I think it’s manual and it’s only activated by a manager that’s. What mitch told me whoa there’s lots of lightning they fix stuff. With the rain made, it fall faster uh! Oh gosh project, i see you is wood, why coming um yeah, so he changed that he removed some of the decoration decorations. We still have some, which is nice. I think these are like staying till like as long, but i think these are staying, which is nice, because not all of them are gone. So, like the mickey heads i i believe those i believe all those are still here. I haven’t yeah. All of them are still here. I see the discovery land one yeah uh, so um. Also a quick little update in the in the discord server um hold on. Let me tab out locked in discord, server and there’s a new emoji um. The show times have changed. Some banners have been removed, oh cricket, chirping, rain, speed and new items for guests. Oh let’s go. I haven’t seen the oh wait. I need my umbrella it’s raining.

Oh yeah, the view castle button has changed. Now we have oh, the tangled plant turns in here. Oh cool, i love the future update um, yes, put my umbrella back out or get my umbrella back out, but um there’s mitch, hello, yes, dancing in the rain. We love, we love um. So what was it show times? Oh yeah showtimes have changed. Let me show you this: oh um, the showtimes um, okay! Well, the showtime’s! Not the same.

I guess you actually forgot to um. Okay, well, that’s a bug i didn’t change. It oop well there’s a bug right there. He did not change it so yeah, but what what we’ll do is it’ll is the menu will decrease in size and the four the menu will decrease back and the um dreams come true. Parade will get its 10 p.m, showing back. Oh it’s done raining. Okay, also, the crickets – this was actually ice actually suggested this. So now the birds only chirp in the okay, the birds only chirp in the day. Yes, she calls me, i don’t know why um the birds only chirp in the day and now i suggested okay hold on hold on here’s. If you can’t uh hold on. Let me go to an area that i know: there’s no music, so i can’t hear it better. Yeah, listen, there’s a little there’s, no chirp it did. I almost go shurpits. Oh crickets yeah. I think it’s really cute.

So now at night the crickets will go off cute. I like the lantern, how it’s in there now michael it’s, stop. Yes, i think he’s aware make sure i didn’t miss anything. Uh castle view button, chirping rain, speed new items, oh also also um, this something small clarification about the java applications. I just saw um when, when we ask you for the name of the owner, we we ask for only one answer: providing us other usernames suggestions, adding punctuation to the answer or adding other words will cause.

The question be marked wrong. If we see anything like this, whether the answer is correct or not, it will not, it will be counted as an incorrect answer, so there’s just a little clarification. Ah, i can’t type um it’s, just a little Music clarification about that yeah. I’M glad that he kept some of the banners up. Oh i just realized. He kept the party, the party caps on that’s, cute yeah, but i’m glad he kept some of the banners and not removed all of them Music. I really like the party hats on them. That’S really cute, are you kidding me? Yay rydian lucas is back to ruin another video of mine. If you don’t know he follows me around everywhere. Oh never mind he completely ignored me, which is completely fine with me. Chatting me yeah, because i don’t i don’t i’m. Recording public service so yeah, yes, it’s, not raining at all, and yet i just whip out an umbrella Music.

I just whip out an umbrella. Well, never know it’s! True, you never do know, but um. Thank you for watching. If you enjoy like subscribe. Sorry i did this in a public server i’m, just not sure if the thing is automatic, because the last time i asked i don’t know who’s talking about and no i don’t friend, people Music. Are you kidding me? Okay? Well, whatever? Okay, all right i’m, just i’ll! Do it i’ll do it over here, since this that’s some decorations, are you kidding me? Is he just gon na follow me dude? This is why i don’t record in public servers like updates yeah angel.

Please don’t, follow me around. Oh, oh there you go um, but thank you for watching i’m. Okay. I have no idea what he’s dying, though i’m Music, oh, okay, okay, i did not know that Music um thanks for watching lagging thanks for watching. I already did the outro see you guys.