and it’ll, get it wrong and it’s, then that would kind of be on map. Really so i’m not going to do that. So what matt’s done so far is just sat my static stag at the front at the front and rear and then we’re going to look at setting me a manual one mode for for my track day. We’Re going to monitor that throughout the day, so um big shout out to matt he’s uh he’s great. He knows exactly what he’s up to and i’ve got full confidence in him, i’m, actually setting the rear, preload now matt’s just finished, setting the front and rear side. Now so that should be um uh set up for my weight and riding style and we’ll we’ll figure that out throughout the day and pork, see how you’ve got these rings here.

Yeah they’re markers so they’re, really five mils you’ve got 15 mil throat showing through there. So what happened is you can actually drop the forks through to a degree but there’s only a certain amount. Dropping them through or raising them up actually affects your rake and what’s called the rake and trail yeah. So it mechanically can affect the geometry of the bike. As well – and we want to leave it where it is because that is about where you want it to be throughout the factory really chocolate. Some riders and some races would want to use that facility to actually drop it through or actually raising them understood. 17. 19. Rebounds pressure, 12. Music, look see they’ll all be out of about the same. So if i clean one right so matt set the suspension up. We’Ve got uh, increase the sight, so decrease the sag a bit at the back. We’Re gon na leave the front um in default for now and then go back after the after the first session, because the default settings on this on m1 apparently look pretty good um. So we’ll give it a whirl. Matt’S put a cable tie around the front forks as well, so this will be sort of a progressive change throughout the day, um, so yeah i’ll uh i’ll report. Back later, oh thai pushes yeah. You need to draw a tire pressure, so matt’s advised um 29 in the bike 31 in the rear and then the pirelli super courses so i’ll.

Let you know how it goes right, so we’re all set now just waiting for session, one suspension’s all sorted tire pressure, sorted um. The only thing i’ve issue, i’ve got this time is the aprilia has got literally zero room underneath the seat. So my audio for this track day is not going to be as good as what he normally is. With a kawasaki, i could fit a zoom h1n, a professional audio recording device, literally underneath the seat and capture the exhaust audio perfectly. Unfortunately, this i just can’t, do it it’s just impossible, so it’s i’m going to have to capture the audio via the gopro microphone, so it’s probably going to be a bit windy at the back end of the straight i’m, still getting the microphone in the helmet and Just trying to talk you guys through a little bit about how i’m feeling putting this bike on track, but yeah, so apologies i’ve answered the audio there’s literally nothing. I can do about it unless anyone’s got any bright ideas or solutions for me and obviously i can’t wear the zoom on me. Um yeah, i don’t know so. Yeah forgive the audio, but it’ll be what it’ll be if it’s. If it’s that crap um, i might just put some music over him – we’ll see but uh, hopefully not bye, no, no! No! No! No! Well! That was lovely. I usually do a little walk around to show you all the bikes while i’m here, but i’ve got an extra treat this time nice to meet that guy.

Whatever your name is drop me in the comments who you are okay. Here we go first session on the 2020 rsv4 1100 factory. Very careful warm the tires are i’ve took a lot of pressure out of these tyres, so i need to get them nice and warm Music get used to the bike. A lot of power in this bike compared to what i’m used to around here i’m going to try and commentate this, but obviously i need to really concentrate initial impression is actually the bike feels a bit weird to be difficult to turn. I think that’s, the tire pressures just give it a couple of laps until it warms up so so so so so, okay, i’m, not saying too much because i’m just concentrating! I get past this guy on the straight right, so survive session one. It was literally just to wobble around get used to the bike. Um yeah very conscious that there’s a lot of power there, but actually the handling is nice it’s a bit weird getting used to when i went out because i dropped 13 psi at the tires um. I felt like they were flat, but actually they’re warmed up really quick, so i’ve just been talking to my i’m going to leave the suspension as it is for the minute, because i really wasn’t pushing anywhere near enough to to need to tweak it and yeah all Good first session done i’m just waiting for the next one now Music.

So this is getting better now session, two complete getting used to the bike a little bit now holy it’s fast, though you just you just blast out of corners in second gear, it’s, absolutely insanity! Um you mean you got ta, be careful, but me down the straights and on on the the power is just bonkers like that’s. The only way i can describe it getting towards the edge of ty now um ty was looking all right, i’m still working with matt. We called him with matt getting towards bottom out point on the forks, so we’re gon na have one more session as it is now and see if i start to get any weaving, but we might need to stiffen the front forks up just a touch as i Get a bit faster throughout the day. I think i’ve got a bit more speed in me, i’m still quite tentative and tense, but i’m touching the knee down at different corners on this bike than that i wasn’t doing on the zx6r after um three four track days. So, like immediately i’ve jumped on this and the knees going down all over the place um. So you know i’m more comfortable right in the benz on this than i was on the zx6r, which is weird on the first time out on it. But yeah look let’s crack on do session three and check back in later so buy this in second gear, so so yeah get away with it.

So i ended session three i’m feeling good, really good, actually, and but that worries me a little bit because i need to calm down knees going down all over the place now, uh through hall bends, the left hand it smashed down there and it didn’t feel like Made me jump, but down at mansfield it’s, going down now i’m feeling a lot better, still not crack those top uh chris curve ones. Yet, though, i find them so difficult, i’ve gone so slow around them, uh being in cmat again um over mts we’re. Just on the cusp now of uh needing to put some preload into the front springs, so we’re gon na see how much faster i get later on this afternoon. If at all and then we’ll take him from there.