We got our first scoop of the bad batch animated series confirmed by lucasfilm and the confirmation of new clone wars figures from hasbro, but a new rumor has also dropped from latino review. If you guys remember latino review, they were around hardcore during the force awakens days. We’Re constantly getting things right, so they’re an incredibly reliable source in our opinion, but they state that hayden christensen has been cast in the kenobi series reprising his role as anakin skywalker. They state that hayden has been cast as a recurring role and his casting was going to be announced at star wars celebration anaheim 2020.. I talked with some of my sources this week and we can also confirm that hayden has been in talks with lucasfilm to join the kenobi series. I heard something a little different, but very close to what latino review is saying. I had heard that hayden would pop up here and there in season one, but not as a main cast member last year, when the kenobi series was initially announced. My source told me two things: one that ahsoka was going to be cast in the mandalorian and the clone wars. Flashbacks were going to be featured in kenobi. The clone wars. Flashbacks was something that i have seen floating around for a while. So i was not surprised to hear that, but now that this hayden rumor is really picking up steam, i think it’s safe to say that we’ll see ewing and hayden armored up during the clone wars.

This is a dream scenario for a lot of us clone wars fans. I have always wanted to see what hayden would look like if he was cast in the live action, clone wars story and the fact that we might see that is really exciting. I would think we’ll see anakin haunting obi wan on tattooing through visions and what, if scenarios that obi wan will have, that could be a possibility that we might see a what. If scenario, another bit of information that came out last week was from daniel richmond. Another very reliable source for film and tv news, daniel claims that darth vader will also be featured in kenobi. This is another no brainer to me as we need to see the moment when obi wan realizes that anakin survived his injuries on mustafar and becomes darth vader. I would also assume that evader is going to be in the series. Hayden christensen will be donning the armor. A lot of people have speculated that we might see a vader and obi wan confrontation, but i highly doubt that is something that will happen. There is no point in having the meet before new hope, but obi wan can absolutely have visions of anakin and vader. I do wonder if we could see a younger ahsoka or captain rex show up in the clone wars flashbacks. How cool would it be to see hayden, ewing, ahsoka and rex all together in live action, even if it is for a brief time, so i think it’s pretty much a solid rumor at this point guys.

I think that latino review is definitely on to something a lot of other people have tweeted out their thoughts on it. That have also heard the same thing from sources. So it’s gon na be a great series. I think kenobi is shaping up to be a it’s going to be a fan favorite for sure, and i just i can’t wait to see you and back. That alone is exciting, but the fact that we’re going to see you and act with hayden is just even more exciting and, of course, deborah chow directing it it’s just going to be incredible. So i think at this point, we’ve seen so many kenobi rumors float around for years – that i hope lucasfilm confirms this very soon. I would assume that the trades will start picking this up like hollywood reporter and whatnot, but i for one, am very excited that uh we’re gon na be seeing hayden christensen back as anakin skywalker. That is a dream come true. I was really hoping he’d show up in the reza skywalker. I know that you can hear his voice, but that’s just not the same as actually physically being there um but yeah. What do you guys think about this rumor? Do you want to see anakin invader back and, if so, in what capacity? Let us know in the comment section below what you think i cannot wait and uh. Hopefully we get official news around the cell when celebration was supposed to happen, which of course would be august 2020, which is next month.

Yes, it is next month we are in july, which is insane. So, thank you guys for watching, and you can follow us on twitter at cory, underscore wolfpack as well as kr transmissions, and you can find noah at outlaw noah.