. Can you believe it of my social isolation get ready with me this week i gave the option between the blush tribe neon dreams palette and the violet voss vibes palette vibes one with 62 percent of the vote so that’s. What we’re going to be using today? I did um a five looks review video with this palette and i don’t think i’ve used it since so this was touted as a neon palette and the shades are pretty vibrant in here, but honestly, the only one that i would actually classify as a neon shade Would be leg warmers, so um not totally neon, still really vibrant and bright. I want to do something that’s sort of like my nails and the dress that i’m wearing. I just want something really peachy coraly and bright, so we kind of got a little bit of news today on timelines for returning to work sort of they’re, not completely official, so i have to take them with a bit of a grain of salt so i’m, not In a group that’s especially needed in the office uh, which makes working from home a very easy thing to do, although i don’t like it, i never have um, but it means that our return to work is not really required, so we’re considered wave three. I think for returning to work and they were kind of announcing that wave three might only return to work in 12 to 18 months from now, i had pretty much figured that 2020 was shot for going back to the office, but i really didn’t think that in A year from now i’d still be working from home, so it might not be true uh, it might be um.

I think it’s likely that it will be true, but that was that was rough to hear, because i mean 12 to 18 months from now could literally be returning to the office in 2022, which is a little bit mind boggling. To be honest, i mean, if it’s the safest route to do it that way. Fine, no problems, i just i hate working from home. So much my butt is starting to kill me on the kitchen table chair that i’m using and i’m. Just like i need to get a new chair for my bum, because my bum is getting very sore just sitting there. Okay, moving on to every time i start filming, one of my cats decides to use the litter box and they’re really just in there, throwing the litter around all right, let’s move on to actually doing the eyeshadow so i’m a little bit conflicted on what i want To do i want to incorporate these reds and corals, and i was debating throwing in purple, but i i don’t know uh: okay, let’s, just dive right in i’m gon na take leg. Warmers, oh, is that a good idea i don’t know we’re gon na find out i’m gon na take leg, warmers and i’m gon na put it through my crease. As i said, this is the most neon shade in the palette, so it’s going to be the one with the most patchiness in it, because anything with a neon base or neon pigment is very white in the base which, for whatever reason, neon pigments and their white Bases just cause a lot of patchiness, but actually this is going on better than i thought it.

Would it doesn’t even look neon on camera that’s so disappointing. You know this is honestly blending a lot better than i was expecting so pleasantly surprised with that. Okay, so the thing i really want to do is take awesome and put that all over my lid so i’m, using a flat, shader brush with that and i’m just gon na. Oh, that is such a gorgeous color. I didn’t use a white base kind of regretting it right now, just to make it stick to the lid a little bit better. But honestly, the pigmentation is coming through pretty good. That is so close to matching my nail color okay, i’m gon na deviate from my plan. Here. Sometimes you choose something you don’t know if you’re gon na regret it i’m gon na take biker shorts here and i’m gon na use that on the outer corner and i’m hoping it’s gon na tie these two oranges together. Normally, i would opt for the red here, but i always sort of do that kind of look and i want to try something different initially. I was thinking the radical shade here this purple, but i think it’s a little bit too blue tone so i’m going to go with the biker shorts one just because i feel like there’s a little bit more red orange in it. Yeah i’m, getting some patchiness in here. This palette can be really pretty and then at times i feel like it just causes some patchiness issues that i don’t want to see in my eye shadow so i’m, actually going to go back with a shader brush and try to apply that that area sort of Pack it on a little bit better, then, when i get up here i’m, just going to pat it into place, it’s not adhering very well shoot.

The problem is when you try to blend these, they kind of just dust away, which is why i prefer to pat them on, but it’s, really not sticking to each other honestly it’s, not bad in the viewfinder in person. It’S it’s not great, but if you fuss with it too much it’ll get exponentially worse, so i don’t want to tweak it too much, okay and i’m going to replicate on the other side. What i just did: okay, it’s, okay, i’m, going to leave it because, if i add anything more or play with it anymore, it’s going to cause problems. So let me just clean up my under eye area, because i’ve got a lot of fallout. Of course, using my trusty bioderma myself solution, since this palette is just straight: brights i’m, obviously going to be using my wet and wild brulee eyeshadow to highlight my problem, and this look definitely needs winged liner, so i’m, using my physicians formula eye booster for that, okay, We’Ll come back to the eyes in a moment for now we’re going to move on to the face i’m still using my revlon full cover foundation, and this is in the shade 200 nude. So i went on my first social isolation picnic in the park with my friends last night, it’s been a long time since i just hung out with friends. I mean i’d had julie over for movies and stuff before, but i hadn’t really done anything in more group setting.

I mean there was only three of us going to the park, but my friend steve, suggested it and i’d initially put him off for quite a while, because i just i didn’t want to be doing normal things. They felt wrong, like i shouldn’t, be partaking in doing anything because life wasn’t normal uh and i finally gave in my friend steve and sean all decided to eat dinner in the park last night, and i got dressed dressed up. I put on a dress and did my makeup: did my hair and then just went out to the park to meet them and have some takeout that i pre ordered, and it was so bizarre going outside dressed properly, like not in sweats and not in like running Gear uh and with my hair, my makeup did that i honestly initially when i got outside, i felt like the world was normal again, and it was this really weird feeling where i had to like remind myself that no, the world is not normal and you still Need to keep your distance from people, it was just such a shock. What a normal activity getting dressed do my makeup um had as an effect on me. It basically meant made me feel like the world was fine again just one of those things that i hadn’t really thought about, and then i got in that situation. I was like whoa keep your distance from people kind of thing um, but it was really nice.

We all got to catch up say how we’re doing through quarantine. Everybody’S got their own struggles right, so it was just. It was just lovely. It felt relatively normal again, as i just keep saying, um, not that we ever normally eat dinner in the park, but it was just nice to really reconnect, so i think we’re gon na try to make a little bit more of a habit of it. I mean at least maybe once a month, because it did feel it felt really good and on the way home there’s this place called it’s maya, something i don’t know exactly what it is. I’M, pretty sure they sell. Is it vietnamese food, but they also had like ice cream or a slushies too, and they had coconut ice cream and i haven’t had coconut ice cream in a long time and it’s one of my favorite types of ice creams, and i got this tub of it. It must have been a full pint of ice cream like it was massive. It was this big and like that tall and it was like seven bucks uh, so basically a pint of haagen, dazs, really and uh. It was delightful. I was so pleased with myself. It does still feel weird not to hug your friends, though i just noticed there’s a lot of eyeshadow dust in the liner here um. So when i ran into my friend sean as we were headed to the park, i was like uh.

I just want to hug. You but our bubbles personally are too big overall, so we can’t connect them and actually like touch each other, okay. Foundation’S done. I sometimes feel like i miss spots in a video when i’m talking, but i think it looks okay uh for bronzer i’m gon na be using the too faced sweetie pie bronzer, just because i wanted something a little bit more peachy to match. This look, and i feel like this one works out really well for that i’m there’s – a nice dent in this, but i haven’t hit pan yet, and i really want to – i think i’ve mentioned before that i really enjoy hitting pan on bronzers. I don’t know why specifically bronzers bring me so much joy when i hit pan um, but they do, but this one just keeps trucking on like it’s it’s, not hitting pan anytime soon. I don’t think it’s kind of just sitting there mocking me so yeah. I hung out with two friends last night julie and i have a date to watch some movies. I think we’re gon na make it a britney spears night, so we’re gon na be watching crossroads, and i can’t remember what the other one she suggested was that’s like at the start of august, oh and uh tomorrow. So i film this on sunday at the end of the week. You guys see it on tuesday, so for me it’s tomorrow, but for you guys it was yesterday uh it’s, my uh 10 year anniversary with my husband um, which kind of unbelievable to believe that 10 years have passed.

How the heck did that happen got married at 27 and i’m, 37 now and um it’s it’s an easy year to remember right because we got married in 2010, so now, it’s, 20, 20, so easy 10 years. We actually got married at city hall and then had a full wedding, the next year um, but the city hall wedding was actually really sweet. Both of our parents were there and it was just a really cute, like little man who read shakespeare and married us right off the bat people kind of sometimes look down on city hall, marriages uh, just because they’re not as fancy as like a full wedding. But it was actually really sweet. Okay for blush i’m gon na be using tarte’s. Tipsy fits the coral theme, but yeah we had the wedding at city hall because um for those who aren’t aware my husband’s american and uh. This story is a little. We met in march of 2010, physically in person uh. We had known each other through world of warcraft before uh met physically in person in march, got engaged on july 1st of the same year and then got married on july 20th same year. So, between the time that we met and got married was very quick um and a lot of that was honestly driven by the fact that uh he couldn’t he had moved to canada to be with me, but he was on a visitor visa and uh you can’t Do much on a visitor visa? You can’t work! You can’t go to school, so we kind of accelerated the marriage process and got married at city hall in order to start him on his permanent residency and that came through.

I think didn’t take honestly that long. I think it was six months, but we took a while to file, so he was a permanent resident starting in uh 20.. What did i say before we? We got married in 2010, so he was a permanent resident in 2011 and then that’s when we had the full wedding in ottawa with my friends and family. Okay blush is on freaking love. This color had a subscriber send this to me ever so thankful, because it’s long been discontinued uh for highlighter i’m going to be using another too faced product. This is the love light prismatic highlighter in the shade ray of light and it’s just got a bit of a rose gold tinge to it. I didn’t want anything too orange. I almost busted an orange highlighter and i was like yeah. I kind of try to balance it out a little bit better. I love this one though, and no one talks about these anymore. Okay face done i’m, going to zoom you back in and we’re, going to finish up the eyes i’m, not really sure what to do. For my lower waterline, because i don’t really have a color that matches exactly so i’m going to be taking two different off tropic liners by nyx, i have the shade mimosa orange here and the other one is happy hour. These, i know, are no longer really available in the u.s, but you can still get them at shoppers.

Drug mart in canada, which is great because i freaking love these i’m, going to start with the orange and then i’m praying that the pink layers over top without just covering it, but actually like melts together. Oh that worked that’s doing exactly what i want. Yay i’m. Just gon na rub it through my lash line here, because i’m gon na be blending shadows down here, and i want um this to meld in for the inner half of the lower lash line i’m going to take awesome on a tiny brush. I don’t know how well this is going to blend in this area, but we’re going to give it a shot and then for the outer corner back in with biker shorts. Did i say, inner corner. I meant outer corner okay, that doesn’t look good at all. So i need to take, i think, my crease color and sort of layer it on the edges there, so that was leg. Warmers i’m, just gon na find a good brush for it. So this one, i hope, will work just dipping into leg, warmers and i’m. Just gon na rub that along the edges, oh that’s, better good! Well, i thought it was working now it’s starting to look i don’t know. Maybe it looks okay to you, guys it’s seeming a little bit messy to me for the inner corner of the eye i’m. Going to take a stila, glitter and glow this one is peach pretense, oh yeah, it was from the little white lies collection, so um.

The problem with the little white lies collection is because it’s so bright. I end up having to take these on a brush. To put them on my eye, otherwise the color pigment from my eyeshadow ends up on the doe foot applicator and then into the product, which is not great, so i’m, just putting that on my brush and then putting it on the inner corner of the eye. Okay, so i’ll finish up my eyes by applying hourglasses caution. Mascara i’m then going to be putting on some false lashes by tarte that i really love. These are called the center of attention, lashes and then i’ll. Do my brows and i’ll be right back to apply the lips okay for lips gon na go with the matchy matchy and i’m gon na be using this astor um it’s kind of like a gloss stick but it’s highly pigmented. I got this in prague. Quite a few years ago, they don’t sell them anywhere in north america. As far as i’m aware – and i freaking love this color, not just because it’s that perfect coral shade to me but it’s also called like feeling feline and anything cat themed, i’m, all about so i’m gon na whack. This straight on yeah, like there’s, a lot of pigment but it’s, really quite glossy, and the scent is to die for it’s like caramel, oh so that right there is the finished look i’m, pretty pleased with how it turned out.

It was looking real sketch for a few minutes there, and i still maintain that the pigments in this are quite hard to blend um. I don’t even remember what i said in my video review, which was probably over a year ago. Now i want to love these colors so much because they’re so vibrant and they’re beautiful to look at but man they can be problematic when you’re blending them. Overall. The look came out nice um, but i can definitely tell there’s like some patchiness issues with the eyeshadow application, so just something to be aware of so i’m going to end it there.