Today is the opening day for tenant. Ladies and gentlemen it’s july 17th. That was rob i maybe i’m being naive or optimistic. I still don’t personally believe that it’s going to be until 2021 or even late 2021, for when the movie theater is open again, but you have to at least take warnings like this seriously. What comes to mind, though, is what happens if it is the case? What happens if the movie theaters cannot open again until mid 2021 video on demand? What are the repercussions of that and that’s? The first thing that comes to mind when i read these sobering words. What comes here’s, what comes to mind for me, it’s gon na be a disaster. It is going to be an artist for every disaster on several fronts, not something that it doesn’t mean. He brings robert on the screen robert’s about to talk, shut, the fuck up john right right now. We need i honestly i’m going to send a super chat to chat to john and say let robert speak more man he’s the best part of the show. He has to wait every time. Look at that he’s he’s so polite when robert, when robert got in trouble for for those tweets and everything and like and john, had to like explain everything leading up to that like that was so sad just watching poor robert, like i felt so bad for him, Because he already went through all that stuff and then he had to listen to john sit there and like explain the whole thing and not let him talk and he’s just like yeah, oh wait, oh wait, wait and then cut him off a couple times.

Even uh we’ll listen to a minute, we’ll, get to the five minute mark and then trash it that’s, not what i’m saying you know, disasters happen and you get back on your feet and you’re working, but this or Music amc will be dead like just the biggest Movie theater in the world. I wanted to hear what robert wants like that is going to disappear. He’S, like no cut back no camera and if you’re, not short sighted, and you understand how everything is connected, especially in this industry, you start to understand that sense of dread that creeps in about what the dominoes that will fall come into play because dominoes movie studios. They make their money in movie theaters, oh really wow. So now, if amc, can’t open again the same thing in 2021, they’re out of business, they’re gone they’re dead, that’s, the number one movie theater chain in the world is gone. That will affect the studios, but but beyond, just amc. Let me point this out. Right. Amc started behind the eight ball because they were in a position of five billion dollars in debt which we’ve talked about. It was all it was smart debt. Oh, my god, i was skipping ahead to see if robert gets to speak it’s almost at seven minutes. I think robert went to take a leak. No robert was gon na speak and then john’s like no camera back to me exactly robert should come on this show.

We would give him more time: oh yeah, oh yeah, we had him. We had him on four nerds with us and uh and it was fantastic he’s, a great guy. I love robert seven people on this panel and robert still would get more a chance to speak than with just being on with john. I think i should just skip ahead to what robert says then. We’Ll stop because i’m sick of okay Laughter away again i’m gon na get i’m gon na i’m gon na go nuts back to that reporter round table where they have all the studio heads talking together and they they bring up the issues of streaming and stuff. Like that it’s not the answer, but guess what this stretches into mid 2021 goddammit streaming may not be the answer, but it becomes the only option left on the table. So i never thought would have happened before, because i never thought the theaters would be closed until 2021.. Now you’re going to see black widow guess what disney is not going to sit on that for another year, disney’s not going to sit on. I just do not believe that disney is just going to sit on black widow for another year and while a lot of us go okay, his mouth and he wanted to say something disney – takes a massive punch to the balls financially because of it, but they can’t. Just to your point, robert you’ve brought this big high budget.

I think his financial implications are sitting on the shelf for so long. You can only do that for so long all right shift in the entire movie industry. The movies will survive, but it’ll look like a lot of dominoes if this thing stretches into 2021. and these things like it’s kind of hard to fathom rob, because once you start he’s falling asleep yeah, then your head starts going okay and if that happens, look at What happens next and oh, my god, if that happens, look at what happens.