I can do about that isn’t that right paul, i guess so. Oh gee man, you don’t, you don’t sound much like yourself today, what’s wrong i’m, just worried about being cancelled on social media. For my past misdeeds, i have grown quite a bit as a person in recent years and i don’t want to be judged as i am today for the person i used to be. I don’t know about that one. I seem to remember a nuclear conflict that you started so uh feels like you deserve most of what’s coming to you, huh wow, chris, some friends, you are wishing such hateful things upon me. My sins had reasons and i hope you get cancelled. I hope you feel the sting of that, which i fear. Ah you see paul that’s where you’re wrong, i can’t be canceled. I can’t be fired because i’m, my own boss, for i am a content creator, the most safe career that you could possibly have in this tumultuous climate youtube has demonetized all three of shane dawson’s channel you’ve, probably seen the incredible amount of allegations of sexual misconduct in Various gaming communities from people working in game development and publishing to twitch streamers, have you seen. Dave chappelle apparently raped a dolphin bro. I don’t need to hear anything dude what is happening. I can’t hear you.

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Please uh! Please! Please! I’Ve been surviving on ramen and corn pops for the last 50 days. I’M. Not well! Please help what a time to be a content: creator – huh it’s, not a good time to be a content creator, folks, we’re up on the chopping block. Now you know, honestly, if i really think about it in great detail, i really can’t think of a single group of people that has dealt with more suffering than we have as content creators. Welcome back everybody to another episode of the raygun recap, which, from here on out, will probably just feel like a worse version of hellworld thanks a lot june. I can’t compete with 50 minutes. What are you doing? What are you doing to me today? We’Re going to be talking about cancel culture, because it seems to be the theme of this entire year, honestly, ah going outside cancelled, seeing friends and family cancelled that sabrina show on netflix cancelled, they didn’t even let the cat talk, what a waste i’m glad it’s dead. Now i know everybody’s making this observation lately and it’s, not an original observation, but this year really does have a sense of finality about it that other years really really never had even 2012. When everybody thought the world was gon na end, because the mayans couldn’t fucking count uh that even that year, didn’t feel as final as this one does it’s almost like we’re doing a warthog run.

Only instead of you know satisfying closure, we just get 500 more whiplash.

To put it simply: it’s it’s it’s series finale time, guys important side plots are just abruptly getting resolved and abruptly wrapping up. They got epstein’s girlfriend in prison. Now, hopefully, her suicide is believable. This time, every single popular video game, streamer on the planet it seems like, is getting outed for sexual misconduct. The entire smash brothers community is on fire. Some pro destiny players got outed uh. The makeup community is basically the same as it’s always been, which means it’s, it’s, also still a very huge piece of shit. So if we’re really gon na dig into the meteor parts of these stories, i think it’s best to start with a singular focus and what better focus than our beautiful edgy, emo boy, shane dawson. You know him popular youtuber for over 10 years. At this point uh, you probably know him from a hilarious amount of blackface or pretending to be poor in mansions. The series can’t forget that book. He wrote in 2016 that has probably the most appropriate name. He could have possibly chosen. It gets worse. Nobody sets up a joke quite like the past huh daffin chappelle carlin time best comedians, so shane actually has a pretty unique history in all this because he actually used to be super popular back in, like 2010 2009 uh back when he used to make really really Edgy videos, edgy jokes, edgy, comedy skits before falling off for years and eventually exploding back onto the scene, uh by piggybacking off of very famous uh relevant and successful people.

Oh what’s, this uh tanacon was a massive clusterfuck that everybody knew about. Let me get in on that jeffree star looks like a maritime corpse. Let me get in on that. Eugenia cooney has an eating disorder and is slowly turning into the dude from medieval. Let me get in on that. Jake paul is a household name and is also a psychopath. Let me get in on that. I just remember being like utterly befuddled when i would hear people talking about him again in like a positive way like oh did you see the new shane dawson video at the end of like 2018 or the or early 2019, because i just i i genuinely just Kind of always couldn’t stand him. Do you remember that god awful movie he made about himself or something and he’s in high school and he trips a woman into a belly explodes i i i it’s just it’s, just terrible he’s terrible, oh, but chris, making a bad movie doesn’t mean someone’s a bad Person you’ve made terrible videos. Do you not recall the alien one? Yes, perhaps that is indeed a fact. Making a bad movie does not make you a bad person. That is true uh. However, i would say that uh, you know if you act like an absolute prima donna and a diva and a complete sociopathic asshole on the set of that movie. Well, when i was an actor, i was auditioning for everything i don’t quite understand the logic of being picky when you have no job well, no but that’s the problem they do have jobs and one woman in particular who’s a professor who’s up for 10 years.

John. Why am i seeing professors? Where are the actors you won’t read the notes? I want to see all the notes now you said the opposite to me. You specifically told me that night, you guys are going to send me the notes and i’m never going to read them. I mean as a joke, but it’s been a week and you haven’t read them it’s. No, i don’t need it just just just the second one. Acting notes, and not like word notes, i don’t, like i don’t like so obviously as catharsis does uh, it brought a bit of a smile to my face when i found out that he was next on the cancel culture chopping block. Even if i, at the core of my being don’t, believe in cancel culture now, if you want to cancel like a rapist or a murderer i’m, all right with it, i suppose it’s fine, good, all good good on you, but i firmly believe that you can’t shame People into being better people, especially not now in an era that’s so primarily driven by the internet, where everything that would beget shame has its own little fucking forum or subreddit, or discord community ready to sweep you up and tell you: oh no dude, it’s, okay, we’re. All like that, we all dig up graves and fuck the eye holes of skulls when no one’s looking they just don’t, understand you just it just doesn’t work now and it’s a prime example of a lot of these old world mentalities like shaming and boycotting they’re.

Really those concepts existed in a time where everything was so much smaller and so much more concentrated. If you boycotted a store in like the 1950s, they were probably fucked because they relied on the trust of their community to operate. But now you got fucking goya being boycotted and it’s like dude. They ship their product internationally. If anything, a boycott is like advertising for them all. These fucking republicans eating eating beans. All of a sudden, even though they i guarantee you they’ve, never eaten a fucking goya bean, i don’t know i’m going off on a fucking tangent right now, but all i’m saying is: cancel culture, doesn’t fucking work when someone is antagonized or shamed, they’re going to fall Back to their own for support and that’s, far easier to do now than it ever used to be in, like the olden days when public shaming was a reliable social pool. If they’re understood reasoned with and treated like human beings, they’re, naturally more open to what you have to say and probably more likely to have their minds changed to a world view that more uh fits fits more closely with your own. Not saying that that’s easy to do or that it’s everybody’s job to do it or that everybody should take the time out of their days to fucking attempt something like that. Uh all i’m saying is that it’s, objectively, more uh effective at convincing people to your side. Shane’S case is interesting, though, because it’s a situation that i’d typically be very defensive of because he actually got cancelled because he made jokes and the catch of that situation is uh, that they were pedophile jokes and there were kind of a lot of them.

Do you have fans who um want to fuck you like, but young, like a lot of these young girls, like 12 years old shove chef cock in my mouth, like all this stuff? Okay, should i call them on their bluff, not the best. Look huh not not ideal. Really. Now i genuinely don’t think anything is off the table when it comes to comedy murder, uh, genocide, sexual abuse, infanticide, uh, everything that you can terrorism aids. I have george carlin’s, i kind of like it when a lot of people die. Uh hanging right outside my room right now so it’s, not the subject of the joke that bothers me and uh honestly it’s, not even how often he tells those jokes that bother me either james gunn famously got cancelled a couple years ago for making similar edgy jokes On twitter, in like 2009 or some shit before getting his job back after everybody realized that they were kind of overreacting. I really hope james gunn isn’t on an f steam list, uh, because that would make that part of the video a little awkward in retrospect, but seriously i joke about killing myself kind of a lot. It’S it’s become a kind of a shtick on this channel. At this point, if you could believe it uh but i’m, not actually anywhere near suicidal, i am depressed beyond belief: that’s a naruto season, one believe it right there, but i’m i’m not anywhere near pulling the old carbonara sayonara, not the kind of guy.

To turn my own brain into spaghetti, it’s, not my style i’m, either going out hamilton style or exploding, that’d be my preference, so the subject of the joke and its frequency isn’t, necessarily indicative of anything underlying in the comedian’s brain, and i say not necessarily because you Know louis ck did a lot of masturbation jokes and oh, oh, oh, oh, oh golly gee. I guess you could say he got busted. What i do think is creepy. However, in shane dawson’s case is not just the frequency of the jokes, but how long they tend to last and how far he stretches out the concepts and the way that people close to him react to him when he makes those jokes, because you can kind of Tell that they don’t react in a way that your friends would react in a way to you if they knew that you were joking. First of all, i don’t know if i’m allowed to say this, but like she’s like sexy, you’re disgusting, i know listen. We’Ve talked about pedophilia shane like like, do not say this and, like i don’t even want to talk about it like you will get arrested like he kind of can listen justification, justification for pedophilia and it’s so disturbing and like i, i just pretend that he doesn’t Wait, no, let me explain, let me explain, oh god here’s my justification for pedophilia. I can’t you just tell there’s something off with the dynamic of the room whenever he talks about this shit and look i’m all for edgy humor.

I love that shit, but i would also point out that you know reading a room is also a pretty important comedic skill. There are jokes that me and tom sweeney tell to each other in this apartment that i swear to. God will never leave this apartment for as long as i fucking live because we’d be done, we’d be if there was a if there was a microphone in this apartment. Running 24 7 we’d be fucked, but that’s kind of the point: what’s fun for you and what’s fun for you and your friends, isn’t necessarily always going to be cool for the wider audience or the general public, especially not as time goes on in people’s ideals of What’S funny and what’s not drastically shift now i’m, not gon na accuse shane of anything because i just don’t know uh, but i do think he’s got a potentially unsettling psyche and uh. I think that’s, where i’ll leave it. Speaking of unsettling Music super smash brothers ultimate, a video game that tom sweeney adores by the way is in a bit of a sticky situation. Now that several key pro players and key commentators in the competitive scene have been outed for sexual misconduct, along with several other things that youtube doesn’t like it, when you mention, i don’t like to spell things out necessarily but there’s. Certainly, a lot of raccoon acorn, pancake and elephant going on there’s, currently a thread of like over a hundred allegations in the smash brothers community alone and it’s absolutely wild.

You had uh one 24 year old, smash brothers. Commentator senpai, who turns out was in a relationship with a 14 year old boy, so that’s that’s, always fun it’s, really nice to see a female break into a male dominated space. I guess even prisons have glass ceilings but wait there’s more. The ex ceo of evo, the most popular fighting game tournament in the world. I didn’t fact check that at all, but i assume it’s true. He got outed for being a straight up. Pedophile several key pro players also got outed, including d1 uh, nairo kataro and a bunch of other people with really stupid names that i can’t be fucked to pronounce. Well, they got outed for everything from straight up to bumping uglies with miners and uh to uh. This one is interesting: hazing children from ages 12 to 16 into jumping into pools in their underwear for 10 minutes guys. My name is chris. I’M. 5’4. I am obsessed with halo at age, 26.. I’M blind beyond reason. If i can pull women my age, you have no excuse, especially especially by the way, if you’re, hugely successful and famous like these people, honestly guys, it just looks like the science is in super smash, bros attracts the most evil and morally reprehensible fans and players in The world so just be very wary of that community. Going forward also check out tom sweeney’s live streams. He streams a lot of super smash, bros, tick, tock users, panic as trump admin considers banning app damn even tick.

Tock is getting canceled this year might not be so bad after all, so the general argument being made here uh by politicians, is that hey, you know. Tick tock is a chinese app and it’s used in america quite a bit a lot of american data going into china, the chinese with american data that’s a no no that’s a threat to national security. Now, personally, i can think of several far more compelling reasons for tick tock to be banned other than the sanctity of our national security. Here is about 200 of them in one. You want that Music. I know i don’t want that. I guess the moral of today’s episode is, you know: don’t justify pedophilia on podcasts in videos or in private, really don’t sexually abuse, minors and don’t abuse your power in gaming communities and three uh don’t make a living on tick tock because you’re a national threat to Security that’s gon na, be it for me today uh, but before i vanish for another several weeks, i just wan na say thank you for supporting uh the halo video. It did a lot better than i thought it would be, and i got a lot of positive feedback on it. I was really nervous to make that video, because i know that it’s not necessarily something that i make all the time: it’s it’s a style of content that was very new to me at the time so i’m glad you guys liked it and by the way, let Me know if there are any other subjects that you want to see covered in a raygun retrospective in the future.

I had a lot of fun with the halo one and i’m looking for uh some new topics – i’m thinking bioshock leave a like if you like, subscribe. If you like, there’s merchandise, in the teespring store in the link in the description, one more thing for all you all you nerds out there so i’ll be streaming uh. The halo infinite reveal stream. Uh live on this channel on july 23rd. 9 a.m, pacific standard time. So if you want to either watch me, uh get very, very excited or you know possibly watch my hopes and dreams get dashed against the rocks like a feeble roman. Infant live i’d love for you to join me if master chief sprints on stage i’ll.