Making this one we’re with ray howe kicking bear ministries up in beautiful lake, saint clair, in michigan on the canadian border we’re with the ray park foundation and their annual tournament muskie fishing tournament. It is a great time and we got some great footage for you and we had a blast making this one so check it out and uh. Thank you good morning, brian good morning ray, i think, just our seventh eighth year of doing this. Yes, probably the best day, we’ve ever had water looks a little horrible, yeah we’ll, be all right. Uh, usually be like a little bit of over overcast or something but that’ll be calm. Today, no throwing up you know the fun thing about this is getting together. The fellowship and the camaraderie, and all that this means and what it does for uh, kids off the streets and and for people who have got uh illnesses like cancer and uh. All that this uh has done with the rape heart foundation and what you and your family have done to help so many people, i uh it’s, very, very humbling. I think so. Uh i’m excited today to be here and be a part of this but uh. I think going forward, but this does trickle down and think about me. Well yeah. I agree i don’t, i don’t know how many kids are affected by what you do and but what we do, but it doesn’t really matter that’s, not enough yeah right.

So we just keep plugging away and putting more in making it better. Well, it needs to be a few more people like yourself in the world. Well, thank you not a lot of people step out of their everyday life to help other people that they don’t even know pretty awesome. I’M glad to do it. I love it all right today: hey good luck to you, 50 plus three 50 inch plus that’s. What we’re looking for i want! We were cat. We got a couple little firecrackers with us uh on that boat from kicking bear so uh. These kids have never caught a muskie. They haven’t even seen one so it’s gon na be pretty amazing. I, the one young man, i think we have to help them hold the fishing pole because they don’t get pulled water, Music. Music. Did you get a turkey this year, yeah tell any story that’s it um. So my dad heard some turkeys in the woods and then he was calling and then two of them ran out in front of us and then they were both times and then um. There was i my dad asked me what one to um shoot and then i said the first one and then i shot it, but then my dad had to shoot it again and then i shot it and i finished it off and then we went out there And got it and then it didn’t have no tailbones no kidding.

It was a double beer. Congratulations, that’s, an awesome story. All right! My name is vince brennan we’re on the very vegan we’re gon na head out to lake st claire and try to uh get some good old musky today, uh water’s way up so fish are spread out uh. I can guarantee uh sun fun and smiles fish we’re. Just gon na hope they cooperate Music Applause, Music. Do Music, Music, well, they’re all lining up we’re, getting ready to yank some muskies out of the water, but all those guys should been on the merry beacon right here, because this is the boat big fish boat. Huh big fish, we’re gon na yank, some good ones out of water, yeah, we’re, Music, Music, so Music, uh, Music, there doing Music hang on Music, Music. Music. Music here guys take your pool. Okay, that is a big! Oh man, Music, as you go down: Music, Music, Music, Music, oh yeah, Music, that’s, a good one: oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s, a good one, hang on hang on got him Music walk forward; Applause! Oh that’s! A big stretch same one. I think he’s just hanging up on the bottom brought in i don’t know which one it is Applause, uh hold one second, real real real all right. We got. We got it good job Music Applause Music today, for for those of you that aren’t aware of of what the ray park foundation does, except for this year, we hold a couple of different events throughout the year, raising funds that go directly toward introducing kids to the Outdoors, whether it’s hunting fishing or just learning, basically wildlife management, we also get kids involved in shooting sports, not necessarily hunting but different shooting sports.

So thank you for being here helping us the ray park foundation uh introduce kids to the outdoors. We have with us ray howell from kicking, bear ministries all right how to say this correct degree. I think we strive at the ray park foundation to do what you do. Um you’ve set the goal for us and we try to. We try to get there we’re. Just a few years behind, so thank you for what ray ray. Thank you for what you do in getting kids, walking, downhill, okay, um and then fishermen. Thank you. Thank you all for coming and joining us today. This was a great day: Applause, Music, okay, so uh the team that won today’s competition – uh is, am i happy captain keith jones, i guess with blake. Today, blake was the captain. Today they had a total of 209 and a half inches let’s. Am i happy and then uh largest fish of the day was 50 inches even caught? Sure am i happy what scored the largest fish and then largest fish for the east coast of jackson rank? You have 46 inches Applause jack fished on uh on tico, with captain chris today, just to let you know, uh really cool, to look around and see see the young people here today we had. If i counted correctly, we had nine kids fishing today with us. So, thank you. Dads, uh, grandpas, uncles and bringing the young people and fishing with us today appreciate it.

Thank you um if you’re a first timer this year, and you want to be on the email list. Please see me before we leave and i’ll get your email address and we’ll make sure we we keep informed on everything ray park foundation does for next year. We’Ll make sure we get you back here again next year.