This is joan catharine and it’s been a very long time since i posted something – and i wanted to cover this ray park story going on right now. So, for all of you who don’t know ray park has gone a little crazy and i’m gon na tell you why i believe it’s a little crazy, because he did something that you do not do on instagram. I do not care about the rumors behind it. Uh! You do not do what he did on instagram, so this video is we’re supposed to take it like ichibaka says this is a rumor and this whole story should be taken with a grain of salt. So before you start typing and saying ah it’s not true, and you lose your shit know that just like ichibaka my disclaimer is this is a rumor, and this is how i’m going to be assessing it. So let’s get into this. So nsfw raypark gets horny on instagram that’s, a good pun, uh, so yeah let’s let’s, see what’s going on here, so apparently ray parker plays darth. Maul is trending on twitter right now, because he’s being accused of posting a revenge porn on his instagram account in retaliation against his wife who allegedly cheated on him. Um some are claiming that rey’s account has been hacked. Others say it. Hasn’T been some say that the footage is of ray getting himself pleasured.

Others say it is someone else other than him, but the information from flying out like crazy and the story will likely change over the next week or so, which is reasonable to assume such is.

Such a thing so here’s some relevant, tweets, yeah, rarity parks, official instagram posted a dude, getting a blow job and the comments are limited. Can someone explain so i don’t know if this whole story that i did read and i’m actually gon na go over for you guys um. I do not know what’s going on in the background, but if there’s, one thing that i do know is that you do not post porn on instagram, okay, it’s, a no, no okay. So if rey was right, if this was all a rumor and they’re just trying to smear his name, him actually posting that on instagram does not help his case at all, and i am a fan of ray park and i really do not want him to get Cancelled uh, but it looks like it’s going to be this way. A lot of people believe the story i’m still trying to make. What i can make of this because it’s too early – and i did see other people – um i’m – going to give credit to some other twitter users who disagree with me. They said that uh his wife said this is all false and stuff, but let’s go let’s, go and check it out. So uh, no tweet from star wars only say goodbye to the whole series.

This sucks, i mean really blows. He was just getting ahead, which is some very cool puns, and this is the post in question.

Where um ray park posted a girl. You know polishing his lightsaber, it could not have been his. It could have been anyone else’s, so yeah um. This is the move where i believe ray park, completely lost control of the whole situation, and it said that you know his wife cheated on him with as you’re going to see below. I don’t want to rush, but she cheated on him with daniel logan of all people. So this is a very yike story. This is another star wars, tragedy between two characters. You know and they’re in the same faction, dark side so ray park is disgusting. Posting revenge. Point on his insta, i don’t think he was hacked because uh he posted his wife’s phone number and said you know she was high on e, possibly and she’s good for bj and uh good mom huh, so um yeah. This really seems that rey is upset about something he must have been cheated on that’s at least what he says from his side of the story and this person ella did the best thing possible saying please do not circulate the actual video. This is how you help someone, especially when a rumor is still at its rumor stage, when it has not been solidified, as fact so, uh good job, ella uh. This is the behavior that we need on twitter right now from users um, i don’t think ray park was hacked.

You know, loki think uh, his wife cheated.

You know he posted something yeah. He commented on daniel logan’s, young boba, fett actor. I guess ray’s wife cheated with uh cheated on him with that dude, so yeah i’m telling you this is. This is huge. This is a huge story, even as a rumor it’s really interesting. So he posted yeah inflating him on instagram uh yoshi was hacked. Her response was something like he was not hacked he’s just nasty, so the wife is actually saying that he was not hacked and i did see a tweet somewhere uh it got buried in you know right around here. I guess let’s see. Oh shit yeah. I can’t, because you know i have to keep my uh wi fi down if i want to use this uh software that i’ve got going on right now, because i really cannot afford to have one that i want so anyway. Uh right now, i’m gon na have to make do with what i have but uh. There was a person that uh told itchy that uh what he said was was false and that these rumors are going to just be rumors and they’re, not true, and that he talked to his wife and there was a screenshot. I can actually vouch for this person. A screenshot where she says basically that no none of this ever happened. Okay, so this is just a crazy story. This is the girl, i think in question.

Oh, i think this is his.

I think this is his wife, okay, yeah, right uh. She was really on e that time: good mom yeah. This is the uh. What what ray park had to say, melting down really bad. So this is lisa park. This is his wife uh. Did your husband, post um, the recent video or is he hacked it’s, not hacked it’s him he’s nasty just do what you can to get it down. I appreciate it. It was just taken down so um. This is confirmation from his wife, so the rumor is starting to a little at least solidify a little bit in my head, because this is the evidence that i’m looking for okay, he had a huge blood with his wife last week, um so yeah. These two seem to not be having a very healthy relationship right now and is exploding all over social media, and this is ray park just tearing at people. Okay, so it’s, like yeah, fake ass relationship. You can actually see right here, um dude. This guy is having a meltdown fuck. The this you know, fucking cheek to say, i’m married up holy shit and when people are trying to like ask him things he snapped at them. You know what board i’m gon na block i’m bored get a life prick fuck off prick nope fuck off, stop following me: prick prick prick break holy shit ray park. This is not looking good for you buddy.

I really wanted to help you and support you, but yikes, okay, so again you’re a dick and wow wow.

His behavior is yikes, so it gets worse. The person uh that ray’s uh wife might have cheated on him with is daniel logan, who played young boba fett in the prequels, okay, so yeah. This is this. These are some more screenshots and this little one here. This man is crazy and belongs behind bars. This is going to be disgusting a few, so this is daniel. Logan says you know: uh he’s, basically promoting his wife, which is okay, i’m gon. Na be honest. It kind of is suspicious watch this snake move being my best mate doesn’t answer and wants my wife karma. Okay, uh shit, shit, shit shit. I think your buds account got hacked yeah him. He purported dm from lisa here’s, a purported dm from lisa. Okay, oh um. This is this is the one. This is the screenshot. I was talking to you about from the other guy, so it’s here i forgot about it completely so uh that works for us, okay, so what’s the deal. Can you take a video of yourself or make an actual post with a validity to all the stuff about rey, because until then i don’t believe all the bs uh dms out there uh, i see from anyone messaging you and she responds with. Unfortunately, people have decided to make false allegations about me and my family in this defamation of character and extremely hurtful to my family, especially when people are bringing my kids into it.

I would very much like for you to report anything on instagram and twitter. This will help a great deal. I appreciate your concern. Okay, so this was the tweet, so on the one hand, he’s just being nasty and the other one it’s not real, and i don’t know so anyway. There may be other issues as well, and this is the one that i was talking to you about. This is the tweet where you know apparently there’s a story uh where his kids are talking about how abusive he was as a father, okay, so ray park’s child allegedly posted this on social media. So not only is this man, a revenge, porn poster he’s, also an abuser, he has threatened to sell his child into sex slavery and to kill his family uh. Is this someone that you want associated with your brand star wars, and i am yeah okay, so if is this, the person that you want associated with your brand uh let’s read this story now people are like it’s, not true, because it doesn’t have a name. If this is coming from a kid, you do not want to have the information of that kid, so ichibaka kind of editing that out, if he did, was a good move, because yeah a whole minor subject is a very delicate uh thing. So this man is crazy and belongs behind bars. So this is this is what his kid or kid said: um my dad is fucking my dad’s fucking sick uh.

If you guys support him and his acting on, add me uh, he’s, neglected me and my brother. My whole life and abused us physically and mentally. I don’t care about his reputation anymore, he’s disgusting and should be locked up because he’s, a an actor he’s, an actor who’s fucking trash and isn’t worth the watch. Shit goes differently. I’Ve already had i’ve already had to call a cop three times on him and nothing has been done now: he’s posting revenge porn and it’s sick. He said he’s going to sell me as a sex slave holy shit. Yikes yikes i’d not want to read more of this, but basically you, you understand, what’s, going on holy shit and there’s, a screenshot of the alleged video and it is ray park here. You know oh yikes, yikes, yikes, yikes, yikes holy shit and here is from uh final death star. Okay, i want you to subscribe to final death star. I want him to be able to reach a thousand subscribers so that he can get monetized because he is fucking. Fantastic, i am subscribed to him, so you should do the same thing too, shout out to ichibaka and final death star. So this is what’s going on right now, so there’s three things going on ray park’s wife might have cheated on him with daniel logan and he’s. An abusive father that threatened to sell his kids into sex, uh slavery and killing his family wow. This is this is really really fucked up, so kathleen kennedy, oh by the way, not liking kathleen kennedy, does not mean you hate women, okay, just trying to get that thing out there.

Some people don’t understand i don’t like kathleen kennedy, but i liked her as a producer in jurassic park. I acknowledge her work. This is not relevant. Why am i talking about this? But what do i make of this? Okay we’re at the whole thing? What do you make of this uh? Let me know in the comments below i’m gon na, let you know my two cents on this. I really cannot say right now, because it is too early, but i see that things are not looking good for in rey’s favor. It is a little too convenient, also to um play. Devil’S advocate it’s a little too convenient that this story happened now and every and his kids are coming up with the fact that oh yeah, he was an abusive father uh, but on the other hand you do not know what’s going on in a household, especially when You’Ve got someone as when you’re, as you know well known as ray park. Okay, he i believe that he and his family live a rather decent life and you’d think that that would make them happy. But no so i really hope that this isn’t true, because this does not look good for for star wars fans at all. So if are we going to cancel him? I really don’t know i really don’t want to because i don’t, like canceling people in general, but you know ray park – is not making a good case for himself i’m going to have to go.

Thank you so much for watching this video we’re going to see what this is going to be all about in the future. Again i’m shouting out ichibaka for this article uh, he comes up with some really interesting stuff. You should go and follow him on twitter. If you have a twitter handle also consider subscribing to my channel, i i would really appreciate the support and i’ll see you guys next time so uh. My time is up.